Fort Lane Park Clean-Up


November 20, 2017

To Historical Society Members and Community Members, 

Busy day at the park. Tree removed from the pavilion, all of the "Widow Makers" down and cut up, the big oak is cut up, the driveway to the pavilion is cleared, and the trunk of the oak that was standing after Hurricane Matthew is down and cut up. Will evaluate the pines that are slightly leaning tomorrow (ran out of daylight). Dan Shaw and his Bobcat helped out today. Still a lot to do. 

I would like to have a Park Clean-up Day this Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017, if I can get enough volunteers. Will need to bring rakes, pitchforks, wheel barrels, gloves, and saws. Dan will have his Bobcat, dump trailer and tractor. I need someone to head up the ground crew. I will be working with Dan as safety officer for the Bobcat. We would start around 9 AM. 

Please let me know if you can make it. If we don't get enough volunteers, we'll postpone. Cynthia would you compile a list of volunteers that sign up for Saturday and keep a attendance log on Saturday? They will be recognized in the Historical Society's newsletter. Bob Bailey (Bailey Construction) will be handling the pavilion repairs at a later date. Bob Hughes is going to try to use the pine trees to make lumber for the repairs to the pavilion. 

Dave "Tank" McDonald - (407) 349-9876,