The Third Church, formed in 1742, is now in Chester, a town incorporated in 1836. The records of this old church have in the main been lost. The following alone remain of the marriages on Chester church records.




Phineas Parmlee of East Haddam Prudence Southward of Saybrook Nov. 25, 1759
Reuben Clark Elizabeth Juba, both of Saybrook Dec. 3, 1759
Edmund Shipman of Saybrook Lois Willcocks of Killingworth May 22, 1760
John Carter, Jr.of Killingworth Sarah Waterhouse of Saybrook Nov. 27, 1760
John Holmes of East Haddam Mary Canfield of Saybrook April 22, 1762
Samuel Waterhouse Luce Warner Nov. 11, 1762
Jonathan Nicols Joanna Webb Dec. 11, 1762
Jared Clark Mehetable Demock Dec. 22, 1763
Eliphas Graves Rebecka Webb Feb. 9, 1764
John Pittit & Rebecka Waterhouse Nov. 15, 1764
William Mitchel Sarah Parmlee Dec. 13, 1764
David Baldwin Parnel Clark Dec. 13, 1764
Gideon Southworth Sarah Leet Dec. 1764
Martin Southward Anne Webb Jan. 3, 1773
Samual Parmlee Widow Mahetable Cooley March 23, 1773
Austin Waterhouse Jerusha Buck June 14, 1773
John Harding of Middle Haddam Thankfull Clark of Old Haddam Oct. 14, 1773
William Stanard of North Killingworth Widow Sarah Stoddard Nov. 11, 1773
James Webb Elizabeth Douglas Dec. 9, 1773
Simeon Brooks Lois Church March 3, 1774
Charles Pomeroy Temperence Waterhouse March 17, 1774
Lewis Fairchild of Guilford Widow Mehetible Parmlee May 12, 1774  
Joseph Clark of Haddam Sarah Dudley Oct. 13, 1774
John Mallery Esther Webb Jan. 4, 1775
Zolotes Saunders of Lyme Hannah Cramer of Saybrook March 8, 1775
Thomas Silliman Lydia Warner Dec. 5, 1775
Isaiah Canfield Anne Leet Jan. 3, 1776
William Ely of Haddam Hannah Barker of Saybrook April 3, 1776
Paul Brooks Dorothy Ray both of Haddam April 3, 1776
Noah Baldwin Sarah Scott (but the latter Sarah Scott, lately from Long Island) Dec. 5, 1776
Uriah Kelsey of North Killingworth Elizabeth Buck of Saybrook July 10, 1777
David Dickinson Lois Clark, both of Haddam August 21, 1777
Nathan Saunders Esther Dunk Sept. 10, 1777
Samuel Norton of Farmington Mary Bates of Saybrook Oct. 2, 1777
Simeon Church, Jr. Theodora Beebe Dec. 30, 1778
Jonothan Warner of Saybrook Hepzibah Ely of Hadlyme August 5, 1779
Isaiah Huntly of Marlborough Elizabeth Church of Saybrook Sept. 5, 1779
James Titter of Pattepeauge Hannah Spencer of Saybrook Sept. 16, 1779
Aaron Belts Clarinda Ward, both of Richmond Oct. 17, 1779
Henry Baldwin Jane Shipman Nov. 1, 1779
Daniel Smith of Haddam Jamesin Willard of Saybrook Nov. 18, 1779
Benjamin Webb Anne Hannah Deangelish Dec. 16, 1779
Abner Pratt of Pattepeauge Lydia Cramer of Saybrook Dec. 7, 1780
Ebenezer Covil Anne Shipman Dec. 7, 1780
Calven Cone of Hadlyme Rebecca Leer of Saybrook Dec. 7, 1780
Gilbert Griswold of Walpole Rebecca Nichols of Saybrook Oct. 26, 1786
Jedidiah Harris of Killingworth Mary Leet of Saybrook Jan. 21, 1787
Gideon Leet Lucinda Buckingham April 19, 1787
Samuel Church Lydia Nichols Sept. 19, 1787
Elias Southworth Judith De Angelis Oct. 4, 1787
Reynold Webb Catherine Parmelee Nov. 15, 1787
Jonah Carter of Benlson ** Charlotte Mary De Angelis of Saybrook Dec. 24, 1787
Amos Randal of East Haddam Jeniva Dudley of Saybrook Feb. 10, 1788
Daniel M. Callcumb Martha Baldwin of Saybrook June 15, 1789
Capt. Zachariah Clarke Anne Burhud of Saybrook July 2, 1789
Thomas Silliman, Esq. Huldah Dunk of Saybrook Oct. 22, 1789
Dan. Parmelee of North Killingworth Johanna Nicols of Saybrook June 3, 1790
Jonathan Talbert of Middletown Deborah Lewis of Saybrook June 27, 1790
John Mitchel Abigail Watrous Oct. 24, 1790
Richard Lord of Lyme Anne Mitchel of Saybrook Dec. 9, 1790
John Clark Cloe Pratt of Pattepeauge Feb. 6, 1791
Pascal De Angelis Betsey Webb of Saybrook March 8, 1791
