Time 1769-1890

George H. Tinkham

Author of "History of Stockton," "Monterey County," San Benito County" and "Half Century of Odd Fellowship"

Panama-Pacific Exposition Edition - 1915


To my Father and Mother, pioneers of 1849 and 1853, this history is sacredly dedicated, and to the Pioneers, in general, of whom Joaquin Miller said, "The cowards stayed at home, and the weaklings fell by the wayside."


In this little volume the compiler has made no effort to write in the so-called literary style. He has simply attempted to record, in a brief and an interesting manner, a few of the many events in the days forever past.

To save space, he has crowded many of the important incidents into the notes and so do not overlook the notes.

Authoritiez, yes, he has not forgotten them. The author, during the past thirty years, has read or glanced through, everything that "came his way" regarding California history.

Nearly all of the events that have been written, save from books of individual experiences, have been taken from Bancroft's, and Hittell's histories, and from Spanish and pioneer manuscripts. They are the original sources of general information.

The author occupies a rather unique or peculiar position. It is between the twilight and the sun-rise, so to speak. In boyhood he mingled with the pioneers. He attended public schools and grew to manhood, with other pioneer sons. He has seen the majority of hte '49ers pass on ot the land whose streets are paved with gold. And he now sees a second generation of native sons, spring into birth and active life.

Hence enjoying the greater part of his days in California atmosphere, he knows whereof he writes.


1 - Following the Padres
2 - The Spanish Conquest
3 - Mexican California Events
4 - Conquest of California
5 - The Cry of Gold
6 - On to California
7 - Organization of State
8 - Administration of Bigler
9 - Commercial Events
10 - The Foreigner and the Slave
11 - Crimes and Criminals
12 - Exciting Events, 1850-60
13 - Political Events, 1854-56
14 - Pulpit, Press and Public School
15 - California During the War
16 - Political Revolutions
17 - Chinese vs. Kearneyism
18 - The Railroad Age
19 - Unplaced Events

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