Geneva's Cemeteries  

Geneva Cemetery

This cemetery is located at the end of Cemetery Road in Geneva on land donated by Progor Debogory.  Progor Debogory was the head of one of the Russian families who settled in Geneva in the late 1800's.  He donated land for the cemetery, a church, and a school for the residents of Geneva in 1880.  In early writings he is referred to as a nobleman.  The land was deeded to the original trustees who were Daniel C. Hart, J. J. Higginbotham, and J. Prevatt and to their successors.  The  First Baptist Church of Geneva, at that time called Lake Harney Baptist Church, was built in 1880 at the west end of the cemetery.  The one-room log schoolhouse was completed shortly thereafter.

In 1952, when the Geneva Historical and Genealogical Society was formed, one of their goals was to fence in the cemetery.  When Mrs. Ward, a former President of the Society, was asked about the fence, she said, "You're probably wondering why fence the cemetery?  Around World War II, fox hunters came into the area.  The foxhunters rode right through the cemetery toppling headstones and just making a terrible muddle.  We asked them to stop, but they kept on doing it.  Thus we had to put up the fence."

The burials, dates, and grave locations in the Geneva Cemetery up to January 3, 2013 can be found here > >  Geneva Cemetery.  A book  located in the Museum of Geneva History  contains a map of the cemetery, grave locations,  birth and death dates, and veteran status.   

There are 17 Civil War soldiers buried in the Geneva Cemetery.  Fifteen (15) of these soldiers served in the Confederacy and two (2) served in the Union.  More information on these soldiers can be found here >  Civil War Soldiers in the Geneva Cemetery

Stewart Memorial Grounds

Land for Stewart Memorial Grounds was donated by the Stewart's, the first African-American family to settle in Geneva.  They also donated a lot on which to build a church and became one of the founders and first members of the New Bethel A.M.E. Church.  Stewart Memorial Grounds is cared for by volunteers in the community and is located on Little Fawn Lane in Geneva.

The burials, dates, and site locations in the cemetery can be found here  >  Look under Seminole County.  A book located in the Museum of Geneva History  contains a map of the cemetery, grave locations, birth and death dates, and veteran status.  

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