Mentioning HARN & Alachua County
Submitted by Ed Harn

August 29,1839
Division of the Territory, or East Florida a District Territorial Government.

   At a fall meeting of the Inhabitants of the City of St. Augustine, East Florida, held pursuant to 
public notice, at the Court House, on Thursday the 29th day of August, 1839, General Joseph M 
Hernandez was appointed President, and Major J. John Beard, Jr. and S. Hill Williams, Secretaries of 
the meeting.
   The object of the meeting was explained, and the meeting addressed by Major Putnam, and 
several gentlemen.  On motion it was Resolved That the following gentlemen, viz:  Gabriel W. 
Perpall, Esq., Gen Peter Sken Smith, Col. John M. Hanson, Bernardo Segui, Esq., and Col Gad 
Humphreys, be a Committee to draft Resolutions, expressive of the sense of the meeting. 
   The Committee having retired, reported the following resolutions, which were adopted by 
acclamation, and without a dissenting voice:  
   Resolved; that as Floridians as American citizens- we are gratified at the presence at this time, of 
the same Men and the same Spirit that were present in the meeting of the fifth day of February, 1838, 
to protest against the calling a Convention to form a State Constitution- and against the imposition of 
State Taxes- and to organize in favor of "Division".
   Resolved, That we have not, at any time, yielded our preferences, or compromised our principles - 
we are- as we were, in that first meeting- one and all for separating The East, from the Middle and 
West, making the Suwannee the dividing line.
   Resolved, That we have organized for Division and nothing but Division, and for the purpose of 
cooperating with our fellow Citizens of The East, for the Division of This Vast Territory- comprising 
as it does, The Country and The Capabilities sufficient for Two States; the West being nearly equal in 
size to Massachusetts and Maryland combined; and nearly as large as South Carolina;- and the 
Territory lying East of the Suwannee possessing an area approaching in extent Pennsylvania or New 
York, and equal in extent to Tennessee or Michigan.
   Resolved, that a glance at our Geographical position, shows that the natural outlet of the Middle 
and West is to the Gulf of Mexico- while The East has its natural outlet  to the Atlantic coast-thus, 
from the beginning, nature designed The Separation- That subsequently, the conflicting and 
diversified interests of The Floridas demanded and obtained- and in seeking Division, we only seek 
to establish The Right of Separation that had its foundation in the Justice and Policy of the Spanish 
and English Governments, under which, The Floridas were formed into Two separate Provinces, each 
having its own Governor; and they were so ceded by Spain to the United States. 
   Resolved, That the Constitution and Laws of the United States having established the Federal 
Ratio of State Representation at Fourty-Seven Thousand Seven Hundred and as in the Census that 
preceded the Late Territorial Convention, the aggregate population of the Floridas fell Ten Thousand 
short of the Federal number, we consider a Constitution, emanating from the representatives of a 
minority a Dead Letter- whether approved or rejected by the Territory at large. 
   Resolved, That adhering to the principle of Division we do maintain the birth right of the East to a 
separate and Independent Territory East of the Suwannee; while with mingled feelings of kindness 
and respect we would say to the Middle and West: is not the whole land before us:.  Let there be no 
strife between us, for we be brethren.
   Resolved, That again as before, we enter our public and solemn Protest against the premature, 
impracticable and ruinous scheme of precipitation the whole of this great Territory into a single State: 
-when the people of The East have , with such commendable unanimity, rejected both the State and 
The Constitution at the ballot Box.
   Resolved, That the inabililty, as also the indisposition of the East, to participate in the mere 
pageant of A State Government, upheld by Direct Taxes, is apparent to all- and we should be still 
more reluctant to exchange our Territorial Independence for State honors, purchased by the degrading 
and humiliating condition, that in the Middle and West pay the Taxes of the East.
   Resolved that we shall support, for office, men who are opposed to forming the Floridas into a 
single State, and opposed to the system of Taxes, inseparable to the adoption of a State Government-
and who are the uncompromising advocates of Division.
   Resolved, That we respectfully solicit the inhabitants of the Towns and Counties of the East to 
hold similar meetings- and we most respectfully ask, for these proceedings, the attention of the Hon. 
Charles Downing; our delegate in Congress, with the assurance of our undiminished confidence in 
this ability and faithfulness to effect The Division, so ardently desired by his constituents in the East,
and Vitally important to the welfare of the East.
   Resolved, That in petitioning for the Division of the Floridas, we appeal with confidence to the 
wisdom, justice, and patriotism of the distinguished Statesmen who represent Our Common Country, 
In the Councils of the Nation, at Washington.  They can appreciate the importance of the Two States 
of Florida to the southern portion of the confederacy, and to the Union.
   Resolved, That these proceedings be signed by the President and Secretaries, and published in the 
papers of this City; the Tallahassee Star, the paper at Jacksonville; the Charleston and Savannah 
papers; the Globe and the National Intelligencer, Washington.
          Joseph M. Hernandez, President

