Pension Documentation
Alfred L. Hodge

NOTE: These documents do not present a pretty picture of my great great grandfather Alfred L. Hodge, but we have to take what we find in the records.  There is quite a bit of genealogical information included in these documents, so try not to judge them too harshly.       Jim Powell Jr. 
We believe Alfred Hodge was born 13 June 1859 in Alachua County, FL.  He married Civil Fowler 2 February 1881 in Alachua County.  In December 1928, he applied for a pension for service in Captain Underwood's Home Guard.  This pension was approved.  Sometime around October 1930, there began to be testimony that he was not entitled to the pension.   In February 1931 he made testimony that he was entitled to the pension and made application to retain his pension.  He pension was shortly thereafter canceled.  Alfred died 16 November 1937 and Civil applied for a widow's pension on December 29, 1937.  Believe it or not, it was approved.
The scanned images of most of the documents in this pension file are online at the links below.

Alfred Hodge's First Pension Claim (Form A) and Report of County Commissioners
Affidavits (Forms D through F)
Letter that started Investigation of Alfred Hodge's Pension
Affidavit by Aaron Fowler against Alfred Hodge's Claim
Pension Document listing many Gilchrist County names
Affidavit by W. C. Lindsey against Alfred Hodge's Claim
Affidavit by Mary Jane Colson for Alfred Hodge's Claim
Affidavit by Wiley Hines for Alfred Hodge's Claim
Alfred Hodge's Second Pension Claim Form
Report on Investigation of Alfred Hodge's Pension Claim
Civil Hodge's Widow's Pension Claim Form 

Pension Documentation from Florida Archives / Submitted by Jim and Debbie Powell
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