Mentioning HARN & Alachua County
Submitted by Ed Harn

Certificate of Inhabitants of Alachua County

We do hereby certify that we are inhabitants of Alachua County in Florida, through 
which the Government Road opened by Mr. Bellamy runs for more than one hundred miles; 
that we have traveled over and seen parts of it frequently and have heard opinions 
of our neighbors; and that we all agree in believing that the work has been executed 
properly and substantially and the road opened in such a manner as be satisfactory to 
the Government.
This certificate is given by us to satisfy the agent superintending the road as to the 
opinions of the people in this part of the country respecting the road. 

William Thomas
James Walker
Solomon Warren
John Warren
Joseph Warren
Reuben Charles
William Harn (spelled Horn)
Henry Harn  (spelled Horn)
Samuel Beasley
Edward Dixon
Lew Williams
Enoch Daniel
Wm Daniel
John Richardson
Lemuel Howard
Abel Lopes
James Long
J. Downs
Theophelaus Williams
John Staford
John G Barrow