Death Records for the Town of Bethel, 1896

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Transcribe by Volunteer Sherry Nichols

FHC Film #11491337  Pages 574-575

The word Blank has been used when no information was entered on the original record

An * indicates an error on the part of the original recorder, not the transcriber

The ? marks indicate letters or words that could not be read due to the quality of the original record

Name of Deceased

Place of Death

Date of Death




Place of Birth

Resident at Death

Cause of Death



Name of Father/Mother

Name of Person Certifying

1. Dibble, Samuel L Bethel, CT January 6 83y 6m 0d Male Married Bethel, CT Bethel, Valular Disease of the Heart Farmer White Daniel & Polly C Dibble Edward, W Smith, MD
2. Pulford, Emily J Bethel, CT January 7 62y 3m 0d Female Married Roxbury, CT Bethel, Bronchitis Housewife White Ezara & Betsy War?ier* Jay A Day, MD
3. Foster, Barnabas T Bethel, CT January 23 73y 2m 30d Female Married Croft, England Bethel Gastritis Engineer White Unknown JA Day, MD
4. Wood, William E  Bethel, CT    January 29 17y 1m 19d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel Pneumonia Machanic White W E & Elizabeth Flood C.R Hart, MD
5. Schoonmaker, Sarah A. Bethel, CT February 10 71y 10m 10d Female Married Wilton, CT Bethel, Asthma Housewife White James & Abigail Hodges A.E.Barber, MD
6 Child of Howard B Mackenzie Bethel, CT February 24 0y 0m 0d Blank Single Bethel, CT Bethel Stillborn Blank White Howard E & Lillie A Mackenzie J.A. Day, MD
7. Masson, Mary A Bethel, CT February 28 39y 2m 5d Female Married Blank, Ireland Bethel Cancer of Rectum Housewife White Andrew Durking, Not Given C.R. Hart, MD
8. Brown, Ester Bethel, CT February 29 56y 9m 0d Female Married Pawling, NY Bethel Brights Disease Housewife White Blank J.A. Day, MD
9. Spork, Benard H Bethel, CT March 5 59y 0m 25d Male Single Blank, DEU Bethel Bronchitis Marchant White Joheph & Catharine Spork C.R. Hart, MD
10. Sheltis, Jessie M Bethel, CT March 5 23y 0m 0d Female Blank Woodstock, NY Bethel, CT Congestion of Lungs Clerk in Store White Stephen Sheltis/Unknown A.E. Barber, MD
11. Mansfield, Susan Bethel, CT March 10 65y 4m 10d Female Married Belfast, Ireland Bethel Heart Disease Housewife White Robert & Eliza Clifford J.A. Day, MD
12. Echert, Freddie  Bethel, CT March 10 13y 0m 0d Male Single Danbury, CT Bethel Cold Blank White John & Mitilda Eckert J.A. Day, MD
13. Starr, George H Bethel, CT March 16 72y 8m 14d Male Married Bethel, CT Bethel Paralysis Hatter White Hough & Anna Starr A.C. Barber, MD
14. Holmgren, Anne O Bethel, CT March 21 11y 11m 14d Female Single Danbury, CT Bethel Valvular, Disease of Heart Blank White Seth & Amelia Holmgren W.F. Follansber, MD
15. Wells, Frances Amelia Bethel, CT March 21 48y 3m 0d Female Divorced Cornwall, CT Bethel Carcinoma Hepaticapt* Gallstones Housewife White Geo. & Mary J. Wells Jos. Dobson, MD
16. Mallory, Eliza Bethel, CT April 7 74y 9m 0d Female Widow Behtel, CT Bethel Leukaeia* Housekeeper  White Hiram & Ann Benjamin J.A. Day, MD
17. Wells, Mary Jane Bethel, CT April 14 67y 0m 0d Female Widow Warren CT Bethel Morbus Brights Housewife White Geo & Hestor Morris J. Dobson, MD
18. Wilson*, George L Bethel, CT April 26 0y 2m 20d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Obstruction to Lungs & Tube Blank Blank Arthur & Adelie A Davis* J.A. Day, MD
