Mentioning HARN & Alachua County
Submitted by Ed Harn

	Enclosure of Inhabitants of Alachua County in letter from James Dell to Daniel E Burch

July 1826

We the Inhabitants of Alachua County hereunto Signers, feeling a strong interest 
in the Government road about to be opened from Wanton's to Coleraine on St.Mary's River, 
understanding the same was under your direction beg to leave to represent to you, that it 
is our opinions that the route along the old Alachua Trail crossing the Santaffy and 
Alligator at the present fords, thence along said Trail to the Trail turning to Black Creek, 
thence along said Trail to the ferry on said creek called Hagan's ferry.  This route will 
greatly accommodate the Inhabitants of this County, as also most of the Settlers of Black 
creek, whereas any route further East would be of no earthly use to any of the Settlers of 
this County , or few on Black.

Maxcy Dill               James Burnett          Samuel Wiles         Lew Williams
Francis R. Sanchez       David Bruton           Thomas Colding       Stephen V. Walker
William Gibbons          James Walker           William Coleson      Jonas Ellis
Robert Bevan             Charles Love           Abraham Colson       Samuel Piles
Samuel Beasley           William Harn           Henry Harn           Benjamin Harn
Joseph Butler            Henry A Moore          John Pinner          Arther Pinner
William Ellis            Levy Collar            William K. Thomas    John G. Rowls
Cotton Rowls             Edward Dixson          John Warren          Joseph Warren
John Dolaney             Britton Knight         Daniel Simmons       Samuel Burnett Sr
Solomon Warren           Isaiah Woolf           Stephen Woolf        John Woolf
William Standley         Abraham Daniel         William Daniel       Wiley Daniel
Enoch Daniel             Simeon Dill            Huchinson King
Theophilus H. Williams  


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