Records of Removal Permites as returned by Sexton of Cemeteries in the Town of Bethel, 1897

Pages 582-583

Transcribe by Volunteer's Sherry Nichols, Marcia Douglas

The word Blank has been used when no information was entered on the original record

An * indicates an error on the part of the original recorder, not the transcriber

The ? marks indicate letters or words that could not be read due to the quality of the original record

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Name of Deceased Place of Death Date of Death Years/Months/Days Sex Condition Place of Birth Place of Burial Cause of Death Occupation Race/Color Name of Father/Mother Person Certifying
1. Clark, Peter Danbury, CT July 3 22y Blank m Blank d Male Single Blank St. Mary's Cemetery Gunshot wound of spinal cord Laborer White Blank William C Wile*, Med Ex
2. Joyce, Harry H Redding, CT July 5 Blank y 2m Blank d Male Single Redding, CT ?olpit's* Cemetery Gangrene Blank White Daniel B & Lina* Joyce Blank
3. Linire*, Arthur L Brooklyn, NY July 17 32y 8m 7d Male Married Blank Bethel Cemetery Pneumonia Blank Blank Blank Blank
4. Braunois*, Bridget Danbury, CT July 24 62y Blank m Blank d Female Widow Blank, Ireland St. Mary's Cemetery Cholera morbus Blank White Blank H.F. Brownlee, M.D.
5. Larson, Alfred Philadelphia, PA August 1 48y Blank m Blank d Male Blank Blank/SWE Bethel Cemetery Typhoid Fever Blank White Blank Balnk
6. Hickok*,  Larry A Washington, CT August 13 50y Blank m Blank d Male Widower Bethel, CT Bethel Cemetery Locomotor Ataxia Salesman White Wm C & Sarah T Hickok* O Bown. M.D.
7. Morgan, John Gilbert  Danbury, CT August 29 Blank y 1m Blank d Male Single Danbury, CT Bethel Cemetery Lack of Nourishment, Exhaustion  Blank  White  Milo & Ellen Morgan  W.C. Wile, M.D.
8. Chipman, Hiram L Malden, MA September 22 90y 5m 19d Male Blank Blank Elmwood Cemetery Old  Age, Heart Disease   Blank Blank Blank Wm Miller, M.D.
9. Baird, Henry H New York, NY September 26 71y 11m 26d Male Blank Blank Bethel Cemetery Gastric Ulcer Blank Blank Blank Blank
10. Hoyt, George W Middletown, CT September 27 70y Blank m Blank d Male Married Danbury, CT Bethel Cemetery Erysipelas Hatter White Blank Jas. Olmstead, MD
11. Chapan,  Carrie* Barre, MA October 24 37y 3m 27d Female Blank Blank Bethel Cemetery Blank Blank Blank Blank Blank
12. Gulliver, Theodore Danbury, CT October 27 60y Blank m Blank d Male Widower NY Bethel Cemetery  Gastritis-Cancer of Stomach Laborer Dark George & Ann Gulliver J.H. Benedict, MD
13. Barber, Henry Springfield, NJ September 30 77y Blank m Blank d Male Blank Blank Bethel Cemetery Senile Degeneration Blank Blank Blank Blank
14. Crofut*,  Edwin A C Danbury, CT October 30 65y Blank m Blank d Male Married Bethel, CT Bethel Cemetery Abcess of Liver Hatter White Able & Sophia Crofut J.H. Benedict, MD
15. Boland, Reuben E. Brooklyn, NY October 30 88y 2m 7d Male Blank Blank Bethel Cemetery Old Age Blank Blank Blank Blank
16. Hoyt, Jamie M New York, NY December 25 90y 5m 13d Female Blank Blank Bethel Cemetery Age Blank Blank Blank Blank
A  True Record Attest-

Thomas H Woodman Town Clerk

Transcriber A Notes:

1. Wile* =hard to read looks like Wile

2. ?olqpitts*=hard to read could be H or L; lina* hard to read

4. Braunois*=hard to read looks like a French surname

11. Carrie*=hard to read co be Carie

14. Crofut*= could be Croft

Transcriber B Notes:

1.Wile*=hard to read looks like Wile

2. ?olfpits*=first few letters are illegibl this could be ?bffat's; Lina*=hard to read, but this is what it appears to be

3. Linire*=look like this but may be Levine

4. Braunios*=hard to read but looks like a French name

6. Hickok*=could be Hiekok

7. Carrie*=hard to read could be Carie

8. Crofut*=could be Croft, but when looked at closely, it appears to be Crofut,

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