Mentioning HARN & Alachua County
Submitted by Ed Harn

Petition to the President by Citizens of Alachua County
January 1832

To the President of the United States
    The Subscribers Citizens of Alachua County Respectfully represent that the present 
situation of the county and its inhabitants induce them to request that a Company of U.S 
Troops may be ordered from Cantonment Brooke Tampa Bay or some other station to 
Camp King near the Seminole Indian Agency & to suggest as reasons therefore that there 
are a much larger proportion of slaves than white persons owned by the citizens within 30 
miles of the Northern Boundary of the Seminole Indian Nation and more than 1600 
Indian Warriors and 1100 slaves belonging to the Indians many of whom are traversing 
the County night and day.
    That the two Companies stationed at Cantonment Brooke Tampa Bay are over 100 
miles distant from the Seminole Agency & at too great a distance to render any assistance 
in case of emergency.
    The subscribers would also respectfully suggest that the troops could not only be 
advantageously employed in opening or repairing the roads passing through the lands of 
the United States but would be considered a great safeguard and protection to the  
Citizens of the County thereby inducing many to prchase and settle on the public lands  
increasing the value of the land.
    All of which is respectfully submitted
Alachua County East Florida, January 1832

Jno H. McIntosh Jun         S. Price              Cha Waldron              Wm. Piles
Geo Downs                   J. Lanier             R. R. Tarver             S. Johnson
David Levy                  H. A. Moore           S. Beekham               Tho Harn
Cha W. Cushing              Ja Harn               B Toscan                 J. G. Tyner
W. Downs                    W. Strickland         Jn Hamilton              Jessee Crawford
Jas Edwards                 Sam Mitten            Wm Persons               John Hany
W.  W.  Reed                John Haulk            R Russell Waldron        Giles Ellis
J Verhain                   Anthony Ivy           E. M. Wanton             J Martin
G Priest                    J Suanee              Wm Crum                  E. Bird
Geo Knight                  Jonas Ellis           Jn Warren                J  Goss
J Hughes                    W. Wood               W Spires                 W Williamson
Tho Calden                  Tho Leadwith          Cotton Rawls             Wm Pinnar
Ezekiel Ogden               James Pinnar          Ja McFaden               D. Mizelle
Willm Parsons               Cha J. Duvell