Records of  Death in the Town of Bethel 1900

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Transcribed by Sally Culp & Carol Yocum

FHC Film #11491337

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The word "blank" has been used when no information was entered on the actual record. An * indicates an error on the part of the original recorder, not the transcriber. The ? marks indicate letters or words that cannot be read due to the quality of the original document.

Name of Deceased

Place of Death

Date of Death




Place of Birth

Residence at Death

Cause of Death



Name of Parents

Name of Person Certifying 

1. David Lyon Behel, CT January 7 79y 7m 13d Male Widower Fairfield, CT Bethel, CT Hypertrophy of Heart-Old Age Blank White David Lyon George D. Wight,M.D.
2. James Stierle Bethel, CT February 25 64y 11m 5d Male Married GindleBoch K W Germany Bethel, CT Broncheo-Pneumonia, LaGrippe Hatter White Chrislof Stierle . George D. Wright,M.D
3. Julia R Jelliffe Bethel, CT March 1 65y  5m 25d Female Widow Redding, CT Bethel, CT Anaemia Housewife White Alonzo Byington George D. Wright,M.D
4. Christiana F Stierle Bethel, CT March 2 61y 3m 19d Female Widow Ochsenbach, W??temberg, Germany Bethel, CT Pneumonia/LaGrippe Housewife White Frederick Ohler George D. Wight,M.D.
5. Son of Granville G F?rry Bethel, CT March 11 0y 0m 0d Male   Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Stillborn Blank White Granville G. & Edith F?rry George D. Wight,M.D.
6. Alonzo Warren Street Bethel, CT March 13 82y 10m 23d Male Widower West Norwalk, CT Bethel, CT Uracemia* Old Age Carpenter White  Benjamin Jarvis Street: George D. Wight,M.D
7. William Arthur Moffett Bethel, CT March 27 20y 4n 27d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Valvular Lesion of Heart & Enlargement Hatter White George Moffett George D. Wight,M.D.
8. John B Keeler Bethel, CT April 14 72y 1m 0d Male Married Wilton, CT Bethel, CT Valvular Lesion of Heart & Enlargement Hatter White Chauncey Keeler George D. Wight,M.D.
9. Morris Clarkson Bethel, CT April 19 0y 0m 12h Male Blank Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Malformation of the Heart Blank White Truman M. Clarkson George D. Wight,M.D.
10. Edwin Oalkey Bethel, CT April 21 69y 4m 8d Male Widower Redding, CT Bethel, CT Bronchitis Machinist White Arnzi Oakley C.R. Hart, MD
11. Rebecca Clark Bethel, CT May 2 82y 11m 24d Female Single Bedford, NY Bethel, CT Housewife White Jesse Clark George D. Wight,M.D.
12. Ann McCaughey Bethel, CT May 30 77y 1m 10d Female Single Blank, Ireland Bethel, CT :Gangrene of Foot Housework White Alexander McCaughey George D. Wight,M.D.
13. Victor Emmanuel Gallagher Bethel, CT June 7 2y 1m 0d Nake Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Diphteria Blank White James E. Gallagher George D. Wight,M.D.
14. Daughter of W. Eugene Durant Bethel, CT June 30 0y 0m 0d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Stillborn Blank White W. Eugene Durant & Ida Durant George D. Wight,M.D.
15. Daughter of Harry W Plumb Bethel,  CT July 7 0y 0m 0d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Stillborn Blank White Harry W.& Bertha Plumb George D. Wight,M.D.
16. Olive Jannette St??klan* Bethel, CT July 11 64y 3m 22d Female Widow Brookfield, CT Bethel, CT Albuminuria-General Dropsy Housewife White William Tong A.E. Barber, MD
17. Annie Heinke Bethel, CT July 22 52y (about) Female Widow Blank New York, NY Cirrhosis of the Liver Housewife White John Maher George D. Wight,M.D.
18. Len Lathrop Bethel, CT July 27 0y 5m 27d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Whooping Cough, Cholera Infantum Blank White Name of Parents: Charles O. Lathrop C.R.Hart,M.D.
19. Sarah Dalton Brewerton Bethel, CT August 6  34y 0m 1d Female Married Blank, England Bethel, CT Diarrhera Valvular Disease of Heart Housewife White William Walker A.P.McDonald,M.D
20. ?intie Evelyn Edmond Bethel, CT August 19 25y 5m 4d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Pulmonary Tuberculosis School Teacher Whie Charles E. Edmond George D. Wight,M.D.
21. Son of Joseph Purvis Bethel, CT   August 22 0y 0m 0d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Stillborn Blank White Joseph Purvis A.E. Barber, MD
22. David B Hubbard Bethel, CT August 23 8y 0m 13d Male Single Danbury, CT Bethel, CT Typhoid Fever Blank White David H.Hubbard George D. Wight,M.D.
23. Son of Louis Gighotti Bethel, CT September 2 0y 0m 10h Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Premature Birth-Asthemia Blank White Louis Gighotti C.R. Hart, MD
24. Daughter of Guy H Butler Bethel, CT September 3 0y 0m 0d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Stillbirth Blank White Guy H. Butler C.R. Hart, MD
25. Isobel Ferry Bethle, CT September 20 0y 1m 28d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel, CT Whooping Cough Blank White Percy L. Ferry George D. Wight,M.D.
26. Bridget Fennell Bethel, CT September 30 54y 0m 0d Female Married Blank, Ireland Bethel, CT Cancer Housewife White John Land A.E.Barber,M.D. Deputy Coroner

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