California Facts

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Capital City: Sacramento
Governor: Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) (to January 2006)
Statehood: September 9, 1850; 31st State
Land Area: 155,973 sq. mi. (403,970 sq km)
Geographic Center: In Madera Co., 35 miles NE of Madera
Number of Counties: 58
1999 Population Est.: 33,145,121
Agriculture: Vegetables, fruits and nuts, dairy products, cattle, nursery stock, grapes.
Industry: Electronic components and equipment, aerospace, film production, food processing, petroleum, computers and computer software, tourism.
Nickname: Golden State
Origin of Name: From a book, Los Sergas de Esplandian, by Garcia Ordonez de Montalvo, c. 1500
Motto: Eureka (I Have Found It)
Bird: California Valley Quail (1931)
Flower: Golden Poppy (1903)
Song: "I Love You, California" (1951)
Tree: California Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens and Sequoia gigantea) (1937, 1953)
Animal: California Grizzly Bear (1953)
Fish: California Golden Trout (1947)
Colors: Blue and Gold (1951)
National Forests: 18
State Parks/Beaches: 264
Bordering States: Oregon (north), Nevada (northeast) and Arizona (southeast). California is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west and Mexico on the south.

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