J. John Beard Jr., Secretary
S. Hill Williams, Secretary

Memorial to the Honorable the Senate an house of Representatives of the United States in Congress 

Your petitioners therefore humbly pray, that your Honorable body will give such consideration to the 
wishes of the Citizens of East Florida, as expressed in the sentiments of the Resolutions passed, and 
that you will pass a Law erecting and organizing that portion of Florida which lies East of the 
Suwannee River, into a Territory, separate and distinct from the other parts of the Territory of 
Florida- and your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.

SUBSCRIBER NAMES                         RESIDENCE
Lewis W. Sparkman                                  Fort Harlee - Alachua County     
John Sparkman                                           "              "
J. W. Ayres                                             "              "
Benj. Moore
Warren Moore
R. J. Godwin
Joseph Gates
Absalon Snowden
John Price
Riley Moore
Emra Priest
Thos Smith
James J. Higginbotham
W. Chamberlin
Nathaniel J
A. H. Jones
John Bleach
John G. Tiner
Ephraim Bleach
Cain Stricklin
Henry Snoden
Bnjamin Moore
Henry Moore
James Moore
McD. Jackson
Levi J. Johns
A. H. Johns
W. C. Crosby
J. a. Turner
David Higginbotham

Section 2 of Subscribers to Memorial - Newnansville E.F. January 1840

Archibald McNeil                               Alachua County
Shadrach Lastinger                                 "
W.S. Olmsted                                       "
Geo. F. Olmsted                                    "
John Tinker                                        "
Francis N. Sanchez                                 "
Henry Hope                                         "
Tho C. Ellis                                       "
A. W. Walker                                       "
Raphael Torens                                     "
P. Ferren                                          "
Francis Frayo                                      "
C. Goodrich                                        "
Rehard R. Craven                                   "
E. O. Mezell                                    Columbia County
Mosses Casen                                       "
David Mezell Jun                                   "
David Mezell Sen                                   "
Joshua Mezell                                      "
Morgan Mezell                                      "
Rob Youngblood                                     "
Asa Roberts                                        "
Z. R. Rboerts                                      "
James Hague                                     Alachua County
James Brooks                                    Columbia County
W. Clemments                                       "
William Marcum                                     "
Gideon Gagen                                    Alachua County
Ja Niblack                                      Columbia County
Samuel Geiger                                   Alachua County
Thomas Weeks                                    Columbia County
Wiley Brooks                                    Alachua County
Henry Harn                                         "
Wm Harn                                            "
Joseph Mangan                                      "
John Wickman                                       "
E. I Hart                                          "
Britton Bauch                                      "
John Suggs                                         "
A. B. Sanchez                                      "
Moses Fryersmith                                   "
James Hull                                         "
Arthur Roberts                                  Columbia County
Lewis Provost                                   Alachua County
James Brooks                                    Columbia County

Section 3 of  Subscribers to Memorial   no date, 1939

C. Taylor                Asa Pomeroy           John Floyd             John Baker
John C. Houston          John C. Miller        Henry M Lindsay        John L Linker
Water Furman             Lewis Wipert          James Simms            Edward S. Powell
James Falanna            John Johnson          H. C. Dmastres         Isick Cool
Edwin W. Cox             Niklaus Senatz        Wm G. Christopher      Peter Karll
John Houston             Elmore Reed           Wm. Simms              Wm R. Hartshorn
Jesse Grishan            James Wallace         Lawrance Fatio         John Daniels
Matth Brind              Harvy More            James R. Houston       Matthew H Philips
C. S. Emons              Albert F. Rouse       John L Saunders        J. W. Simon
Wm H. Houston            George Birely         J Middleton            John Senatz
Samuel S C Houston       James Bogge           Lewis Christopher      Joseph Senatz
Jesse Hall               Banjamin Fever        Johnathan B Tichenor   Jac Vansciver
William Deas             Charles Smith         Andrew B Decker        Charles Dedeker
Gilbert Garden           Will Stanford         T. Wightman            Carman Mason
C Brown                  Samuel Hoffman Jr     Andrew Floyd           Thomas Claussen
Samuel Ullman            David J Boney         Alex Andrew
Endorsed Petition from the Citizens of Dubal County for Division of Territories.

