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The items below support the Society, Museum, and Ft. Lane Park and are available for the suggested donation.  They can be obtained  in the museum on the second and fourth Sundays of the month from  2:00 - 4:00 PM, at Society events, or by writing MJ Martin,  PO Box 1188, Geneva FL, 32732  (email  [Shipping and handling is $4.00 per item unless stated differently.]


The Story of Fort Lane - 2nd Seminole War  - ($12 donation)

Our newest book contains the story of the 2nd Seminole War in Central Florida; the history of Fort Lane through Post Dispatches by General Jesup at Fort Lane, the Headquarters of the Army of the South; Post Dispatches; and an actual Lieutenant's letter to his mother from the Fort. 


The Making of a Village - A History of Geneva, Florida - ($18 donation) 

The book is 8 1/2 x 11, spiral bound, with plastic front and back covers for protection. The book has 124 pages, 13 old maps, over 85 photos, and an index. It traces the Geneva area from its earliest inhabitants, through the early settlement era, to its “heyday” and beyond.  Bill Belleville, author of the books - River of Lakes: A Journey on Florida’s St. Johns River and Losing It All to Sprawl, wrote the preface for our book.  He stated, “Most of all we learn how a distinct 'sense of place' comes to be - - - and why the people who live in this very special village today are so proud of calling Geneva, Florida their home.”  The Martins guarantee that the book would make a wonderful gift for newcomers to Geneva, for old-timers who want to "remember when", and for anyone interested in Florida history.  If you wish the book mailed, the postage and envelope would cost $4 per book.


wpe1.jpg (50598 bytes)A Place Called Geneva - History in Photographs - ($12 donation)

This spiral-bound book has 92 pages of photographs from Geneva's past, collected from Geneva's old  families and also found in our museum and library records.  It contains photos of people, transportation, houses, community buildings, churches, lakes and rivers, etc. - a real treasure, complete with an index of people and places. 


Walking / Driving Tour - ($2.00 donation)

The Geneva Historical Society has published a new Historic Walking/Driving Tour of "downtown" Geneva for you to try out.  3 pages with color map on back.  (Postage is .63) 


 Geneva & the Lincoln Conspiracy - ($12 donation)wpe1.jpg (44539 bytes)

This book contains the story of Lewis Thornton Powell, alias Lewis Paine, whose skull is buried in the Geneva Cemetery at the foot of his mother's grave.  His role in the Lincoln Conspiracy was to kill Secretary of State Seward while Booth was shooting Lincoln.  The contents cover Powell as a person, the deed, trial (including his lengthy defense), execution, and the remains - the mystery of the location of the "rest of the body" has now been solved. 


Geneva & Fort Lane T-Shirts   

Our Geneva T-shirts have the Ft Lane Walking Tree on them and they come in indigo blue or charcoal and in all sizes Sm to XXXL.   We also have new colors - military green and maroon in all sizes.  The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk.   Sm to XL shirts are $15 and XXL-XXXL are $18.

Our Fort Lane T-shirts have the same "Walking Tree" but say "Fort Lane".  They come in bright blue and antique cherry red. All of the shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk.   Sm to XL shirts are $15 and XXL-XXXL are $18.


Press City - ($8.00 donation)  wpe1.jpg (40515 bytes)

In 1925, Congressman Charles D. Haines made a million dollar gift of Geneva land to the International Press Foundation with the purpose of establishing a home and place of recreation for members of the Press. “Press City” was to house a community center, museum, library, a convention center with a 10,000-seat auditorium, a modern hospital, a sanitarium, a theatre, a radio station and a Union railway station. The surrounding lakes were to be named after great newspapermen.  Land was purchased for the beautiful and daring dream but was fated to always be just a dream.  Read all about it in Press City book which is for sale at the Museum.


Removal of the Thrift Family to Geneva Treasure Land - ($8 donation)wpe3.jpg (64957 bytes)

This book is a reproduction of a 1912 brochure distributed "up north" by the East Sanford Land League to advertise and sell land in Geneva.  33 pages, including photos, maps, and explanations in old-fashioned terms telling "where they are building glorious gardens and golden groves".  The company was selling 4000 acres in 10-acre lots for farming for the thrift-minded family - $40/acre, $3 down, $1 per month, with 4% interest being paid on the money the buyer had put into the purchase of the land.  A great find and a priceless read!


