Death and obit notices from The Southern Christian Advocate 1867-1878

February 22, 1867
Mrs. E. M. Pharr was born in Baldwin county, Ga., 1842, and died at her mother's residence, Mrs. Winifred West, Feb. 1st, 1867. She joined the Baptist Church in 1859, was married to Rev. T. A. Pharr, of the Georgia Conference, Oct. 28th 1862, and joined the Methodist Church in Clinton in 1863.
March 15, 1867
Miss Mary S. Whitaker, daughter of Samuel S. Whitaker, died in Baldwin county, Ga., Jan. 18th 1867, in the 20th year of her age.
June 7, 1871
Mrs. Mary D. Pitts, wife of Dr. J. W. Pitts of Columbus, Ga., departed this life May 9th 1871. She was the daughter of Gideon and Mary M. Johnson, formerly of Baldwin, but more recently of Monroe county, Ga., where she was raised, educated and married. She was born March 5th 1823, and married Dec. 5th 1843. She was the mother of six children, all of whom survive her.
January 10, 1872
In Baldwin county on the 28th inst., in her eighty-second year, Elizabeth G. B., wife of Rev. Tilman Snead and daughter of the late Robert B. and Elizabeth Washington.
January 31, 1872
Mrs. Elizabeth G. B., wife of Rev. Tilman Snead and daughter of Robert D. and Elizabeth Washington, was born in Edgefield District, South Carolina, May 19th 1799 and died in Baldwin county, Georgia, on the 28th December 1871. Her father moved in 1791 to Washington, Wilkes county, Georgia, where she resided until her marriage, June 15th 1818. He husband was an itinerant Methodist preacher. Thos. H. Stewart
April 17, 1872
Mrs. Julia T., wife of J. W. Vinson, and daughter of Col. Thos. N. and Mrs. A. C. Beall (now Mrs. Pou), died at her residence in Baldwin county, March 19th 1872, in the 32d year of her age.
May 8, 1872
Sister Elizabeth Wood Robinson was born in North Carolina, November 18th 1799, and died near Greenwood, Jackson county, Fla., March 10th 1872. The family moved in her early life to Baldwin county, Ga., where she grew up. Forty-six years ago she was united in marriage to Alexander Robinson.
June 12, 1872
Mrs. Martha C. Walker, relict of Thos. D. Walker, was born in Baldwin county, Ga., Jan. 13th 1802 and died at Longstreet, Pulaski county, March 27th 1872.
July 10, 1872
James M. Gumm was born in Baldwin county, Georgia, 11th December 1809... died the second day of this month in Baldwin county. A. J. Butts
July 31, 1872
Samuel J. McLain was born February 24, 1824[?], in Baldwin [sic] county, N. C., and came to Georgia with his parents in 1827, died in Miller county, Ga., April 8, 1872. P. L. Mize
November 6, 1872
Mrs. Nancy Myrick died at her residence in Bibb county, Ga., Oct. 19th 1872, in the 75th year of her age. Her maiden name was Flewellyn and she was the last of her generation. In her 20th year she became the wife of Dr. James Myrick, and with her husband, left her father's house in Baldwin county for the house where she ended her useful life.
January 15, 1873
Mrs. Martha Beckham, widow of James Beckham, Sr., deceased, died at her residence near Zebulon, Pike county, Ga., on Dec. 3, 1872. She was a daughter of Joseph Carson, was born in Wilkes or Washington County, Ga., Dec. 21st, 1791, was married to James Beckham at the home of her uncle, David Carson, in Baldwin County, June 27th 1811. J. J. Caldwell
January 29, 1873
Mrs. Elizabeth Anthony Corley died in Bienville Parish, Louisiana, Dec. 20th 1872, in the seventieth year of her age. She was born in Baldwin county, Ga., May 30th 1803 and was married to Owen Harvey Myrick, Oct. 15th 1820. He died, leaving her with a family of five small children. She married a second time, and leaves an one living daughter from this marriage. She now quietly sleeps at Mount Clam in Bienville Parish, Louisiana, whither she moved twenty-one years ago, with all her family except the writer of this notice. D. J. Myrick
April 2, 1873
Mrs. Eliza Dixon Baldwin was born in Autauga county, Ala., March 20, 1844, and died in Merriwether county, Ga., February 23, 1873. In childhood, death deprived her of her parents. Her aunt, Mrs. E. B. Bell, became her foster-mother. She was married to Mr. A. M. Baldwin, whom, with four children are left to mourn.