19. Ste???s*, Mary Bethel, CT April 27 79y 6m 0d Female Married Redding, CT Bethel Chronic Peritonitis Housewife White Oliver & Anne Turkington J.A. Day, MD
20. Frost, Frederik R Bethel, CT May 2 22y 5m 12d Male Single  Bethel, CT  Bethel Killed by the Steam Cars Hatter White Chas & Mary A Frost A.E. Barber, MD
21. Richmond, Mary Bethel, CT May 6 44y 2m 17d Female Married Liverpool, England Bethel Exopthalimic Goiter Housewife White Hugh & Mary P Reid J.A. Day, MD
22. Son of Alford Gustafson Bethel, CT June 7 0y 0m 3hours Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel Premature Birth Blank White Alfred and Annie Gustafson J.A. Day, MD
23. Judd, David Hill Bethel CT June 11 79y 0m6d Male Widow Redding, CT Bethel Prostatitis Farmer White David & Mary Judd A.E. Barber, MD
24. Sherman,?* Edgar Bethel, CT June 13 37y 1m0d Male Married New York, NY Bethel Rheumatic Fever Hatter White Unknown J.A. Day, MD
25. Wildman, Harry Bethel, CT June 14 8y 7m 20d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel Tuberculosis Blank Blank Fred & Florance C Wildman J.A. Day, MD
26. Child of Clifford H Hibbard Bethel, CT June 14 0y 0m 0d Blank Single Bethel, CT Bethel Stillborn Blank White Clifford H & Bessie J Hibbard JA. Day, MD
27. Sarles, Charles W Jr Bethel, CT June 14 0y 0m 10d  Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel Jaundice Blank White Chal W & Louise Sarles L Willard Oley, MD
28. Wilson,  Ruth Bethel, CT June 27 3y 0m 23d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel Cerebral Meningitis Blank White Chas & Annie Wilson A.E. Barber, MD
29. Hurlbut,  Charles H Bethel, CT June 30 65y 9m 7d Male Married Roxbury, CT Bethel   Disease of Kidneys Farmer White Blank J.H. Benedict, MD
30. Kelly, Lewis, F Bethel, CT   July 4 8y 7m 21d Male   Single Bethel, CT Bethel Cerbral Meningitis Blank Black George & Ella Kelly A.E. Barber, MD
31. Son of William Carroll Bethel, CT July 11 About 5 minutes Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel Premature Birth Blank White William & Mary Carroll J.A. Day, MD
32. Daughter of Charles H Wilson Bethel, CT July 11 0y 0m 0d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel Stillborn Blank White Charles & Aramil? Wilson J.A. Day, MD
33. Dolan, ?atnik* J. Jr Bethel , CT July 11 20y 0m 0d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel Injury Hatter White Patrick & Ellen Dolan J.A. Day, MD
34. McCarthy , Daniel Jr Bethel, CT July 15 9y 6m 13d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel Cholera Morbus Blank White Daniel & Bridget McCarthy C.R. Hart, MD
35. Cahill, Bridget C Bethel, CT July 16 20y 3m 16d Female Single Orange, NJ Bethel Dysentery Hat Trimmer White Patrick & Bridget Cahill J.H. Benedict, MD
36. Child of Patrick Cleary   Bethel, CT July 24 0y 0m 0d Unknown Single Bethel, CT Bethel Stillborn Blank White Patrick & Mary J.A. Day, MD

Transcriber's Notes:

2. Betsy War?ier=not sure, could be Warrier or Warsier

15. Hapaticapt*=could be hepatitis or hepatical

16. Leukaemia=was probably Leakemia

18. George L. Wilson= parents last name is different         

19. Mary Ste???s=could be Stevens

24. ?Edgar Sherman=could be J Edgar

33. ?atnik=could be Patrick

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