Real People Real History
A Moment in the life of
Chief Micanopa
Whereas Darrel Bell has described this as "History according to Jim", we will leave it at that for now.  So take note, this is bits and pieces of our past, cut and pasted into this History.  Feel free to correct me or add to this work in progress, that we call History.

This moment in the life of Chief Micanopa comes to you from the pages of Alachua County Ancient Records Deed Book B
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I found this interesting deed, does anyone know the rest of the story?

Ancient Record Book
Book B
Page 76

       Know all men by these presents that I Micanopy Chief of the Seminole tribe of Indians in the Territory of Florida for and in consideration of One Hundred & forty dollars to me in hand paid before the sealing of these presents the receipt whereof I hereby acknowledge have bargained sold and conveyed and by these presents do bargain sell and convey to John Paine and Susan Paine wife of the said John Paine a certain Negro girl named Catherine daughter of the said John and Susan Paine born in the month of March 1829.  The condition of this conveyance is that the said John Paine is to exercise the right of Parent and guardian over the said Catherine until the age of Twenty One Years when the said Catherine is by these presents to free.  And I the said Micanopa aforesaid do hereby warrant this my said conveyance to be good, and engage to defend the said John from all claims to said Catherine whatsoever during and after her minority.  Given under my hand and seal this sixth day of May 1834
   done in presence of                                                                                his
 Augustus Steele                                                                     Micanopa   x   Chief
 Judge of the County Court Hillsborough Co                                          mark

The within conveyance witnessed also by us at Fort King this 6th day of May 1834
                                                                                            William M. Graham
                                                                                            Capt. ** Infantry
                                                                                            Osucher  x   Speaker to Micanopa
                                                                                             Jumper  x   Orator to Micanopa
Personally came before me Augustus Steele Judge of the County Court for the County of Hillsborough Florida William M. Graham Esq’r Captain commanding at Fort King who being sworn saith that he witnessed the signing and delivery of the within deed of gift & conveyance
 Sworn before me                                                                               William M. Graham
 Augustus Steele
 Judge of the County Court
 Hillsborough County

Recorded this Ninth day May 1834      Geo Center Clerk
                                                                         Alachua C C

Transcribed by Jim Powell Jr
J.K. “Buddy” Irby

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