Records of Death for the Town of Bethel 1899

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 Transcribed by Volunteer Nan Runde

FHC Film #11491337

Pages 590-591

Pages 592-593  

The word Blank has been used when no information was entered on the actual record.

An * indicates an error on the part of the original recorder, not the transcriber.

The ? marks indicate letters or words that could not be read due to the quality of the original record

Name of Deceased

Place of Death

Date of Death




Place of Birth/State

Place of Residence at Death

Cause of Death



Name of Father/Mother

Person Certifying

1. Lewis, John Bethel, CT January 3 76y 10m 23d Male Married New Milford, CT Bethel, CT Paralysis Hatter White Blank A.E. Barber, MD
2. Fr??t*, Mary Jane Bethel, CT January 5 64y 2m 23d Female Married Danbury, CT Bethel, CT Asthma Housewife White Blank Geo D. Wright, MD
3. Ward*, Edgar? Bethel, CT January 10 64y 9m 10d Male Married Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Pneumonia Farmer White Aruon & Betsy B Ward Geo D Wright, MD
4. Shepard, Fanny Bethel, CT January 12 80y 2m 6d Female Widow Brookfield, CT Bethel, CT Congestion of Lungs Housewife White Lewis & Hannah Gregory C.R. Hart, MD
5. Barclay, Frederick A Bethel, CT February 14 47y* 1m 15d Male Married North Attleboro, MA Bethel, CT Gastritis Merchant White John & Jane Barclay CR. Hart, MD
6. Stick*, Walter C Bethel, CT February 17 2y 11m 6d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Diphtheria-Pneumonia Blank White Charles A & Sarah B Steck C.R. Hart, MD
7.West, Robert Bethel, CT February 17 80y 0m 0d Male Married Kingston, NY Bethel, CT Valvular Lesion of Heart/Dropsy Engineer Black Blank Geo D.Wright, MD
8. Daughter of Michael Cunningham Bethel, CT March 11 0y 0m 1h Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Convulsions Blank White Michael & Jessie Cunningham A.E. Barber, MD
9. Waltz, Bertha Bethel, CT April 5 3y 6m 0d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Burned-Shock Blank White George & Ida Waltz S Hillard Olay, MD
10.Judd, ?ugusta M Bethel, CT April 8  81y 0m 26d Female Widowed Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Old Age Housewife White Reuben & Olive Mallory Geo D. Wright, MD
11. Daughter of Eugene B Whitehead Bethel, CT April 17 0y 0m 0d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Stillborn Blank White Eugene B & Alice Whitehead A.E. Barber, MD
12. Huse*, Leonard M Bethel, CT April 24 25y 2m 6d Male Married Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Cerebral Spinal Meningitis Hatter White Edward & Susan H?se* Geo D Wright, MD
13. Schmidt, Anna F Bethel, CT April 29 64y 9m 12d Female Widowed Blank, Germany Bethel, CT Laryngitis Housewife White Blank Geo D. Wright, MD
14. Fillow, Elijah North Bethel, CT May 3 71y 8m 18d Male Married Westport, CT Bethel, CT Rheumatism Acute Arti?ular Coal Ra?er White Joseph & Laura J Fillow Geo D. Wright, MD
15. Williams, Ethel Bethel, CT May 14 0y 0m 19d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT   Premature Birth-Convulsions Blank White Joseph & May F Williams A.E. Barber, Deputy Coroner
16. C??tello*, John Francis Bethel, CT May 17 29y 0m 0d Male Married Kilbuly??n*, Ireland Bethel, CT Asthenia-Acute Nephritis Hatter Blank Timothy & Mary Costello Geo D. Wright, MD
17. Sturgis, Seth P Bethel, CT May 20 46y 2m 26d Male Married Patterson, NY Bethel, CT Hepatitis-Septic Pneumonia Farmer White Francis & Azubah Sturgis Geo D. Wright, MD
18. Gustafson, Carl Gustaf Adolph Bethel, CT May 21 13y 8m 17d Male Single Skodf?*, Sweden Bethel, CT Diabetes Schoolboy White Alfred & Anna C Gustafson C.R. Hart, MD
19. Turner, Alexander Bethel, CT May 31 83y 6m 25d Male Widowed East Fishkill, NY Bethel, CT Heart Disease-Au?????? E???l/Dropsy Farmer Blank Blank A.E. Barber, MD
20. Gregory, Euncie Tuppen Bethel, CT June 2 81y 4m 18d Female Widowed Rush Pe??* Bethel, CT Fracture of Femur Intracup?llar/Old Age* Housewife White Hile Tupper Geo D. Wright, MD
21. D???nd*, Sarah Getrude Bethel, CT June 6 0y 11m 21d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Mar?s?????* Blank White George H & Martha Di?mond* C.R. Hart, MD
22. Steams, George W Bethel, CT June 14 14y 6m 25d Male Single Pawling, NY Bethel, CT Tetanus/Compound Fracture of the Leg Schoolboy White Willis ? & Nellie S Steams* Geo D Wrights, MD
23. Halpin, Charles E Bethel, CT June 20 10y 0m 17d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Congestive Chill/Convulsions Blank White William H & Mary Halpin A.E. Barber, MD
24.?yte*, Julia A Bethel, CT July 12 53y 11m 12d Female Married Redding, CT Bethel, CT Apoplexy-Cerebral Housewife White William & Laura Hickerson Geo D. Wright, MD
25. Serania*, ?aslie Bethel, CT July 26 0y 4m 0d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Cholera Infantum Blank  White Louis & Tora Serania W.H. Kisman
26. Infant of William Steele Bethel, CT July 27 0y 0m 1h Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Premature Birth Blank Blank William & Jennie Steele A.E. Stratton, Med Ex
27. Andrews, ?loyd Hawley* Bethel, CT August 4 33y 3m 20d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Tuberculosis Pulmonary Lawyer White Gr???ille B & Josephine Andrews* Geo D. Wright, MD
28. Son of Robert E Johnson Bethel, CT August 6 0y 0m 0d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Stillborn Blank Black Robert E & Mary E Johnson E.A. Stratton, Med Ex
29. Frost*, ? Bethel, CT August 11 25y 0m 3d Female Married Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Hemorrhage of the Lungs Housewife White George S & Julia F?rry Geo D. Wright, MD
30. ?ign?r*, James D Bethel, CT August 13 13y 4m 27d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Peritonitis Schoolboy White R??baugh J & Mary E Signor* Geo D. Wright, MD
31. ?ignor*, Edwin L Bethel, CT August 31 71y 3m 0d Male Married Danbury, CT Bethel, CT An Overdose of Laudanum/Heart Failure Hatter White Walter & Betsy Signor A.E. Barber, Deputy Coroner
32. Curry*, ??g? G Bethel, CT August 31 43y 5m 0d Male Married Canterbury, NY Bethel, CT Septic Peritonitis/Injury Carpenter White Stephan & Mary Curry Geo D. Wright, MD
33. Gallagher*, ??ilb?et J Bethel, CT September 2 0y 1m 0d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Cholera Infantum Blank  White James E & Julia R Gallagher Geo D Wright, MD
34. Taylor, Margaret A Bethel, CT September 8 63y 7m 6d Female Widow Monticello, NY Bethel, CT Heart Disease Teacher White Preston & Betsy Durant A.E. Barber, MD
35. Andrews*, J??e Bethel, CT September 8 76y 9m 27d Female Widow Redding, CT Bethel, CT Cerebral Hemorrhage/Arterial Sclerosis Blank White Ebenezer & E???tt ?aman* John L Andrews, MD
36. ?* Bethel, CT October 1 58y 4m 25d Female Married Blank, Ireland Bethel, CT Carcinoma of the Bowels Housewife White Alexander Allen Geo D. Wright, MD
37. Benedict, Eliza Bethel, CT October 7 79y 5m 26d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Cerebral Heorrhage Houswork White White John & Betsy Benedict C.R. Hart, MD
38. Comestock, Stephen Bethel, CT October 9 81y 0m 0d Male Single Blank Bethel, CT Cerberal Heorrhage Blank White Blank Blank
39. Street, Mary Bethel, CT October 16 74y 6m 3d Female Married Blank, NY Bethel, CT Inanition/Strangulated Hernia Housewife White Blank A.E. Barber, MD
40.  Halpin, Catharine, McCormack Bethel, CT October 20 48y 0m 0d Female Married Blank, Ireland Bethel, CT Cancer Uterus Housewife White Patrick McCormack Geo D. Wright, MD
41. Taylor, Thomas Henry Bethel, CT October 20 63y 5m 11d Male Widower Blank, England Bethel, CT Cirrhosis of Liver Silk Weaver White Samuel & Hannah Taylor Geo D. Wright, MD
42. LaValla, George Bethel, CT November 7 35y 2m 22d Male Married Newark, NJ Bethel, CT Tuberculosis Pulmonaris Hatter White Alfred & Lucy La Valla Geo D. Wright, MD
43. Signor, John M Bethel, CT November 13 67y 3m 20d Male Married Danbury, CT Bethel, CT Suicide by Shooting Hatter White Walter & Betsy Signor A.E. Barber, Deputy Coroner
44. Andrews, Anson S Bethel, CT November 30 79y 5m 0d Male Widow Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Kidney Disease-Uremea Blank White John L & Sophia Andrews F.P. Clark
45. Merable, Julia M Bethel, CT December 29 0y 3m 0d Female Single  Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Broncho Pneumonia/Whooping Cough Blank White Eugene S & Anna Meramble Geo D. Wright, MD

