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Prowers County officially became a county on May 3, 1889 when several counties were created from Bent County. The following is a list of towns and place names that has been compiled from a variety of sources.

Adams Whistle stop on 1892 map. See Granada
Adana See Granada
Adrian See Martynia
Albany Homesteading town built along a railroad survey route from Dodge City, KS to Trinidad. P O from 1887 to May of 1891. Named for Albany, NY, hometown of many of the settlers. P O became active again from 1897 to 1905.
Alliance A non-existant town on the A.R. Black Ranch created during the race for a county seat for Prowers County.
Amity A Salvation Army colony established in 1898. AT&SF depot and P O 1898-1937. Also called Fort Amity. Previously Yankee Bend.
A.R. Black Ranch See Blackwell
Aubrey See Albany
Ayr Homesteading town located in "the Cedars". Began as Pilloud area, became Scotch Colony and then Ayr. P O from 1888-1893 but was on maps up until about 1915.
Barrel Formation/Barrel Springs See Rinehart Hill
Barton See Granada
BB Ranch Ranch owned by Beales and Beattes(or Beatty). Also known as Yankee Bend and then Amity
Bent's New Fort Stone fort built by William Bent in 1853, located at the western end of the Big Timbers, probably just over the line into Bent County.
Big Bend AT&SF place names. See also Wiley
Big Salt Bottom On the Santa Fe Trail near Wild Horse Creek, it was a lick or salt marsh. Also known as Red Willow Bottom or Red Willow Creek by the Cheyenne.
Big Timbers A favorite campground by the Cheyenne. Charles Bent had a trading post here as early as 1844. Was also the site of a treaty council between the Cheyenne and Arapahoe tribes and the US, placing the Indians on a reservation.
Blackwell Railroad Station and P O at the A.R. Black Ranch. P O operated 1881 to 1886. Became Dodge Ranch in 1903. Named changed by the railroad to Morse from 1886-1960 and then to Clucas in 1970.
Bristol A homestead town settled in 1887. Located north of Granada in the "Haven" neighborhood. Town plat filed November 6, 1906.
Brown's Trail Cattle trail south of Granada; part of the New Goodnight Trail
Buffalo Hunters Trail Cattle trail leading southeast of Granada to Bear Creek
Butte Creek Creek located south of Granada on the Texas-Montana Trail
Byron Station See Granada
Camp Amache Japanese internment camp during WWII. Located west of Granada.
Carlton Known by AT&SF Railroad as the name of Grote. Carlton was formed in July, 1886. Plat filed July 14, 1887 and then refiled in 1900. Temporary name change to Conroe in 1893. P O from 1891 to 1960.
The Cedars Southeast corner of Colorado. See Ayr.
Channing Whistlestop on the Arkansas Valley (AV) Railway from 1909 through 1920. Located east of Kornman.
Cheney Center Est about 1886; P O from 1917-1936. Located about 12 miles south of Holly.
Cherry Tree Home Orphanage in Amity in 1901-1904. Became Emma Booth Tucker Sanitarium which closed in 1906, reopened and closed again in 1907.
Clay Creek Farming community south of Lamar. See also Ayr, Scotch Colony, and Liberty.
Clover Meadow See Wiley. Area was known by a variety of names including Pleasant Valley.
Crutch L Ranch Originally homesteaded in 1872 and sold in 1885 to Sisson brothers, brand was Crutch-L.
Culver City Suggested name for Trail City which was planned in 1884. Trail City was approved in 1885. RR station, stage stop, and P O until 1892.
Dead Horse Lake About 20 miles north of Pretty Encampment into Kiowa County. Later known as Lake Devore.
Delite Whistlestop on the AV line 3 miles northwest of Holly.
Devil's Gap Canyon 5 miles east of North Butte Creek
Dodge Ranch See Blackwell, also known as Morse and later, Clucas.
Duer P O in operation from 1916-1920. Located about 25 miles south of Granada. Formed during the second homesteading era.
Ella Campground and stage station on Santa Fe Trail as early as 1840. P O in operation from 1873 to 1876.
Empire Valley One of several names used for locations in Wiley.
Farmington Founded by a group of settlers from Farmington, IL in 1886. Changed name to Mulvane.
Gobblers Knob See Rinehart Hill
Goodale Community about 6 miles west of Bristol on the AV line from 1909 through 1920.
Goodnight Loving Trail Cattle trail forged in 1860. See also New Goodnight Trail
Granada Located 3 miles west of original location now known as Old Grenada. Old Grenada was established and platted June 10, 1873 with the coming of the AT&SF railroad. It ended in 1886 when the town moved to the new location. Inc 1887. Also known by Adana, Barton, Byron, Zuck at various points in time.
Grote See Carlton
Halfway House See New Stage Station
Holly Established 1873, incoporated 1903. Possibly the Sweetwater Ranch before the 1870's. Also known as the SS Ranch, Holleys Station, Holly Ranch.
Harvey House Well known restaurants along the SF railroad. See also XY Ranch.