The Religious Heritage of Geneva, Florida - ($10 donation)

The book contains the story of Geneva's religious heritage, containing history and old photos of Geneva's eight churches (seven of which still have active congregations today).  They are the First Baptist Church of Geneva, Geneva First United Methodist Church, Snow Hill MB Church, New Bethel AME Church, Oak Grove MB Church, Geneva Church of Christ, Hillcrest Baptist Church, Community Church of God, and Church of the Nazarene.  


Steamboat Days of Geneva Florida (Traveling on the St. Johns from Lake Monroe south to Lake Washington)   ($10.00 donation)

This 8 1/2 X 11 book was compiled by Mal Martin.  It begins with a short history of the St. Johns River and steamboating, and then it takes you on a trip down the St. Johns from Lake Monroe to Lake Washington with maps, photos and little tidbits of information.  We quote writer and publisher Sidney Lanier, "Yet we can do no better than simply look back on those early days with sad nostalgia."  8 X 11, plastic comb bound.


Russian Immigrants in Geneva, Florida - 1877   An Autobiography by Leo Michael Rehbinder. ($10 donation)  wpe3.jpg (28818 bytes)

Michael and Anna Rehbinder of St. Petersburg, Russia settled in Geneva, Florida in 1877. They were of aristocratic families in Russia and were unprepared for the Geneva wilderness, however they survived.  This 95 page book is the autobiography of their son, Leo Michael Rehbinder - the life of a boy growing up in a Russian family in Geneva at the turn of the 20th century; dealing with the hardships of orange freezes, depression, mental illness; teaching school in the rural communities of Florida; working the new Florida railroads; etc.  5 x 7, plastic comb bound.


Reflections - A book of memories of growing up and living in Geneva in days gone by.  2005.  ($8.00 donation.)

These wonderful memories were written by the following Geneva residents: Kitty Wells Sieg Culpepper Allen, Anna Rehbinder, Kate Flynt Kilbee, Altamease Stewart McKenzie, Elizabeth F. Mathieux, Jeanetta Sheldon White, Eleanore Marshall, Lois Grant, McKinney, Annie Peters Wagnon, Henry B. Jones, the Sieg-Culpepper Nuptials, Marion Taylor Allen, Isabel Greer, Leo Michael Rehbinder and Ben Wheeler.  You can learn a lot about Geneva history and its people in these enjoyable writings.  5 x 7, plastic comb bound.


Pen and Ink Prints - ($15 donation)                           

The Geneva Historical Society commissioned a series of pen and ink drawings of historic Village of Geneva sites.  The artist is Japanese artist, Amiko Kikuchi Martin.  The prints are of the Geneva Train Depot, the historic 1926 Geneva Schoolhouse, the Flynt-Rehbinder Store, the Geneva Community Center, the Geneva Grocery and Feed, 3 Geneva Churches (Methodist, Baptist, AME), and the Pattishall/ Logan Store.   The unframed prints include an Artist's Biography and history of the building(s).  If you wish a print(s) mailed to you, the postage and mailing tube is $7.00.


Watercolor Prints - ($25 donation)

Local artist Valerie Thomas has given us rights to beautiful watercolor print that she painted.   The beautiful colored prints are of a Citrus Grove along CR 426.  Each unframed print includes the artist's biography and history of the location.  If you wish a print(s) mailed to you, the postage and mailing tube cost is $7.00.


Geneva License Plate - ($15 donation)

The attractive Geneva license/vanity plate has two of Geneva's famous Sandhill Cranes and the wording "Geneva, Florida" on it.  It is made of sun-resistant aluminum with holes for mounting.  Put it on your car to show that you are proud to be from the Village of Geneva.


Geneva Cap - 1 size with adjustable strap - ($12 donation)

One of our best selling items is the classy Village of Geneva Cap. This cap is a five-panel pre-washed tan canvas hat with a blue bill and Village of Geneva logo - complete with our famous Geneva sandhill cranes.  It is size adjustable. 


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