Transcribers Notes:

2. Probably Frost

3. ?=B or P

5. Age could be 49

6. Probably a misreading of Steck (or a stray mark making an "e" look like and "i") the parent's surname is given as Steck

8. ?=undoubtedly A

12. Though the name of the deceased is clearly written as Huse, this could be an error on the part of the original recorder, ?=u or a; the parent's surname could be Hase

14. Cause of death:? could be b or c; occupation ?=k or l

16. Surname; undoubtedly Costello, as given for parent's; birth place;??=letters do not extend above or below; may be au

18. ?=e or a

19. Illegible

20. Birth place;??=illegible letters do not extend above or below, probably nn (probably PA); cause of death;?=a or o, ?=u or n; ?=t or l; ?=e, a or o

21. Illegible letters do not extend above or below; name could be Desmond, but recording of parent's surname suggest Diamond as a possibility, except that in both cases the third letter looks more lie an s than an a

22. ?=K or N

24. ?= K or possibly H

25. ?=could be B or R; name probably Basile

27. ?=illegible; probably L; father's name probably Granville

29. ?=possibly George; parent's surname ; ?=a or e

30 ?=L or S; ?=probably o; name is probably Signor, father's name;??=looks like au or an

31. Same name as 30

32. First letter could be G or E; name may be George

33. ?=G or H; name is probably Gilbert

35. Name is probably June; illegible letters in mother's name do not extend above or below, looks like Ennett or Ennitt; surname; ?= S or Sh

36. Entire name is illegible; surname may begin with Ag

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