Death Valley National Monument

Rules and Regulations

The monument regulations are designed for the protection of the natural features and scenery as well as for the comfort and convenience of visitors. The following symopsis is for the general guidance of visitors, who are requested to assist the administration by observing the rules. The monuments belong to the future generations as well as the present. Help us take care of them. Complete regulations may be seen at the superintendent's office.

The disturbance, destruction, and injury of any ruins, relics, buildings, signs, or other property are prohibited.

Camps may be made at designated localities and must be kept clean. Where possible, garbage should be burned on camp fires. Place tin cans in receptacles provided for that purpose. Do not throw refuse or trash on roads, trails, or elsewhere. Carry it until you can burn in camp or deposit in receptacle.

Fires shall be lighted in designated places only, and carefully extinguished when no longer needed.

Hunting, killing, wounding, capturing, or attempting to capture any wild bird or animal in the monument is prohibited, except in cases of poisonous snakes or dangerous animals, and then only to prevent them from destroying life or inflicting injury.

Gambling in any form is prohibited.

Private notices or advertisements shall not be posted or displayed in the monument except when authorized.

Lighted matches, cigars, cigarettes, or other burning refuse shall not be thrown away unextinguished.

The penalty for the violation of any of these regulations is a fine not exceeding $500, or 6 months imprisonment, or both.

The Government is not responsible for accidents of any nature.

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