There are about 20 historical burying grounds that have been found in Ridgefield and its environs.  A crude map indicating the approximate locations is available, but the following information will give a general idea as to where they are located.  Some of the listed sites may not exist today, as this list was compiled in 1930.  For example Cemetery #1 the (Old Town)  is almost non-existent as the bodies buried there were moved to the Town cemetery #12 in the 19th Century because of the need to reclaim some of the land.   Further information can be obtained from the Library.
# Sites Cemetery Name Location
1.   Old Town Lower End of Main St.
2.   Catholic Titicus District
3.   Branchville Near Branchville Station
4.   Beers On Nod Hill Rd next to Weir Farm
5.   Davis Silver Springs.   Rd on Wilton Line (back from Rd.)
6.   Semour-Olmstead So. Olmsted Lane,   Flat Rock District
7.   Gamaliel Smith West Lane District, ( near Swords place)
8.   Old Florida North of Rd, back in lot,  road leading to RR tracks from corner near Bollas Place
9.   Florida On Rte 7 next to Walpole Woodworks in Branchville the Southeast part of Farmingdale District.
10.   Selleck Bennet's Frm On Bennett's Farm Road
11.   Ridgebury  In Ridgebury District
12.  2000+ Ridgefield In Titicus District, also part of Town Cemetery.
13.   Mapleshade In Titicus Dirstric, also part of Town Cemetery
14.   Scott's In Titicus District, also part of Town Cemetery.
15.   Hurlbutt In Titicus Dirstric, also part of Town Cemetery
16.   Lounsbury In Titicus District, also part of Town Cemetery.
17.   Fair Lawn In Titicus Dirstric, also part of Town Cemetery
18.   Smith N.W. Part of Ridgefield, on West Lane, not far from New York State line. 
19.   Old Episcopal Church In triangle top of Ridgebury Hill
20.   Revolution Battle Grnd Main St. Ridgefield


The Ridgefield Cemetery Restoration Committee  was  formed to try and do something about the state  of the town cemeteries. They have been at if for some time now. We are told that their efforts are going to produce some accurate, and needed cemetery data.  The members of this committee should be applauded.

This Committee can claim credit for not only the repair and maintenance of the 8 historical cemeteries in town, but they also embarked on an ambitious, & almost completed, job of transcribing  all of the tombstones from each and every Ridgefield historical cemetery.

The Committee has not seen fit to release any of there findings or list of surnames in the local cemeteries.  It is a huge job but apparently they are not going to release it for publication for viewing. This volunteer group  have failed with their time table..

If  the information is ever completed and they make it available, it will be linked to this USGENWEB Ridgefield web site so that you can access it here as part of the USGENWEB tombstone project.   

We would be grateful to hear from people who wouldhelp to compile the actual surnames of people who are buried in these cemeteries.  If you would like to help the Cemetery Restoration Committee,   telephone Committee President, Doug Clewell 203-438-0537