Records of Death in the Town of Bethel, 1897

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FHC Film #11491337

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The word Blank has been used when no information was entered on the original record

An *  indicates an error on the part of the original recorder, not the transcriber

The ? marks indicate letters or words that could not be read due to the quality of the original record

Name of Deceased

Place of Death

Date of Death




Place of Birth, State

Residence at Death

Cause of Death



Name of Father/Mother

Person Certifying

1. Johnson, Clarence Albert Bethel, CT January 8 15y 3m 26d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Diabetes Student White Reuben & Eendora A Johnson George D Wright, MD
2. Cunningham, Nora Bethel, CT January 15 75y* Blank Blank Female Widow Blank, Ireland Bethel, CT Paralysis Housewife White Bernis* & Julia Murphy A.E. Barber, MD
3. Wiehman, Theodore A Bethel, CT January 28 33 Blank Blank Male Married Danbury, CT Bethel, CT Pneumonia-Endocartitis Hatter White Theodore & Catherine Wiehman H.F. Brownlee, MD
4. Ambler, Lucinda Bethel, CT February 9 54y 9m 18d Female Single Ridgefield, CT Bethel, CT Valvular Disease of Heart-Pneumonia Blank White Benjamin S & Phebe Ambler Frank P. Clark, MD
5. Wilson, Ethel Mary Bethel, CT February 11 Blank Blank 17d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Premature Birth-Convulsions Blank White Arthur & Ada Wilson A.E. Barber, MD
6. Wilson, Leonard Arthur Bethel, CT February 12 Blank Blank 18d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Premature Birth-Convulsions Blank White Arthur & Ada Wilson A.E. Barber, MD
7. Lyon, Minetta* Bethel, CT February 13 80y 4m 3d Female Widow Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Apoplexy Blank White Samuel & Eunice Blackman G.D. Wright, MD
8. Ferry, William Harrison Bethel, CT February 16 84y 1m 6d Male Widower Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Old Age-Apoplexy Hatter White Noah T Ferry & Philas Ferry A.E. Barber, MD
9. Millard, Russell S Bethel, CT February 24 70y 10m Blank Male Widower Westport, CT Bethel, CT Brights Disease-Erysipelas Hatter White Abraham & Abigail Millard G.D. Wright MD
10.  Johnson, John Griffin  Bethel, CT February 24 85y 1m 18d Male Widower Huntington, CT Bethel, CT Paralysis Visicar Uniranial erasmus Senile Farmer White Samuel & Sally Johnson E. Weiss, MD
11. Foster, Benjamin F Bethel, CT. March 1 72y 4m 12d Male Widower Danbury, CT Bethel, CT Apoplexy Carpenter White Alanson & Polly Foster A.E. Barber, D
12. Glover, Harry Sanford  Bethel, CT. March 8 69y 8 9d Male Married Newtown, CT Bethel, CT. Pneumonia-Congestion of Lungs Hatter White Harry & Lucy Glover A.E. Barber, MD
13. Bassett, Mary C Judd Bethel, CT. March 24 37y 5m 15d Female Married Bethel, CT. Bethel, CT. Tuberculosis Housekeeper White Frank & Mary Judd A.E. Barber, MD
14. Fairchild, Minerva Bethel, CT. March 25 89y 9m Blank Female Widow Redding, CT Bethel, CT. Endometritis Arthiomatose Blank White Eri & Betsey Crofet* D.C. Brown, MD
15. Merrill, Nancy Bethel, CT. April 8 60y Blank Blank Female Married Norwalk, CT Bethel, CT. Tuberculosis-Lungs Housekeeper White Sipeas* P & Susan Tuttle Frank P Clark, MD
16. Holm, Son of Oscar E Bethel, CT. May 1 Blank Blank Blank Male Single Bethel, CT. Bethel, CT. Stillborn Blank White Oscar & Anna Holm Geo D Wright, MD
17. Black, John E Bethel, CT. May 16 80y Blank 3d Male Married Plymonth, VT Wellesley, MA Paralysis-Heart Failure Merchant White Levi & Mary Black A.E. Barber, MD
18. Stanton, Sarah Janet Bethel, CT. May 30 11y 7m 24d Female Single New York, NY Bethel, CT. Pneumonia-Diphtheria Blank White Wm & Magdaline M Staton Geo D Wright, MD
19. Algroe, Estella Bethel, CT. June 1 26y 1m 11d Female Married New Fairfield, CT Bethel, CT. Suicide Housework White Frederick & Florence Hillman A.E. Barber, Deputy Coroner
20. Matthews, Clarence Bethel, CT. June 5 Blank Blank 26 Male Single Bethel, CT. Bethel, CT. Cholera Infantum Blank Black Charles & Jennie W Matthews Geo D Wright, MD
A True Record Attest Howard H Woodman Registrar
