Geneva History   


An Old Time Florida Cracker Christmas

Geneva's Turpentine Industry


How Geneva Got Its Name


Church Histories

Naming Lake Harney

Fort Lane Park

School Histories

Geneva's Rural Heritage

Geneva's Tie to the Lincoln Conspiracy

Lewis Thornton Powell; Hero or Criminal by T. J. Waller

           Stores in Early Geneva           


          Memories of Osceola (town and mill)

           Civil War Soldiers in Our Cemetery


          Osceola Naval Outer Landing Field            Three Extinct Towns in the Geneva Area

          E.T. Summersill Engine 



New  -  Walking/Driving Tour of Historic Geneva and Map  (You need both)  




*  Check out the Seminole County's Lakes and Rivers project for which our Museum provided information and photos.  JP Ritchie of Geneva was interviewed about growing up and fishing on Lake Harney.  Read his interview  Also Tommy Summersill was interviewed about growing up on Lake Geneva.  Read his interview

"Beyond City Limits"  (HGTV's History of Unincorporated Seminole County - scroll down to the title "Beyond City Limits".)

*  Florida African-American Heritage - 


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