Community Church of God

In 1970, Pastor and Mrs. Crabtree moved to the Geneva area and after visiting all of the churches in the area, decided to start Sunday School in their home as they felt there was still a void in the community.  When the Geneva Community Center became available, the Church moved there, using the facility for the Church of God for 10 years.  At one time there were nearly 25 immigrant workers attending the church and Pastor Crabtree preached and taught in Spanish.

The Church of God (Universal) was incorporated in 1978.  With the policy of cooperation with the other churches in Geneva, there were joint attempts to reach the unchurched.  Soon children began bringing their parents and others.

With money first given by Tommy McClain and the donations of the last Sunday each month, a building fund was begun.  When the building fund reached $15,000, 3-acre lots at SR 46 and Cochran Rd. became available.  It was discovered that the land had belonged to the Banks family and Eddie Banks was instrumental in taking care of the purchase process.

                    In 1990, the building fund was large enough to begin the educational unit from the larger site plan.  As of the year 2000, the educational unit is still being used as the chapel, but plans are underway for a larger sanctuary and multi-purpose building.

Vacation Bible School became Bible Camp as the Church used Fort Lane Park each year for a week. Mornings were for the children/youth Bible School but the evenings were set aside for the different singing groups and talented adults to shine.  The Clown Ministry of the First Baptist Church ministered to the youth.

The church motto: "For a divided world, we need a united church. No formal membership; no condemning; only forgiving.  Every genuine Christian is a member of Godís Church. All earthly books will burn up, but not Godís. "

Don Crabtree, as pastor for 22 years, saw many other pastors come and go Ė each pastor and church adding invaluable contributions to the Community.  Each effort to make the community more like a family has the blessings needed by the people of Geneva.  The Community Churchís goals are for more joint programs for a better community.


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