Records of Death Removal in the Town of Bethel 1899

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Transcribe by Volunteer Nan Runde

Family History Film #1491337

Pages 594-595

The word Blank has been used when no information was entered on the original record

The use of an * indicates an omission or error made by the original recorder, not the transcriber

The use of ? indicates a word or letter that could not be read, due to to quality of the original record.

Name of Deceased

Place of Death

Date of Death




Residence at Death

Place of Burial

Cause of Death



Name of Father/Mother

Person Certifying

1. Margaret Savage Danbury, CT December 31 60y 0m 0d Female Widow Blank Bethel Cemetery Brights Disease/ Acute regurgitation Blank White Archibald & Sarah McCorkell N. Sellick, M.D.
2. James P. Barnum   Newtown, CT January 7 69y 11m 27d Male Married Catskill, NY Elmwood Cemetery Pneumonia-La Grippe Farmer White Thomas & Hannah Barnum Geo. D. Wright, M.D.
3. Russell B. Hoyt     Danbury, CT January 14 50y 10m 12d Male Single Bethel CT Wolfpitts Cemetery La Grippe -- Brights Disease Hatter White Russell & Caroline Hoyt Geo. D. Wright, M.D.
4. Julia A. Barnum East Orange, NJ January 30 64y 0m 0d Female Blank Blank Bethel Cemetery Cancer of Pancreas         Blank Blank Blank  Signed by Daniel A. Dugan, City C?
5. Marion Wheeler Danbury, CT March 3 0y 4m 0d Female Blank Danbury, CT Bethel Cemetery Bronchitis-Pneumonia Blank White Chas & Mary Wheeler Danbury, CT
6. Ward LeRoy Danbury, CT March 19 38y 10m 16d Male Married Red Mills, NY Bethel Cemetery Brights Disease Hatter White Chas & Susan Le Roy J. Alexander Wade, M.D.
7. Willie E. Hitchcock New Haven, CT March 20 22y 3m 0d Male Married New Haven, CT Bethel Cemetery Phthisis Pulmonarium Blank White Edward & Hannah A. Hitchcock Edwin C. M. Hall      
8. Edward Joseph Cahill Danbury, CT April 5 0y 0m 25d Male Blank Danbury, CT St. Mary's Cemetery Inanition -- Convulsions Blank White Patrick & Josephine Cahill A. E. Barber
9. Samuel  Levi Babcock Redding, CT April 11 1y 0m 7d Male Single Redding, CT Bethel Cemetery Broncho pneumonia Blank White Chas H & Lavinia M Babcock Ernest A.Smith, MD
10. Carrie E. Johnson Redding, CT April 12 3y 7m 23d Female Single Redding, CT Bethel Cemetery Acute Cerebral Meningitis Blank Blank Blank Blank
11. Llewellyn C Bassett Danbury, CT April 29 36y 11m 22d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel Cemetery Spinal Meningitis Bartender White Charles & Mary E Bassett N. Sellick, MD
 12. Esther Bartman Danbury, CT May 1 50y 10m 11d Female Married Roundout, NY Bethel Cemetery Fibroid of Uterus/ Peritonitis after Hysterectomy Housewife White John Prindle E. A. Stratton, M.D.
13. Ellen Barnum Newtown, CT May 10 58y 5m 13d Female Widow Sligo, Ireland Elmwood Cemetery Bronchitis Housewife White Blank C.R. Hart, MD
14. James Hunt Bethel, CT April 3* 73y 3m 25d Male Married Philadelphia, PA Bethel Cemetery Lupus--Exhaustion Hatter White Paul & Ann A. Hunt A.E. May, MD
15. Sarah Maria Hunt Bethel, CT April 7* 76y 8m 28d Female Widow Bethel, CT Bethel Cemetery General Debility/ Congestion of lungs Housewife Blank Elihu & Mary M. Crofut A. E. Barber, M.D.
