Sacramento County Archival Repositories

Sacramento County Archival Repositories

Archival Repositories in the Greater Sacramento Area

California Military Museum
119 Second St., Sacramento 95814

Contains materials relating to the National Guard, California and the West. Official records, books, studies letters and diaries.

California State Archives
1020'0" St., Sacramento 95814

Official repository of state government. Contains records relating to development and management of California. Subjects include agriculture, education, genealogy, geography, labor, law, mining, mapping and transportation.

California State Department of Conservation
Division of Mines and Geology Library
801 "K" St., MS 14-34, Sacramento 95814-3532

Records related to mining, geography and mapping, government, and science in the West. Also have assessment reports on mineral properties and mines in California and other western states.

California State Department of Transportation
Transportation Library History Center
1120 "N" St., Room 1440, Sacramento 95814
Mailing address- P. 0. Box 942874, MS45, Sacramento 94274-0001

Collections include biographies, histories, maps, and photographs pertaining to transportation in California and the West.

California State Department of Water Resources
Law Library
1416 9th St., Room 1118-13, Sacramento 95814
Mailing address: P. 0. Box 942836, Sacramento 94236-0001

Collections include materials pertaining to natural resources, the environment and law.

California State Library
California History Section
900 "N" St., Room 200, Sacramento 95814
Mailing address - P. 0. Box 942837, Sacramento 94237-0001
916/654-0176 or 653-0101

Collections include extensive materials on California and the West. Subjects pertain to Native Americans, early pioneers, settlement, businesses, industry, architecture, genealogy, religion, photography, transportation and more.

California State Railroad Museum Library
111 "I" St., Sacramento 95814

Collections pertain to railroad transportation. Subjects include architecture, business, economics, engineering, geography and mapping, with emphasis on California and the West.

California State University, Sacramento
University Library. University Archives
2000 State University Dr. East, Sacramento 95819-6039

Collections related to the University. Other materials include local and state government records, race/ethnicity, military, journalism, natural history, oral history, and women.

Sacramento Archives and Museum Collection Center
History and Science Division
551 Sequoia Pacific Blvd., Sacramento 95814-0229

Collections pertain to Sacramento City and County Government. Manuscripts include the Eleanor McClatchy Collection relating to journalism, theater, Sacramento and California history. Other collections include ethnic surveys, Gold Rush history, business records, T.V. newsfilm, a photographic collection of the Sacramento area, and .Sacramento Bee photographic morgue.

Sacramento Public Library
The Sacramento Room
828 "I" St., Sacramento 95814

Collections pertain to Sacramento and California. Official records, manuscripts, personal papers, books, architectural drawings, maps, photographs and film/video records comprise the holdings.

Source: Handout from California State Library - California History Section

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