Section 4 of Subscribers to Memorial
East Florida - Black Creek Petitioners
Michael Sweeney          Thos Piper             J. G. Bleach           John Sparkman
David Williamson         Peter Sparkman         Joseph L. Dutton       James M Sparkman
Henry Moore              James P. Odom          Tho Delleberry         William Scott
J. B. Blanton            Edwin Webber           Archibald H Johns      G. W. Merry
Elisha D. Wightman       Alfred Hagan           Solomon Morgan         Samuel Wood
Ephriam Guann            Ozias Morgan           Henry H. Johnston      Isaac C Amiden
Wm Priest                Thomas Roberts         J D Osteen             Solomon Godwin
W. Y Budington           Stephen Sparkman       James Mathews          R. J. Godwin
George Lucas             J. S. Neighbours       I  H Heck              John Guard
David Williamson         Osias Budington        Warren More            Levi Skman
Endorsed Memorial from Citizens of St. Augustine Division of Territory

Section 5 Subscribers to Memorial
Tho Douglas              Martin Canovas         Joseph M Hernandez     Henry Thomas
J. M Hanson              Jose A Liambias        John J Hedrick         Roque Leonardy
Elias Wallen             Joseph Manusey         And Anderson           Jacob L Bayler
S. Hill Williams         Emanuel Manusey        John Rodman            Dionicio Solana
Jn Drysdale              Matias Leonardy        John Beard Jr.         Celestino Leonardy
Alfred P Livingston      Juan Leonardy          B. A. Putnam           Mauricio Sanchez
Ch Byrne                 Henry Groves           W H Simmons            Thomas T Russell
J. G. Landon             Jose F. Sanchez        Jno E. Peck            Antonio Borsas
K. B. Gibbs              A J Noda               Philip D Solana        Joseph Noda
Christobal Bravo         Ramon Saulkey          Antonio Canovas        Faustina Triky
Antonio E Canovas        Thomas Andreu          Donato Bravo           Leander Parker
Raphael Canovas          M H Tucker             Bernardo Segui         Lawrence Capella
Ora Howard               Lawrence Andreu        F. T. Avice            Matias Capella
G E Wallace              St. Augustine Lopez    Darius Allen           Donato Andreu
Whipple Allen            Esteban Arnau          Wm Kemp                James Houston
Henry Roberts            Thos Bellows           Saml Northrop          Francis Whitaker
Jn H Dobs                James Weighman         Wm Tho Perpall         Frederick Weedon
Hezekiah Pinkham         Mitchel Huffington     James Doyl             John O Riley
J Gayner                 Lewis C Drake          Wm G Davis             J Houston   
J B Rutherford           Philip Eastman         Urial Lane             John Simpson
Geo W Wilson             Emanuel Hernandez      Francis Hernandez      Joseph Canovas
James Hurlbert           P T Murphy             David Connor           Michael Clarke
O Fogartey               Joseph Lopes           George Wilkerson
1 - Spicer C Braddock           2 -  James Wilson              3 - Nathaniel Wilds
4 - William M Braddock          5 - Jackson Tyner              6 - John Bassent
7 - Wm S Blount                 8 - Sam Walker                 9 - John Jones
10- Jacob Geiger               11 - Joseph Haddock Sen        12 - Joseph Haddock Jun
13- Tho Haddock                14 - John Kirkland             15 - Wm Crogin
16- Josiah Lewis               17 - Wm Braddock               18 - John E Curry
19- William curry              20 -  Jo K Prevatt             21 - James Sapp
22- Stephen rigs               23 - Roger Canes               24 -  Wm Prevat
25- John H Haddock             26 - Alex J Braddock           27 - James a Braddock
28- Joseph Higginbotham             Job P Haskins                  E J Medicis
John Bradley              William G Braddock      John Russell           Pedro Benet
Geo. P Acosta             Crecencio Pacety        A Fleischman           Phillip Weidman
Daniel Hurlbert           Bartolo Leonardy Jun    Antonio Ponse          Philip Weademann Sen
Fran Andreu               D W Whitehurst          Cha Robion             Samuel Miles
Jose Maestre              Michael Neligan         Juan Maestre           Richard Fugitt
Fran Yanovar              George Gianople         Lorenzo Yxacesty       Domingo A Usina
John M Helme              Carran Brophy           Antonio Pons           Vicente Pacetty
Gabriel Maistre           Charles Loring          Estehan Arnau          Bartholo Leonardy Sen
Jose Hernandez            James Culverson         Antonio Hernandez      H Smith
Antonio Andreu            John Riley              Jose Pacetty           Jn Magrath
