Records of Death for the Town of Bethel 1890

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Transcribed by Volunteer's

Judy Carter & Allan Green 

Pages 548-549

The word Blank has been used when no information was entered on the actual record.

An *  indicates an error on the part of the original recorder, not the transcriber.

The ? marks indicate letters or words that could not be read due to the quality of the original record

Name of Deceased

Place of Death

Date of Death




Place and State of Birth

Residence at Death

Cause of Death



Name of Father/Mother

Person Certifying

1.??ofu?, Sarah O. Bethel January 4 71y 1m 15d Female Married Danbury, CT Bethel Erysipela & Pneumonia Housewife White ---??? A.E. Barber, MD
2. Lyman, Annie Bethel January 6 51y 0m 0d Female Married Co. Tepperary, Ireland Bethel Diabetes Housewife White Patrick & Mary Corcoran A.L. Scott, MD
3. Rockwell, David Bethel January 16 3y 7m 24d Male Single Bethel Bethel Measles Blank White Edwin & Margaret Rockwell C.R. Hart, MD
4. Ferry, Eli Bethel January 20 80y 6m 17d Male Married Bethel Bethel Age Hatter White Noah T Ferry/Blank C.R. Hart, MD
5. Bartman, Orrin J Bethel January 21 83y 8m 0d Male Widower Redding, CT Bethel Apoplexy Farmer White A??on* & Eunise Bartman F.A. Benedict, MD
6. Kyle, William A Bethel February 1 35y 8m 17d Male Single Bethel Bethel Pulmonary Phthisis Hatter White John Kyle, Margaret Reid F.A. Benedict, MD
7. St?nard*, Mary J Bethel February 10 30y 4 12d Female Married Blank, Scotland Bethel Consumption Housewife White Robert & Sarah Dunlap A. E. Barber, MD
8. Tolley, Martha Bethel February 16 82y 9m 0d Female Widow Middlebury, CT Bethel Gastritis Housewife White David Treat/Unknown G.C. Richards, MD
9. Townsend, Hamlin Bethel February 17 58y 4m 28d Male Married Ke?k*, NY Bethel Facial Erysipelas Farmer White Joshua & Ada Townsend F.A. Benedict, MD
10. Banks Paul F Bethel February 23 1y 4m 13d Male Single Bethel Bethel Whooping Cough Blank White Howard & Anna B Banks A.E. May, MD
11. Dennison, William T Bethel March 3 73y 0m 0d Male Single Redding, CT Redding, CT Fracture Farmer White Blank C.R. Hart, MD
12. Lynch, James L Bethel March 19 0y 10m 21d Male Single Bethel Bethel Convulsions Blank White Thomas J & Jane Lynch C.R.Hart, MD
13. Passmore, Leon Bethel March 20 0y 0m 8d Male Single Bethel Bethel Premature Birth Blank White Edmond & Carrie E. Passmore C. R. Hart, MD
14.Dibble, Fanny C Bethel March 23 53y 11m 0d Female Widow Redding, CT Bethel Peritonitis Housewife White Noah D Pa????ee* & Mary A ?mith* A.E. May, MD
15. Passmore, Leonard Bethel March 28 0y 0m 16d Male Single Bethel Bethel Premature Birth Blank White Edmund & Carrie C Passmore C.R. Hart, MD
16. Judd, Julius B Bethel March 30 48y 6m 10d Male Married Woodbury, CT Bethel Pneumonia Hat Manufacturer White Willis & Augusta M Judd A. E. Barber
17. Stone, Oliver Bethel April 3 61y 2m 1d Male Married Danbury, CT Bethel Apoplexy Hatter White Ala?son Stone & Mary Ann Wood A.E.May, MD
18. Smith, Nathan P Bethel April 7 53y 11m 27d Male Married Bethel Bethel Chronic Nephritis Blank White Cyrus & Esther H Smith C.R. Hart, MD
19. White, Mary J Bethel April 17 40y 6m 0d Female Widow Poughkeepsie, NY Bethel Consumption Housewife White Joseph & Catharine Trub???* J.H. Benedict, MD
20. Whitehead, Jennie Bethel April 17 21y 2m 0d Female Married Easton, CT Bethel Consumption Housewife White Blank A.E. Barber, MD
21. Taylor, Reuben Bethel April 19 73y 0 4d Male Married Bethel Bethel Cancer Hatter White Joseph Taylor/Unknown A.E. May, MD
22. Judd, Ma??a* Bethel April 20 84y 4m 11d Female Widow Greenfield, CT Bethel Apoplexy Housewife White Unknown A.E. May, MD
23. Taylor, Hannah M Bethel April 25 77y 8m 0d Female Widow Bethel Bethel General Debility & La Grippe None White Silas & Rebecca Hickok F.A. Benedict, MD
24. McNamara, Patrick Bethel April 29 about 83y Blank Blank Male Blank Blank, Ireland Bethel Old Age Farmer White Blank A.E. Barber, MD
25. Woodman, Amos Bethel May 5 83y 6m 4d Male Married Fayette, Maine Bethel La Grippe & General Debility Town Clerk White Amos & Lydia K Woodman F.A. Benedict, MD
26. Hodge, Walter E. Bethel May 9 20y 1m 9d Male Single  Bethel Phila., PA Typhoid Fever Clerk White Henry & Jane Hodge A.E. Barber, MD
27. Baird, William Hall Bethel May 22 25y 11m 15d Male Single Bethel Bethel Pulmonary Consumption Bookkeeper White Geo H & Julia B Baird A.L. Scott, MD
28. Wheeler, John H Bethel May 22 62y 0m 0d Male Married Newtown, CT Bethel Atrophy of Liver Hatter White John & Hannah Wheeler A.E. May, MD
29. Dare, Elizabeth M Atrophy May 25 50y 10m 18d Female Married Watertown, CT  Bethel Secondary Cancer of Liver Housewife White David & ??la* Baldwin F.A. Benedict, MD
30. Fairchild, Louise Bethel June 8 0y 4m 13d Female Single Bethel Bethel Marasus Blank White Geo S Fairchild, Florence A ????e* A.E. May, MD
31. Gilbert, Frank L Bethel June 11 18y 1m 26d Male Single Bethel Bethel Acute Tuberculosis Blank White Phil & Fannie M Gilbert L. Willard, Ol?y, D
32. Baby Wildman Bethel June 29 0y 1m 26d Male Single Bethel Bethel Pertussis Blank White Frederick & Florence Wildman F.A. Benedict, MD
33. Hoyt, Joshua Bethel July 6 90y 5m 21d Male Widower Bethel Bethel Old Age Farmer White Blank A.E. Barber, MD
34. Lockwood, Alexander W Bethel July 11 64y 7m 11d Male Widower Stanwich, CT Bethel Dropsy Watchman White Blank Lockwood & Abby J Lockwood J.H. Benedict, MD
35. Cunningham, M???* Bethel July 13 0y 4m 2d Female Single Bethel Bethel Cholera Infantum Blank White ???is* ?* Cunningham ???* Cahill F.A. Benedict, MD