21. Sarah C Kinner Bethel, CT July 10 45y 4m 10d Female Married Chester, NY Bethel, CT Albuminuria Urarsmia* Housewife White Hudson & Malinda Kinner C.R. Hart, MD
22. Edna May Henwood Bethel, CT July 24 3y 10m 29d Female Single Danbury, CT Danbury, CT Dysentery Blank White Wm B & Lillian Henwood G.D. Wright, MD
33. Bridget Oaks Bethel, CT August 3 66y 7m Blank d Female Widow Blank, Ireland Bethel, CT Paralysis Housewife White Patrick & Mary Conovan A.E. Barber, M.D.
24. Daughter of Chas A Becket Bethel, CT August 8 Blank Blank Blank Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Stillborn Blank White Chas H & Libbie Becket G.D. Wright, M.D.
25. Juliette Guyer Burr Bethel, CT September 13 61y 7m 13d Female Married Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Apoplexy Housewife White Wm & Lucy Guyer G.D. Wright, M.D.
26. Susan O Cook Bethel, CT September 18 84y Blank m 9d Female Widow Hamptonburgh, NY Bethel, CT Old Age, Heart Disease housewife White Chas & Philadelphia Booth A.E. Barber, M.D.
27. Sarah M Johnson Bethel, CT September 20 77y 5m Blank d Female Widow Ridgefield, CT Bethel, CT General Influence of Age, Paralysis Housewife White Samuel & Mary Smith J.H. Benedict, M.D.
28. Loe Carl Smith Bethel, CT September 23 2y 11m Blank d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Syphilis Blank Blank Wm & Bessis Smith G.D. Wright, M.D.
29. Florence E Meeker Bethel, CT October 6 42y 3m 26d Female Married Woodbury, CT Bethel, CT Pleurisy? Housewife White Wm H & Sarah E White C.A. Hart, M.D.
30. Thomas A Gormian* Bethel, CT October 9 23y 1m Blank d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Tuberculosis Hatter White Henry & Honora Gormian G.D. Wright, M.D.
31. Marguerite Mudelfred* Bethel, CT October 15 Blank y 3m 6d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Bronchial Pneumonia Blank White Eugene & Monica Mundelfred* E. Weiss, M.D.
32. Son of Thomas Keanan* Bethel, CT October 19 Blank Blank   Blank Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Stillborn Blank White Thomas & Katie Dolan* E. Weiss, M.D.
33. Francis Anthony King Bethel, CT October 19 Blank y 11m 5d Male Single Danbury, CT Bethel, CT Pneumonia Blank White Geo C & Ella G Claney* G.D. Wright, M.D.
34. David R Van Riper Bethel, CT November 21 53y 1m Blank d Male Married Jersey City, NJ Bethel, CT  Locomoter Ataxia Merchant White David & Jessie Van Riper G.D. Wright, M.D.
35. George E Lynch Bethel, CT November 23 Blank y 0m 1, 1/2d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Premature Birth Blank White  Geo W & Anna L Hunt Lynch G.D. Wright, M.D.
36. Mary Culhane Bethel, CT November 26 17y 8m  10d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Typhoid Fever Worked in Leather Shop White Cornelius & Hannah Culhane G.D. Wright, .D.
37. Thomas Buckley Bethel, CT November 28 37y Blank m Blank d Male Married Blank, Ireland Bethel CT Consumption Hatter White Thomas & Hannah Buckley C.R. Hart, M.D.
38. Raymond Murray Bethel, CT December 8 Blank y 1m 4d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Whopping* Cough Blank White John E & Dora Peck Murray G.D. Wright, MD
39. Stephen Osborn Bethel, CT December 9 78y Blank m Blank d Male Single Easton, CT Bethel, CT Chronic Melancholia Exhaustion Blank White Blank J.W. Gordon, MD
40. Edith Bell Steele Bethel, CT December 11 2y 5m 12d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Congestion of Lungs-Heart Failure Blank Black William & Jane Steele A.E.Barber, MD
41. Mary Ann Drussing* Bethel, CT December 12 68y Blank m 12d Female Single Wilton, CT Bethel, CT Paralysis Hat Trimmer White Able & Rachel Drussing* A.E. Barber, MD

 A True Record


                Howard H. Woodman


Transcriber's Notes:

1. 75*=says about 75 Bernis*=could be Dennis

7. Minetta*=could be Miretta

14. Crofet*=could be Croft

15. Sipeas*=could be Lipeas

21. urarsmia*=hard to read

23. Oaks*=could be Oebs; Conovan*=could be Craven

30 Gormian*=could be Gomian or Gorman

31. Mudelfred*=could be Muchelfred

32. Keenan* Dolan*=note that deceased surname is Keenan but parents surname is Dolan

33. Claney*=could be Clancy

38. Whopping*=probably is Whooping

39. Osborn*=could be Oslow

41. Drussing*=hard to read, could be Drumming

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