Mentioning HARN & Alachua County
Submitted by Ed Harn

Memorial to the Secretary of War By Inhabitants of Alachua County.

Alachua County E. Florida 15th March 1829.
To the Hon: Secretary of War, Washington City.
Sir:  The undersigned inhabitants of the County of Alachua, having heard that stron efforts 
are making to prejudice the Government of the US against its agent for Indian affairs in this 
territory.  Col. G. Humphreys, & as we believe with a view to effect his removal from office, in 
order that some interested aspirant may be benefited thereby & not with a single eye to the public 
good- the only motive which the undersigned conceive could justify an attempt like that under 
consideration against a public officer - beg leave to state that an acquaintance of many years 
with Col Humphreys during the time he has been in the discharge of the duties as Indian Agent, 
has enabled us to form a correct estimate of the principles which has governed him in the 
discharge of those duties.  Some of us have narrowly scrutinized his conduct in relation to our 
Indian intercourse because we had heard his policy condemned and his motives aspersed and we 
find it incumbent upon us to say after such scrutiny; that however we may have been at times 
disposed to censure his proceedings, are nevertheless satisfied his course has been correct and his 
policy in the management of our Indian relations judicious, and based upon justice, and having a 
tendency to place their relations upon a footing of permanent friendship; Under these 
circumstances we cannot, but anticipate his removal as an evil to be depreciated and therefore 
beg leave respectfully to request  that it may not take place. We have good reason to believe that 
if the services of Col: Humphreys in his present capacity are continued, the final emigration of 
the Seminole Indians out of our territory  (an event so much to be desired by the Inhabitants of 
this County, Most of whom reside in the immediate vicinity of the Indians) may in a short time 
be effected.  We know that his influence with the Indians has been already to a considerable 
extent successfully exercised upon that subject and it is confidently supposed by us, that if 
suitable encouragement is given to his effort, they will eventually lead to a perfect 
accomplishment of this all important object.  The undersigned do not intend to place themselves 
in the light of champions of Col. Humphreys and must not be so considered, as we are actuated 
in making this commumication solely with a desire to further the cause of Justice and promote 
the public good.

D. C. H. Sims          B. B. Brankenbery       Joseph Loveless          Wm Taratas
John M. Stafford       William Branning        Benjamin Smith           James McFaden
Edw. M. Wanton         Wm. Harn                John M. Morgan Jr        Henry Harn
James Harn             William P. Crum         Tho. Ledwith             H. Bellows
C. Suggs               L. Clay L.  USA         Wiley Brooks             M Severag
Richard R. Crumb       Geo Downs, J.P.         Henry A. Moore           Thomas Brush
Horace Smith           James Edwards           Lewelling Williams       John Dixon
Cornelius Dixon        Daniel Simmons          William Piles            Robert S. Payne
Britton Knight Esq.    Geo Knight              Joseph Warran            Richard Redout
William Hogans         H.S. Hawkins Asst: Surgeon USA
F. D. Newcomb Lt. USA

(This list may not be complete.)