16. Amos Simons Jr Danbury, CT June 9 36y 8m 12d Male Married Newtown, CT Bethel Cemetery Appendicitis, Heart Failure Colorman Black Amos & Margett Simons A. E. Barber, M.D.
17. George F Judd Danbury, CT June 16 20y 8m 27d Male Single Bethel, CT Bethel Cemetery Consumption Florist White Blank Blank
18. Rasmus Johnson Danbury, CT June 22 33y 0m 0d Male Married Blank?* Bethel Cemetery Accidental Drowning Tailor White Johan & Anna Johnson D.C.Brown, M.D., Med. Examiner
19. Agnes Sturtevant Brooklyn, NY June 8 57y 0m 0d Blank Blank Blank Bethel Cemetery Cancer Blank Blank Blank Signed by S. J. Byrne, M.D. Registrar
20. George W. Platt New Fairfield, CT July 10 0y 0m 0d Male Blank Blank Bethel Cemetery  Drowning Blank White Blank W. C. Wile, Med. Ex  
21. Harry ?Carson* Redding, CT August 6 0y 6m17d Male Single Redding, CT Bethel Cemetery Cholera Infantum Blank White James & Minnie C. Carson C. R. Hart, M.D
22. Henry Hodge Danbury, CT August 11 66y 1m 0d Male Married Danbury, CT Bethel Cemetery Fracture of Skull Pedlar White H??ll & Mary Hodge* A.E. Stratton, Med. Ex.
23. Sarah E. Crofut Danbury, CT August 27 57y 0m 17d Female Widow Blank, NJ Bethel Cemetery Cancer of Stomach/Hemorhage Housewife White Alfred Taylor F. P. Clark, M.D.
24. Martha J Andrews Blank August 27 45y 0m 0d Female Blank Blank Bethel Cemetery Enteritis Blank Blank Blank Signed by T. C. Taylor, M.D., Asst. Registrar
25. Abigail Bennett Danbury, CT October 1 60y 4m 14d Female Widow Fishkill, NY Removal permit given to Ludingtonville, NY Aploplexia Gen House White Blank H. A. Wheeler, M.D.
26. Julia M Clapp Bridgeport, CT October 28 70y 0m 0d Female Married Bethel, CT Bethel Cemetery Cerebral Embolism/Exhaustion Housewife White Alanson & Rebecca Taylor Geo. B. Cowell, M.D.
27. George A Crofut Danbury, CT November 17 29y 8m 0d Male Married Bethel, CT Bethel Cemetery Accidental Drowning Hatter White Abel C. & Hulda Crofut E. A. Stratton, Med. Ex.
28. ??sina Gregory* Middletown, CT November 19 77y 3m 0d Female Widow Newtown, CT   Elmwood Cemetery Cerebral Apoplexy Housekeeper White Taylor & Mary A. Judd Henry S. Noble, M.D
29. Henry E Couch Danbury, CT December 2 78y 8m 8d Male Blank Bethel, CT Bethel Cemetery Ana??ia -- Bronchitis* Photographer White Jonathan & Lydia Couch A. P. McDonald, M.D.
30. Julia S Miller Danbury, CT December 16 50y 9m 7d Female Widow Danbury, CT Bethel Cemetery Uterine Carcinoma, Operating Outcome/Obstruction of Bowels ??? Maker* White Major & Julia Miller A. P. McDonald, M.D.
31. Carline Morgan Danbury, CT December 21 64y 0m 0d Female Widow New Milford, CT Bethel Cemetery Cancer of stomach -- Exhaustion Housewife White Blank W. S. Watson, M.D.
32. Maggie Flynn Brookfield, CT November 28 30y 5m 7d Female Single Blank, Ireland St. Mary's Cemetery Tuberculosis Blank White Peter & Ellen Flynn A. W. Griswold, M.D.


 1. 1898

14. 1892?

15. 1898

18. probably Denmark

20. 1891

21. ? = probably "N" but could be "H"

21. ? = "H" or "N"

22. name may be Ursina or Rosina; in father's name, illegible letter(s) do not extend above or below; name may be Hull

29. illegible letters do not extend above or below; could be "anaemia" or "anarimia"

30. first letter = "E" or "C"; middle letters do not extend above or below; last letter = "t" or "b"; word could be "Coat"

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