Gideon Watrous Fanny Franklin of Saybrook March 31, 1791
 Ambrose Kirtland of Saybrook Widow Mable Parmelee of Chester August 22, 1791
Daniel Spencer Wealthy Warner, both of Saybrook Oct. 30, 1791
Joseph Clark of Chester Anne Southworth of Pattepeauge Dec. 22, 1791
 Aaron Gold of West Minster, Vermont Elizabeth Clark of Saybrook Jan. 26, 1792
Eliak Sheel of Freehold, York State, Abigail Shipman of Saybrook Jan. 29, 1792
Edward Shipman of Saybrook Rosamond Southworth of Haddam Feb. 9, 1792
Daniel Ingram, Widower Widow Hannah Denizen, both of Saybrook Nov. 20, 1792
Midian Bradley of Guilford Sarah Parmelee of Saybrook Feb. 25, 1793
Joel Canfield, Widower Widow Priscilla Mittar of Haddambb April 9, 1793  
Job Canfield of Durham Esther Parmelee of Saybrook Oct. 24, 1793
Samuel Hough of Chester Phebe Post of (Pechaug) Saybrook Oct. 31, 1793
Job Southworth Ruth Shipman Nov. 26, 1793
John Barker Lucinda Gilbert Feb. 21, 1794
Beta Norton of Guilford Lydia Bushnel of Saybrook March 18, 1794
Nathan Post of Pettapauge Charity Lewis of Chester Feb. 1, 1795
Ozias Pratt of Pettapauge Elizabeth Barker of Chester May 10, 1795
Marsh Ely of Lyme Sally Warner of Saybrook Oct. 25, 1795
Noah Hodeley of Shinaug, York State Clara Buthly of Pettapouge Feb. 10, 1796
Ebenezer Denizen Mehitable Denizen, both of Pettapouge Feb. 24, 1796  
Giles Clark of Chester Polly Southworth of Pettapauge March 9, 1796
Asa Proctor of New London Polly Clark of Chester April 19, 1796
Loranzo Smith Minnie Post, both of Pettapouge May 3, 1796
Joseph Shipman   Jerusha Squire, both of Saybrook July 17, 1796
Lazaous Milbar of East Haddam Susannah Scovil of Haddam August 29, 1796
Israel Southworth Hannah Watrous, both of SaybrookB Oct. 13, 1796
Alexander Scranton of Guilford Mercy Buthly of Saybrook Dec. 16, 1796
Levi Southworth of Saybrook Polly Batess of Haddam Jan. 12, 1797
Elijah Hill of Granby Betsey Sawyer of Saybrook April 3, 1797
Dyer Harris of Mordville Temperence Watrous of Saybrook April 23, 1797
Cyrus Grimbs or Grayham of Hadlyme Sally Bates of Haddam June 1, 1797
Daniel Barker Hannah Shipman, both of Chester June 1, 1797
Jesse Murray Sally Ellis, both of Guilford August 9, 1797
Jared Clark Sarah Shipman, both of Chester Oct. 2, 1797
John Warner & Mehitable Clark, both of Chester Oct. 3, 1797
Samuel Webb Temperence Smith, both of Chester Nov. 15, 1797
Harman Dudley Widow Urania Havens, both of Saybrook Nov. 20, 1797
Dan Denizen Sarah Bushnel, both of Saybrook Dec. 14, 1797
Capt. Benjamin Holt of New London Lucy Southworth of Saybrook Dec. 14, 1797
Joshua Bushnel Anne Mercy Watrous, both of Saybrook Feb. 4, 1798
Samuel Mills of Chester Rebecca Balden of Wethersfield Feb. 27, 1798
William Hough Mary Barker, both of Chester March 22, 1798
William Buck Mary Higley Mills March 27, 1798
Nathanael Clark Mary Proctor, both of Saybrook June 24, 1798
William Jones of Berson Bathshebah Clark of Saybrook August 6, 1798
William Gilbert of East Haddam Rebecca Watrous of Saybrook Jan. 6, 1798
Benjamin Lord Dorcas Tucker, both of Saybrook Feb. 3, 1799
Jabez Southworth Sally Shipman, both of Chester, Feb. 8, 1799
Daniel Towner of Killingworth Widow Deborah Lyell of Chester Feb. 11, 1799
Noadiah Brainard of East Haddam Lylvina Southworth of Haddam Feb. 11, 1799
Asa Southworth of Haddam Lydia Brooks of Chester Feb. 11, 1799
Harris Watrous Clarinda Sawyel of Saybrook Sept. 22, 1799
Benjamin Ray Denise Dickinson, both of Haddam Oct. 6, 1799
Phinehas Warner Lydia Clark, both of Chester Oct. 17, 1799
Josiah Watrous Abigail Dickinson Nov. 7, 1799
Sam Post of East Haddam Rebecca Pratt of Saybrook Nov. 21, 1799
David Spencer Betsey Williams, both of Saybrook Dec. 24, 1799

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