Hartman Plat filed April 27, 1908, incorporated May 10, 1910. Next to Lancaster on the AV line.
James Camp Landmark near North Butte
Karl On the AV line, shown on 1920 map.
Kline Waystop south of Old Grenada, shown on 1902 map.
Koen See Manville. SF stop on maps from 1902 to 1920.
Kornman Located 3 miles north of Lamar. SF stop on maps from 1909. Early reference for the Kornman Opera House in 1888.
Lake Devore Earlier name of Dead Horse Lake located about 20 miles north of Pretty Encampment.
Lamar Est and inc 1886. First P O opened August 14, 1886. Prowers County Seat.
Lancaster Plat filed April 6, 1907. Only lasted one year. See also Hartman.
Liberty See also Ayr, Clay Creek, Pilloud
McMillan(in) Railroad P O 1886-1889. McMillan Ranch established in 1878.
Martynia P O est 1892 included Adrian School House, in general area of Pleasant Valley.
May Valley On AV line 7 miles north of Lamar. On maps from 1909 to 1968.
The Meadows On maps in 1876, located in the Big Timbers area
Middle Water Landmark on North Butte
Millwood On AV line near Hartman, 1909 through 1920
Mulvane Platted in 1886. P O 1888 to 1893. See Farmington.
National Cattle Trail Started in 1884 and ran along Colorado-Kansas border from North to South.
New Goodnight Trail Cattle trail started in 1875. Trail began at Ft. Sumner and winding its way, came up from Two Buttes Creek to Granada and the Santa Fe Stockyards.
New Stage Station On 1916 map. Located south of Ayr. Also known as Halfway House.
Newell's Island Inhabited island located 3 miles from Granada on the Arkansas River.
North Butte Creek near Two Buttes Mountain
Northway Est October 9, 1916. P O until 1919. Located 3 miles east of Two Buttes Mountain.
Old Grenada Platted June 10, 1873. Town disbanded in 1886 and moved to new location. P O until 1885. Old Grenada became the XY Ranch and then Heron in 1902.
Paradise Flats Stretch of prairie located 20 miles south of Holly near Webb.
Parrish Located on Parrish Ranch, west of Bristol from 1909 through 1920
Petrified Forrest An ancient forest located 3 miles northwest of Two Buttes Mountain, near the head of North Butte Creek.
Pilloud See Ayr
Plains Rural P O from 1908 to 1921. Located south of Webb
Pleasant Camp Popular campground on Wild Horse Creek. Also known as Pretty Encampment or Beautiful Encampment
Pleasant Valley See Wiley. Apparently covers several communities such as Big Bend, May Valley, Kornman, Enterprise, Wheat Ridge, Clover Meadow, and Empire Valley.
Pole Pens Located on North Butte Creek about 10 miles northeast of Two Buttes Mountain.
Poverty Ridge One of Lamar's earliest suburbs. Name later changed to Prosperity Lane.
Red Willow Bottom See Big Salt Bottom
Rinehart Hill Stage Station. Also known as Halfway House, New Stage Station. Area also has several odd rock formations such as Gobblers Knob, Barrel Formation/Barrel Springs.
Rowe Rural P O from 1898 to 1900. See Wiley
Scotch Colony Began in 1886. Also known previously as Pilloud, became Ayr, Clay Creek, and then Liberty.
SS Ranch Ranch owned by Hiram S. Holly which eventually became the town of Holly.
Sugardale On maps 1909 through 1920. Located 2 miles east of Wiley. Still listed as the place name, Sugar.
Texas-Montana Trail Cattle trail starting from Cimarron, NM to Butte Creek, west to Clay Creek up to the Arkansas River and eventually ending in Miles City, MT.
Trail City 1885-1887. Town on the National Cattle Trail, on the Colorado-Kansas border. See also Culver City.
Two Buttes Mountain
Verdun Rural P O open during 1920
Warwick On AV line east of Bristol. Shown on 1916 and 1920 maps.
Webb Rural P O 1910 to 1919. Located south of Holly
Wild Horse Creek A stream on the northside of the Arkansas River that contained the spot known as Pretty Encampment.
Wilde Est 1887. P O 1887-1893
Wiley P O starting in 1899. Inc January 28, 1909. Area includes a variety of communities such as May Valley, Kornman, Enterprise, Wheat Ridge, Clover Meadow, Pleasant Valley, Empire Valley, Adrian, and Martynia.
Yankee Bend Beales and Beattes Ranch headquarters in 1872. It was a stage stop and trading post and later became Amity.
XY Ranch Fred Harvey Ranch started in 1885 near Old Grenada. P O from 1895 to 1917. Townsite of Old Grenada became ranch headquarters when town moved in 1886. Fresh beef from the ranch provided the steaks for the famous Harvey Houses.
See Granada


GROFUTT'S GRIP-SACK GUIDE OF COLORADO, 1885, by George A. Grofutt; Lists..."every city, town, village, station, medicinal spring, resort, and important mining camp in the state."

A Prowers County Historyby Ava Betz, published in 1986 by The Prowers County Historical Society

Prowers Western Passage-Historical Sites, published in 1976 by the Prowers County Centennial Bicentennial Committee

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1872 County Map of Colorado
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Prowers County, Colorado 1895
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