Jorge Cla                 John C Huther           Samuel Sole            Peter W Brown
George Bampton            Tho Wendell             Joseph Rosenstine      John Pellicer
Fessenden Ball            Michael Papy            John Simpson           Pedro Mauncy
Elias a Medicis           Manuel Crespo           Elias Belarde          James Barker
David Baily               Wm Langley              Joseph Silas           Robt Campbell
John Buckley              A Tatin                 Joseph Hill            Geo Stewart
William Alford            Jose Bargallo           John Beck              Samuel Cribb
James M Parker            George Latham           Arthur O Hagan         Jn Brown
Henry Covert              Cyrus Briggs            Wm J Reynolds          Inocencio Cardona
Daniel Sanders            Jno B. Allen            James M Parker         John Wright
Henry Roberts             John S Reid             George W Sprague       James Lockheade
Edward M Loskey           James Magner            Michael Christhey      Alberto D Rogero
Washington Starks         Felipe Gomes            Levi Spriggs           Manuel Solana
Wm Ashley                 John B Ferreira         L Bell                 Paul Canovas
Thomas Ross               William Bevans          L E Dillan             Benjamin Harmon
Jno Davis                 B. Oliveros             A H Morse              B. E. Carr & Co.
Jacob Born                E. A. Allen             John Beyns             Jacob C. Abel
Edward Powell             Andrew Lopes            Felix Aderly           A Connor
Wm Cullen                 Henry Porter            Levi Collen         29 Owen Wingate
Rob Jackson               E  Stafford             R. D. Killgen       30 Charles Wilds      
E Stafford                Nat B. Patch            Argus Ball          31 Jeremiah Felter                              
W. B. Soulner             Charles Schoenheit      G Sunderland        32 P. M. Wilds                       
James Harrison            O Philippe              David R Dunham      33 Sam Russell
Jos Hernandez             Jose E Pomar            Venancio Sanchez    34 Sam Russell Sen
Pedro Capella             Jose T Andreu           Santiago B Sanchez  35 Wm A Russell
Abrah Dupont              Jose Benet              Edmund Wallen       36 Wm Vaughan
Juan Pacetty              R A Henderson           Bartolo Pacetty     37 John Wingate
Thomas G. Lee             Andres Pacetty Jun      James Edwards       38 John Right
Andreas Pacetty Sr        Gab W Perpall           Antonio Pellicer    39 James Tison
P C Trylstra              Raymon Sabate           Chris Andrews       40 John D Braddock Sen
Francis Pellicer          Angel Berta             James Pellicer         S S Peck
Domingo Cercopoly         John T Williams         Jaime Falany           Andrew Canavas
Gabriel Pomar             G J Papy                James Ponce            G L Pacetty
Jose Garcias              Gregorio Bravo          B Pons                 John J W. Weiss
Juan Segui                D. P. Johnson           John Carreras          John L Williams
Antonio Baye              O Quigley               Juan Capo              William Scroggins
Jaime Hernandes           Tho Hall                Gabriel Capo           Henry Porter
Antonio Pacety            Benjamin Harn           Xelson Buford          John R Baillie
Edward Logan              S Beckham               John Hering            J G Barrett
Edward Jackson            Matthew Long            William Kemp           Wm Almond
Tho Hall                  James Riz               Edward McCluskey       Nathaniel Henry
Antonio Andreu            Joseph Lowrey           Diegto Hernandes       Fran D Pons
Pedro Falany              John A Cavedo           Geo Bartlett           Antonio Deas
John Rose                 Domingo Acosta          Jesse Sanders          Amos Latham
Nath C Scobie             Rob Harrison            G P Pappy              Jno L Villalonga
Michael Usina             Dan Vaughan             Lyman Southwick        Manuel Olivella
David Jones               James V Ogden           Felix Cercopoly        Henry Troutman
George Colee              Gabriel Allen           John J Thompson        Fredrick Hoffmann
W P Scarbox               James C Brice           Oliver T Howard        John Kelly
Ferdinand Lee             Wm White                Luther Randsdale       Wm White
E B Usina                 Charles F Gratjan       David H Rice           Isaac R Hansard
Francis M Medicis         William Holiway         John Conners           James Hurdel
Milton B Wright           F Matthews              Peter Brillie          John W Weiss