Transcriber's Notes:

1. Sarah O ??ofu?=could be Crofut or Goful-names of Parents look like it could be mrid, maybe an abbreviation of married, or may "wud"

5. Orrin J Bartman=father's name looks like it could be Arron or Anson

9. Hamlin Townsend=town Ke?k; could be "R" or "U"

14. Fanny C Dibble=father's name looks like it may be Parmalee or Pandee, mother's name could be Smith or Luith

13-15. Leonard Passmore=looks like twins-Leon died Mar 8 and Leonard died Mar 16-for Leon the mother's middle initial looked like a "E" for Leonard it looked like "C"

17. Oliver Stone=father's name Ala?son, could be Alanson

19. May J White=parents last name, could be Trub?oh or ol, unreadable

22. Ma??a Judd=could be Maria or Mana

29. Elizabeth M Dare=mother's name looks like Mila maybe Nula

30. Louise Fairchild=mother's last name looks like it could be "D" or "S" irrine

35. M??? Cunningham=could be Mayr or May, the condition of the original document on film is damaged and aged, making it unreadable; this is a guess; the father's first name could be Dennis and the middle name, maybe J; the mother's first name is smudged, but could be May or Mary

36. ????tha Cunningham=unreadable; could be Alietha; the condition of the original document on file is damaged and aged making it unreadable; this is a guess; the father's first name could be Dennis and the middle name, maybe J; the mother's first name is smudged, but could be May or Mary

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