Mentioning HARN & Alachua County
Submitted by Ed Harn

To the Register of the Land Office at Newnansville, E. F.
Under the provisions of the Act of Congress approved on the 4th day of August A.D. 1842 entitled "An    
Act to provide for the armed occupation and settlement of the unsettled part of the Peninsula of East 
To All Whom it may concern:
Notice is hereby given that under the provisions of the act of congress above cited,. I, William Harn of 
Alachua County do hereby apply to the Register of the proper Land Office for a Permit to settle upon One 
Hundred and sixty acres of unappropriated public land, lying south of the line dividing townships 
numbered nine and 10 south of the base line, and situated as herein described.
I aver that I am the head of a family and that I became a resident of Florida in the month of January in the 
year Eighteen hundred and twenty four
I aver that the settlement herein intended is not "within two miles of any permanent military post of the 
United States, established and garrisoned at the time of such settlement, and the same is not known or 
believed to interfere with any private claim that has been duly filed with any of the Boards of 
Commissioners, surveyed or unsurveyed, confirmed or unconfirmed. 

The tract is Situated on a hammock in Spring Grove Settlement, about five miles west of the Withlacooche 
bridge, on the road from Fort King to Tampa Bay, and about twelve miles South East of Chucuchattee 
Commencing three outs and four chains due South of the Spring, in the East end of an old field in the edge 
of the hammock, running thence due west one fourth of mile, due north one half mile due east one half mile 
thence South one half mile thence west to the place of beginning.
    Given under my hand this 29th day of October 1842
                                Signed William Harn

William Harn Being a settler in Florida on the 4th of August 1842 and being about to apply to the proper 
authority for the benefit of the Act of Congress approved on the day aforesaid, entitled "an act to provide 
for the armed occupation or settlement of the unsettled part of the Peninsula of East Florida, do hereby 
declare an oath, that I am not the owner of one hundred and sixty acres of land and that the statements 
made in the written application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief
                                               William Harn

Known and subscribed before me a
an acting justice of the Peace for 
Alachua county E Florida this 
19th day of December 1842
                                                Thomas J Prevatt
                                                 Justice of the :Peace

We certify that this__(within?)_is a true copy of the original on file in this office