Death Valley National Monument

How to Reach Death Valley

Good desert roads, well signed, lead into Death Valley National Monument from all directions, and the road system within the area is being rapidly improved and extended. Automobile travelers are directed to enter by one of the following routes:

By United States Highway No. 66 to Barstow, then United States Highway No. 91 (Arrowhead Trail) to Baker, thence north on a good desert road through Shoshone and Death Valley Junction to Death Valley at Furnace Creek. The driving time to Frunace Creek from Los Angeles by this route is from 7 to 8 hours.

Fram the vicinity of Bakersfield: Over either Walker Pass or Tehachapi Pass and into Owens Valley. Leave the owens Valley Road at Olancha or Lone Pine, and go to Darwin and over Towne's Pass into the valley over the Richbaum toll road. The driving time from Los Angeles to Stovepipe Wells Hotel is from 7 to 8 hours.

From the east on United States Highwy No. 91 to Las Vegas, thence by Indian Springs to Death Valley Junction and on into the valley; or on United States Highway No. 50, south from Ely, Nev., to Beatty, thence over Daylight Pass and down Boundary Canyon to the valley.

Service stations are to bound en route, and, though it is not necessary, it is wise for the automobile traveler to carry reserve supplies of gasoline, oil, and water, particularly if leaving the main highway.

Airports are located near Furnace Creek Inn and Stovepipe Wells Hotel.

Leaving the Union Pacific Railroad at Crucero, Calif., this railroad provides passenger service three times weekly to Death Valley Junction, and there stage service may be arranged.

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