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History of Fairfield County

     The Dutch discovered the Connecticut Region in 1614, but the European settlement of the region was largely the work of the English Puritans from Massachusetts. In the 1630's they flocked to the Connecticut Valley, and in 1638-39 the towns of Hartford, Windsor, and Wethersfield adopted the fundamental orders, which set up a government for the colony. It soon expanded to include other towns and in 1662 acquired the colony of New Haven, which had been founded in 1638. Connecticut joined the other colonies in the American Revolution and was one of the first states to ratify the Constitution. Its important shipping trade suffered from the Embargo Act (1807) and the War of 1812, and the state gradually turned to manufacturing. Connecticut abolished slavery in 1848 and supported the Union in the Civil War with nearly 60,000 troops. The state has prospered for most of the 20th Century, save for the Great Depression. During the early to mid 1980's, largely due to the defense-related industries, Connecticut was one of the nations's wealthiest states. Prosperity gave way to economic downturn later in the decade and in the early 1990's as federal military spending declined markedly.

   Connecticut Facts

Date of Statehood: February 6, 1788, the fifth State 
Hartford, since 1875
Motto:  "Qui transtulir Sustinet"  
(he who transplanted still sustains)
The Constitution State
State Song:
Yankee Doodle-State Tree: White Oak 
State Flower:
Kalmia Latbifolia (Mountain Laurel)
State Bird:
American Robin 
5,018 square miles 
Name origin:
Moheagan Indian/Quinnehtkqut 
Moheagan meaning:
Long River Place or Beside the Long River 
State Animal:
Physeter Catodon (Sperm Whale) 
U.S. Congress: 
2 Senators; 6 Representatives

Interesting Facts:

First Frisbee: Yale students discovered they could toss empty pie plates (Mrs. Frisbee)across the New Haven Green, 1920 First municipal public Library (towne of New Haven) 1656
First Newspaper-
Hartford Current, October 29, 1764

     A list of the Ones Lost on September 11, 2001  

We will NOT Forget Them

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Bethel Death Records  1885   1886  1888   1889   1890   1892  1893   1895   1896  1897  1898  1899  1900  

Burial Removal Permits      1897  1898  1899  1900

Bridgeport Birth Index    A-L  1886-1890   M-Z 1886-1890  A-L  1890-1894   M-Z 1890-1894     A-L  1894-1896

Bridgeport Marriages   1888-1889

Bridgeport Deaths 1888-1889    1890-1891   1891-1992   1892-1893     1893-1894

Danbury Birth Records  July 1851 - October 1852   August 10, 1853- November 1953
Easton Birth Records    1852  
Norwalk City Directories  
Ridgefield Biographies of more than 400 Notable Ridgefielders

Diary of years 1865 & 1866 by a Ridgefield farmer The Diary of Jared Nash

Old postcard views and history of Ridgefield Old Ridgefield views

Ridgefield Press Obituary index-from 1875 to 1999

Ridgefield Obituaries-Complete texts from early 2000 onward  

Stamford   Barbour Collection 1641-1853    Index

Stamford Births     1872

Wilton Birth Records  1892    1894  1895  1898  1899  1900

Marriage Records    1881-1885     1886-1891    1892-1894

Death Records       1886  1887   1889  1892  1895


EAST WINDSOR MARRIAGES   Congregational Church      Congregational Church
FAIRFIELD MARRIAGES         Congregational Church
LITCHFIELD MARRIAGES    Congregational Church    Congregational Church   Congregational Church Congregational Church .
MIDDLESEX  MARRIAGES   Congregational Church     Chester Church    Congregational Church    First Congregational Church    Third Congregational Church
NEW HAVEN MARRIAGES   First Congregational Church   North Madison Congregational Church     The United Church    The First Congregational Church   North Madison Congregational Church   United Church
NEW LONDON MARRIAGES   First Congregational Church    Congregational Church     First Congregational Church   Congregational Church   First Congregational Church      First Congregational Church
WINDHAM MARRIAGES   First Congregational Church    Congregational Church     First Congregational Church    Congregational Church   First Congregational Church    First Congregational Church

Other Misc. Records at this site

Ansonia New Haven County

Marriage Records    1895   1896

Death Records     1895

Pounddridge, NY 1838-1871

Meteor Hits House in Connecticut!

Illustrated   Popular Biography of Connecticut

Danbury and Our Boys in the World War

The Porter and Sherman Families of RI


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