Mentioning HARN & Alachua County
Submitted by Ed Harn

Recommendation of James Gadsden as Governor
January 1832

To the President of the United States

     The subscribers Citizens of Alachua County, East Florida having understood from 
good authority that the Hon. Wm. P. Duval Governor of the Territory of Florida intends 
to resign said appointment, and having full confidence in the ability, integrity and 
qualifications of Col James Gadsden, and believing that his appointment to the office of 
Governor of Florida would give entire satisfaction to the citizens of said Territory, do 
most respectfully and cheerfully recommend him for said appointment.
     Alachua County Fl. Jan 1832

Th Flotard                 R. Russell Waldron               L Price
Ersastus Rogers            David Levy                       Wolcott Downs
Samuel Burnett             E. M. Wanton                     W. Harn
David D. Crum              Henry A Moore                    B. Harn
David Burton               Cha Waldron                      Wm M Reed
Samuel Dunlap              Wiley Daniels                    Geo Knight
Eben Beals                 Ja B. P. Haskins                 Britton Knight
Wm Seratas                 Henry Harn                       S. Ellis
Bonaparte Toscan           Jn Hamilton                      B. M. Dell
Jno H.McIntosh Jun         George Downs                     J. L. Thigpin
J. Swannes                 Wm Persons                       John Warren
Ja. Harn                   Tim Mitten                       John Fleming
Willey Brooks              William Colson                   Simpson Johnson
Tho Colden                 Samuel Burnet                    H. H. Johnson
Ja Warren                  Zack Roberts                     John Hughes
Cotton Rawls               Reuben Charles                   R. R. Tarver
Jesse Stanley              Ja Mattair                       C. W. Cushing
Jn Roberts                 Wm Metair                        Elias Knight
Tho D. Colding             John Patterson                   Archilas Lipsey
Ja Osten                   Maston Bates                     Ja Morgan
A. G. Lopez                Wm Hogans                        G Hagen
David Gillet               Isaac Carter                     Aaron Tyson
John W. Lowe               Ransom Cozan                     Abr Colson Jr
Elijah Colson              Wm Spires                        Geo Meclieden
Wm Sparkman                William W. Piles                 Wm H. Ward
Wm Woods                   Jesse Crofford                   John Stanley
Simeon Dell                David Mizell                     William Crum
James Neblick              Ezekiel Ogden                    John Carr
L  Sparkman                Charles Wolf                     Giles Ellis
Tho Wells                  Ja McFaden                       Asa Clark.