Real People Real History
A Moment in the life of
John H. McIntosh Jr.

Whereas Darrel Bell has described this as "History according to Jim", we will leave it at that for now.  So take note, this is bits and pieces of our past, cut and pasted into this History.  Feel free to correct me or add to this work in progress, that we call History.
This moment in the life of John H. McIntosh comes to you from the pages of Alachua County Ancient Record Book/Deed Book B
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Ancient Record Book
Book B
Page 43-44

Territory of Florida
Alachua County
                                Whereas my father John H. McIntosh of Camden County Georgia did deliver to me in this Territory in the month of January Eighteen Hundred & Twenty Seven three Coloured female Slave Children, all of them sisters called Bella who is about Ten years of age, Maria, who is now about Eight years of age & the other who is called Sue who is now between six & seven years old, for the express & sole purpose and intention of having them emancipated & manumitted with their issue forever according to the laws of said Territory, and whereas I did declare & consider them, Emancipated and manumitted & their issue forever to all intents and purposes Though I did not at that time execute any instrument of writing to that effect and which might have been of record.  Now Know all men By these presents that I John H. McIntosh Jr of Florida for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to me in hand paid the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, hath agreed and declared to manumit & Emancipate & by these presents do agree and declared that the said three Coloured female Slave Children with their issue forever are manumitted and Emancipated.  And I for myself my heirs executors and administrators will warrant and defend the manumission and emancipation of the said Children & their issue forever against any person or persons whatsoever
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal in Florida this 11th day of October Eighteen hundred & thirty three
Signed & Sealed                                        Jno. H. McIntosh Jun’r (L.S.)
in presence of
 G. Humphreys

Recorded this Eleventh day of October AD 1833
                                                                Geo Center C.A.C.C.

Transcribed by Jim Powell Jr
J.K. “Buddy” Irby

In a time in Florida when the value of Slaves far exceeded any other "possession" this, in my opinion, was an execeptional act.   Does anyone have any further information on John H. McIntosh Jr.?

Jim Powell Jr.

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