Record of Removal Permit as returned by the Sextons of Cemeteries in 1900

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Transcribe by Volunteer's  Sally Culp & Carol Yocum

Family History Film #1491337

Pages 600-601

The word Blank has been used when no information was entered on the actual record

An  *  indicates an error on the part of the original recorder, not the transcriber

 The ? mark indicates letters or words that could not be read, due the the quality of

the original record

Name of Deceased

Place of Death

Date of Death




Place of Birth/State

Place of Burial

Cause of Death



Name of Father/Mother

Person Certifying

1. Patrick S Brennan Danbury, CT January 20 43y 0m 0d Male Widower Kelrush, Ireland St. Mary's Cemetery Acute Phthisis Hatter White Stephen Brennan N. Sellack, MD
2.Charles G Smith New York City February 20 65y 8m 29d Male Blank Blank Bethel Cemetery Nephritis Blank Blank Blank L.J. Byme, MD Registrar of Records
3. Helen Shepard Taylor Norwalk, CT March 25 0y 8m 18d Female Single Norwalk, CT Bethel Cemetery Catarhal Pneumonia-Exhaustion Blank White Wilford Taylor C.G. Bohannon, MD
4. Bennie E Bassett Redding, CT May 4 33y 0m 0d Male Married Bethel, CT Bethel Cemetery Drowning Hatter White Benj F Bassett Ernest H Smith, MD
5. Kath?rina Welsh Danbury, CT May 8 78y 0m 0d Female Widow Blank, Ireland St. Mary's Cemetery Apoplexy Blank White Blank A.E. Stratton, MD
6. Andrew L Benedict Waterbury, CT May 21 77y 0m 0d Male Married Bethel, CT Bethel Cemetery Senility-Prostatitis Chronic Cystitis Blank White John Benedict John M  Benedict, MD
7. Emma Van Benschoten New York City June 2 50y 0m 0d Blank Blank Blank Bethel Cemetery Cancer Blank Blank Blank L.J. Byme, MD Registrar of Records
8.Hannah S Owen Danbury, CT June 10 82y 11m 0d Female Widow Ulster County NY Bethel Cemetery Organic Heart Disease Blank White Moses Holmes E.A. Stranton, MD
9. Lucinda Couch Danbury, CT June 19 78y 2m22d   Female Widow   Southbury, CT Bethel Cemetery  Endocarditis Old Age Housework White Henry Post J. Alexander Wade, MD
10. Cornelius Dibble Danbury, CT June 24 84y9m 13d Male Widower Bethel CT Stony Hill Cemetery Typhoid Fever Farmer White Samuel Dibble Geo D. Wright, MD
11. Nellie  Gallagher Danbury, CT July1890* 0y 0m 7d Female Single Danbury, CT St.Mary's Cemetery Cholera Infantum Blank White James & Julia Gallagher A.E. Stratton, MD
12. Frank Gallagher Bethel CT January 1893* 12 3y 5m 2d Male Single Blank St. Mary's Cemetery Croup Blank White James & Julia Gallagher Burial from E.M. Bukley Register of D?)
13. Wilbert J Gallagher Bethel September 1899* 2y 1m 0d Male Single Bethel, CT St. Mary's Cemetery Cholera Infantum Blank White James E. & Julia Gallagher Geo. D. Wright, MD
14. Carrie W Adams Waterbury, CT January 19 34y 0m 12d Female Married Woodbury, CT Bethel Cemetery Childbirth-Heart Failure Housewife White Wm A & Sarah E Gordon J.L. Holroyd , MD
15. Harriet E Chipman   Epping, NH August 23 83y 1m 1d Female Widow Bridgewater, CT Elmwood Cemetery Cerebral Apploxey* Old Age Housewife White Wakeman & Ruth Steward A.W. Mitchell
16. Daughter Guy H Butler Bethel, CT September 3 0y 0m 0d Female Single Bethel, CT Bethel Cemetery Stillbirth Blank White Guy H & Mary Butler C.R. Hart, MD
17. Samuel C Keeler Rochester, NH September 18 72y 5m 17d Male Married Danbury, CT Bethel Cemetery Acute Indigestion Blank White M?nson & Mable Keeler Removal permit from Rochester, NH
18. Elmer H. D. Larson Danbury, CT October 27 3y 1m 7d Male Married Bethel CT Bethel Cemetery Broncho Pneumonia Blank White Chas J Larson W.S. Watson, MD
19. John Carson New York, NY November 1 59y 0m 0d Male Blank Blank Bethel Cemetery Tumor of Bile duct Blank Blank Blank Removal permit from New York, NY
20. Sumner Stowe Redding, CT November 30 88y 8m 14d Male Widow Redding, CT Bethel Cemetery Old Age-Pleursy Farmer White Daniel & Lucy Stowe Ernest. H. Smith, MD
21. Edward Workman Nashua, NH December 24 43y 0m 0d Male Blank Blank Bethel Cemetery Paresis Blank Blank Blank Removal permit from Nashua, NH

Transcriber's Notes:

5. Kath?rina=possibly e or a

11. 1890*=date different than page indicates

12. 1893*=date different than page indicates; D?=not legible

13. 1899*= date different than page indicates

15. Apploley*=apoplexy, an error on the part of the registrar ,

17. M?nson=possibly o or a

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