Death Valley National Monument

Do You Know All the National Parks

Acadia, Maine.--Combination of Mountain and seacoast scenery. Established 1919; 19.51 square miles.

Bryce Canyon, Utah.--Conyons filled with exquisitely colored pinnacles. Established 1928; 55.06 square miles.

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico.--Beautifully decorated limestone caverns believed largest yet discovered. Established 1930; 15.56 square miles.

Crater Lake, Oregon.--Astonishingly beautiful lake in crater of extinct volcano. Established 1902; 250.52 square miles.

General Grant, California.--Celebrated General Grant Tree and grove of Big Trees. Established 1890; 3.96 square miles.

Glacier, Montana.--Unsurpassed alpine scenery; 250 lakes; 60 glaciers. Established 1910; 1,533.88 square miles.

Grand Canyon, Arizona.--World's greatest example of erosion. Established 1919; 1,009.08 square miles.

Grand Teton, Wyoming.--Most spectacular portion of Teton Mountains. Established 1929; 150 square miles.

Great Smoky Mountains: North Carolina, Tennessee.--Massive mountain uplift covered with magnificent forests. Gorgeous wild flowers. Established for protection 1930; 465.18 square miles.

Hawaii: Islands of Hawaii and Maui.--Volcanic areas of great interest, including Kilauea, famous for frequent spectacular outbursts. Established 1916; 245 square miles.

Hot Springs, Arkansas.--Forty-seven hot springs reserved by the Federal Government in 1832 to prevent exploitation of waters. Made national park in 1921; 1.48 square miles.

Lassen Volcanic, California.--Only recently active volcano in United States. Established 1916; 163.32 square miles.

Mesa Verde, Colorado.--Most notable cliff dwellings in United States. Established 1906; 80.21 square miles.

Mount McKinley, Alaska.--Highest mountain in North America. Established 1917; 3,030.46 square miles.

Mount Rainier, Washington.--Largest accessible single-peak glacier system. Third highest mountain in United States outside Alaska. Established 1899; 377.78 square miles.

Platt, Oklahoma.--Sulphur and other springs. Established 1902; 1.32 square miles.

Rocky Mountain, Colorado.--Peaks from 11,000 to 14,255 feet in heart of Rockies. Established 1915; 405.33 square miles.

Sequoia, California.--General Sherman, largest and oldest tree in the world; outstanding groves of Sequoia gigantea. Established 1890; 604 square miles.

Wind Cave, South Dakota.--Beautiful cavern of peculiar formations. No stalactites or stalagmites. Established 1903; 18.47 square miles.

Yellowstone: Wyoming, Montana, Idaho.--World's great geyser area, and an outstanding game preserve. Established 1872; 3,437.87 square miles.

Yosemite, California.--Valley of world-famous beauty; spectacular waterfalls; magnificent High Sierra country. Established 890; 1,176.16 square miles.

Zion, Utah.--Beautiful Zion Canyon 1,500 to 2,500 feet deep. Spectacular coloring. Established 1919; 148.26 square miles.

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