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RIDGEFIELD.....The dividends of a historic colonial town, an alert historical society, an active restoration committee, with well-organized town records, can be a genealogist's bonanza when seeking ancestor information.  Ridgefield, established in 1709, encompassing Branchville, Titicus, & Ridgebury is an excellent example.

"The little town that time forgot," is an appropriate description of Ridgefield, a town that still closely attempts to hold onto its colonial heritage. As late as the 1960s it felt as though you were taking a step back in time when you entered Ridgefield.   Turning left onto the historic Main Street, at the historic horse trough, traveling among the large elm and oak trees,  it was apparent as you drove past the Colonial houses that this was not just another community. You had entered a town that was still unique, in spite of its proximity to the hustle and bustle of New York City. The town population of 22,000 stabilized in 1972.

Now almost 30 years later, there has been a transformation in the town. While it still retains much of the charm of yesteryear, the landmark building are sandwiched between the "modern" day improvements that must necessarily become a part of any modern, growing community.
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Ridgefield is the site of the Revolutionary War 1777 "Battle of Ridgefield." American Generals Wooster and Arnold attempted to hold off the British in the one of only two land battles on Connecticut soil during the Revolution.  There are still monuments and markers to the events or incidents that transpired in that 1777 battle. They remind us that Ridgefield has a heritage that must be preserved.  The Revolutionary Road historical project is currently being developed. When it is completed it will aid all of us in helping to uncover the treasures of Ridgefield, its history, and its patriots.  Ridgefield is one of Connecticut's finest treasures. The town is the perfect blend of New England small town charm, combined with   Americana's  modern day  tastes.

Some folks say, "To live there is to love it…"  It is true.   Those who live in Ridgefield love it and there is a community commitment to keeping it at the top.  Town officials and residents alike, strive toward creating the perfect balance of yesterday's charm with today's enrichment.
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Nestled In the Housatonic Valley, Ridgefield covers 35 square miles, is just 60 miles north of New York City, a one hour's commute.by train from Grand Central Station to Branchville station.. By car it is  just over the border from Westchester and can be reached from Routes 7, 33, 35, 102, and 116.  Nearby Fairfield County towns are Wilton, Redding, Weston, Easton, Bethel and Danbury.  

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Ridgefield Town Offices 400 Main Street    Ridgefield Ct 06877
Town Clerk - Barbara Serfilippi
Asst. Clerk; Sandra Warner----
Marguerite Agresta-Catherine Littleton
  Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 Mon.-thru Fri.
You may obtain certified copies of Vital Statistics, birth, marriage, & death certificates for $5 each.  Please call the office for details required to obtain the copies. Phone 203-431-2783
Ridgefield   Library & Historical Society :      472 Main St.     Phone203-438-2282 
Fax  203-438-4558
E-mail address:             rdginfsv@biblio.org
Library Hours:
Mon Tues. Wed Fri 10 - 6 PM,     Thorps 10 AM - 9 PM,  Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM,    Sun. closed during the Summer   
See Resources Information.... 
The Ridgefield Library offers free, unrestricted access to a balanced collection of books and genealogical reference material. Information Services resources include print & electronic reference materials, with CD-ROM and online databases and public Internet access. There is a professional staff available to provide Reference and Readers Advisory assistance either in person or by phone. E-Mails Information Services: rdginfsv@biblio.org or Anita Daubenspeck:    anitad@biblio.org
Click for Special Resources Information
Ridgefield Cemeteries Access the Cemetery page. 
Ridgefield Preservation Trust

Contact Mrs. Maddy Corbin -
They can provide information on the homes standing in the historic district, or if you visit Ridgefield, you will be able to take a self-guided tour year-round.
Rdg-keeler.gif (22093 bytes) The Keeler

     operated by the
Keeler Tavern Society
Elise Haas, President
Tel: 203/438-3166
Visiting Ridgefield? One of the first stops might be the historic Keeler Tavern. Take a tour with a guide garbed in historical finery: In this building with its low-beamed ceilings an wide-board floors you can see the place where a battle of Ridgefield, British cannon ball is still lodged in a wall. Hrs. Wed-Sat-Sun, 1-4 PM; Call (203)438-5485 for information.

Click for Ridgefield, Connecticut Forecast

This Search Engine is a new addition to the Ridgefield Web site. It offers  a Surname search, plus cemetery, search of Surnames in Ridgefield.

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Post, or Review, Ridgefield Area Queries, Bios, and Deeds.       
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  This is an interesting and brief summary of  Ridgefield's role in the Revolutionary War,  assembled by Carol Hanny

I you wish to learn more about Ridgefield here is a fantastic page that will provide you that information. You can discover Ridgefield,   its background, its history, and its activities. Take a walking tour, view old postcards, learn about old settlers, and have hundreds of questions answered.  This page gives ALL of the answers.   Click Here: Authored  and published by Jack Sanders from the Ridgefield Press. 




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