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This is the Tolland County, Connecticut Migrations Project. The purpose of this project is to catalog migrations into and out of Tolland County.  If you have ancestors who lived in Tolland County and know when and where they either migrated to or from New London County, please submit your data below. That puts your  information into the Migrations Database. Follow the search button for data already summitted to the database for Tolland County, Connecticut and beyond. If you have any questions about Tolland County or these pages please contact Lesley Moss. This is a temporary page and needs adopting. If interested please contact me.
Information contained in these pages remains the sole property of the submitter. It is always best to check the validity of submitted information with your own research.
If you would like to volunteer to help with this project please contact Patrick Hays, who is developing and coordinating the Migrations Project.
This is a stand-alone project created by Patrick Hays to further genealogy for researchers.

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