Mentioning HARN & Alachua County
Submitted by Ed Harn

Inhabitants of Alachua County to the President
About October 1829

General Andrew Jackson, President of the United States of America.

   We, the undersigned, inhabitants of the County of Alachua, in East Florida, beg leave 
Respectfully to represent, that we regret the necessity of being again compelled to call the 
attention of the general government to the subject of the Florida Indians.
   Scarcely three years has elapsed since some of our peaceable inhabitants were 
butchered by these savages, without respect to age or sex, and although their hostility was 
soon subdued, their depredations on our property and lawless conduct have been 
continued from time to time.
   We have repeatedly complained to the proper authorities of the Territory- of the 
impropriety of many of the privileges granted to these people; but we are sorry to say 
without effect.  Our situation at present is alarming, and rendered still more so by a leave 
of absence for six months which we are sorry to learn has been granted the agent.  Within 
a few days parties of them have been detected in the act of plundering our stock, in the 
very heart of our settlements, and fifty or sixty miles beyond their boundary.
   About four weeks since a deputation from the Creek Nation visited these Indians - 
their business unknown, but certain it is, that their conduct while here was calculated to 
produce alarm.  Since which time we have been informed that a party of one of two 
hundred of them have come among the Seminoles, and still remain there.  We have 
further, from the Acting agent Mr. Sims, information that the chiefs of the Seminoles 
were to hold a council, for what object unknown, and that their deportment is hostile.
   For the protection of our frontiers, and to quell the fears of the people, we would beg 
leave respectfully to request that a garrison of four companies of  U. S. Troops be 
stationed at Micanopia, in this county.  Tho we admit that the company recently stationed 
at Fort King had its influence, yet in case of difficulty their efforts to check the Indians 
would have been of little avail being twelve miles with the boundary and affording no 
possibility of protection to our families, or of co-operation with our militia.
   We would beg leave further to request that one thousand stand of arms with 
ammunition may be sent to the Col of the sixth Regiment of the Florida militia, in this 
county, to be distributed to those who may not be supplied with arms.
     All which we respectfully submit to your consideration.

Wiley Brooks         John M Stafford        Francis Richard Jr       Joshua Stafford
John Fleming         William Pursons        William Branning         George Downs
Charles Woolf        Joseph Loveless        Ezekiel Ogden            James McFadon
Jessa  Crafford      Jno. Buck              Michael Savery           Wm W. Paget
Benjamin Smith       Jehu Migells           Edw M. Wanton            Gabriel Priest
J. W. Brantley       John Folk              Willoughby Hodge         Henry Bellows
Hope Colson          John Weeks             Wiley Daniel             Zachariah R Roberts
Thomas Hall          John A. Osteen         Jess Carter              Alcy Roberts
John Walters         Theophilus Weeks Sen   Shadrach Osteen          James Standley
James Cason          James D. Prevatt       Elisha Carter            William Harn
John Cason           John D. Osteen         Daniel Gillett           Ranson Parish
Moses Cason          John M. Prevatt        Cotton Rawls             James Cannon
James L. Mattair     Thos. Colding          Jacob Summerlin          Solomon Warren
Robert Bailey        Elias Knight           Hickason King            Jery Burnett
Isaac Colson         John Dickson           William Farmes           William Spires
Thos. D. Colding     William Crum           Asa Clark                Jonas Ellis
William Gibbons      John Jones             John Standley            William Piles
William Colson       Robert S. Payne        James B. Colding         Samuel Geiger
Simeon Dell          Richard Redaught       John W. Love             James Harn
Harbard Clark        Gideon Heck            William Daniel           James Pinner
Enoch Daniel Sr      Daniel Higinbotham     James Turner             Cornelius Dickson
Abram Colson         Daniel Simmons         King Douglas             Jas Burnett
Bennet M. Dell       Giles Ellis            James C. Wells           William Hogans
Henry Bailey         James Hauge            Tho B. Bailey            Henry Harn
Zachariah Roberts    William Farmer         James Brooks             Britton Knight
James Osteen         Britton Dickson        Elias Osteen             Lewelling Williams
Ezekiel Weeks        John Delany            Solomon Osteen           Benjamin Harn
Silas Weeks          Thomas Barrow          Theophilus Weeks Jun     John Ned
Silas Jenkins        William Ellis          George Knight            Richard C. Crum   
John H. Ellis        Christ. C. Minchin     John A Geiger            Samuel Piles
Henry A. Moore       Jos B. Lancaster       Samuel Burnett Sr.       David Levy
Abram Crum