August 20, 1873
My mother, Mrs. Sarah Miers, died at Cotton Valley, Macon county, Ala., July 27, 1873. She was the daughter of Henry and Priscilla Densler, deceased, formerly of Baldwin, Ga., and sister of the late Rev. Thos. L. Densler, of the Alabama Conference, and Dr. Henry L. Densler, of Burnsville, Ala. She was born January 14, 1813, married to my father, William Wild in 1831; and to her surviving husband, Mr. Joseph J. Miers, November 22, 1830. W. H. Wild
September 24, 1873
Charles Thomas Bayne, the first born of John and Nancy Bayne, was born in Baldwin county, Ga., January 18th 1834. In 1864, he was wedded to Miss Sophronia Smith of Washington county, Ga. He died 25th August 1873.
December 17, 1873
William C. Redding was born in Washington county, Ga., July 30th 1795. He moved to Baldwin county with his parents when nine or ten years of age, where he lived until grown. in the fall of 1821 he was married to Miss Margaret E. Flewellen, of Baldwin county. He moved to Monroe county in 1823. He died at his old homestead in Monroe county, 6th of Nov. 1873. J. J. Singleton
April 8, 1874
Col. Anderson W. Redding was born January 31st 1800 in Washington county, Ga., and died February 13th 1874. He was reared in Baldwin, which was then a frontier county. He represented Monroe and Harris counties in the legislature. He was first married in 1826 and became the father of thirteen children, only four of whom survive him. His first wife died in 1850 and he married a Mrs. Smith in 1854. She died in 1864, and the same year he married Mrs. Jane Rutledge of Harris county, who still survives him. Robert L. Wiggins
September 30, 1874
Mrs. Mary G. Bonner was born in Baldwin county, Ga., Sept. 28th 1834, and died Aug. 26th 1874.
October 7, 1874
Mrs. Attie Thomas, youngest daughter of Dr. A. C. C. Thompson, and wife of Dr. W. A. Thomas, died on the 18th Sept., at Sevens' Pottery, Baldwin county, Ga., after a short illness. She was born in Maryland, Dec. 28th 1847, moved to Georgia at five years old.
October 7, 1874
My mother, Mrs. Penelope Moreland, was born Oct. 30, 1796, and died Aug. 12, 1874, at the residence of her son-in-law, Wm. S. Barnett, in Grantville, Coweta county, Ga. Her maiden name was ousley. When she was quite young, her parents removed from Baldwin to Jones county, and both died early, leaving her and one brother, the late Rev. Newdaygate Ousley, orphans. She was married to the Rev. Isaac T. Moreland, a local Methodist preacher, in 1814. My father died in Jones county in 1846, soon after which time my mother removed to Coweta county, and lived as a widow for nearly twenty-eight years. She was the mother of twelve children, eight of whom survive her, and seven out of the eight were present to witness her death. John F. Moreland
October 14, 1874
Mrs. Winnifred West was born near Newbern, N. C., in 1810. About 1828 she came to Baldwin county, Ga., where she died September 20th 1874. A. J. Jarrell
June 9, 1875
Wm. A. Cook was born in Hancock county, Ga., March 7th 1820 and died in Baldwin county, Ga., April 13th 1875. He was the son of Nathan and Lourenna Cook. W. W. Wadsworth
July 7, 1875
Rev. Tilman Snead was born in Wilkes county, Ga., May 11th 1786; died in Baldwin county, Ga., May 3d, 1875. He served his country in the war of 1812. He joined the Methodist Episcopal Church at Bethel, Bush River circuit, South Carolina Conference. In 1818 he was married in Wilkes county, Ga., to Miss Elizabeth G. B. Washington, who preceded him to the grave in December 1871.
December 22-29, 1875
Levi Ezell was born in Lancaster District, S. C., April 27th 1801, and died in Houston county, Ga., November 20th 1875. Early in life he moved to Twiggs county, Ga., where he married his first wife, Miss Sarah Roach, in 1832. He was married the second time to Miss Pamelia Hall, of Baldwin county, Ga., in 1842. W. F. Robison
January 22, 1878
John Holton was born in Houston county, Ga., June 1, 1842; moved to Mitchell county in 1852; was married to Miss Andrews, of Baldwin county, September 1871; died December 3, 1877. He leaves a wife and several small children.



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