Banks County, Georgia


Organized 1796 by John Newton.


Founding members:


James Ramsey

James McCarter

Anthony Story

Major Edward Story

William Thomas

Richard Woods

Robert Mercer

William McCracken

Davic Clark

Benjamin Love

Berry Battles

_____ Trimble

William Robinson

Andrew Caruthers

James Caruthers

Richard Kain

Colonel James Little

Thomas Story

William Little

James H. Esq.


*Note-The wife of William Thomas was Nancy Caruthers, sister of Andrew and James Caruthers.  The Caruthers brothers, as well as William Thomas, were from North Carolina, and had been Revulolutionary Soldiers.  A few years after their settlement at Hebron, Andrew and James Caruthers moved to Tennessee, where Andrew joined the Baptist Church and became a Preacher.

Source: Hebron and It's People by Rev. Groves H. Cartledge


Pastors and Students of Hebron Presbyterian Church


Thomas Newton                      1799-1817 (Brother of John Newton)

John Harrison (Supply)             1819-1823

David Humphries                  1823-1825

David Hazelit                      1825-1829

Robert McAlpine (Supply)        1830-1834

H. C. Carter                        1835

James C. Freeman            1836-1841

Henry Newton                      1845-1851

Groves H. Cartledge           1852-1899

W. L. Barber                       1899-1906

J. D. McPhail (Supply)             1911-1914

I. W. Waddell                     1914-1922

W. E. Crane (Supply)             1924

J. C. Blackburn                   1925-1927

Willie H. Dendy (Supply)        1927

Walter H. Arnold                       1927-1928

Burns Gibbs (Supply)             1928

Harry R. Foster                        1929-1943


Elders of the Church


John McEntire                     1796-

Samuel McKie                        1796-

Thomas Mayes                        1796-

William Fleming                     1796

John Mayes

James H. Glasure

James S. Alexander

John M. Alexander

William F. Neal

Archibald McDonald

John E. Caldwell                     1848

William B. Burns                

Pierce C. Key                   1854-

Daniel Gill Candler              1854-

Lindley A. Baker                 1858-

Walter Carson                       1859-

James M. Mayes                        1859-

Franklin S. Smith                        1866-

Sumner J. Smith                        1866-

David W. McWhorter          1866-

Joseph W. Cartledge           1866-

James A. Hall

David P. Freeman           

Crawford H. Little        

T. A. Mayes                        1875-

George L. Carson                       1877-

James D. Martin                        1877-

J. H. Cartledge

David Mitchell Burns

David P. Carson

Thomas M. Henley

E. C. Carson

M. M. Echols

John Irenus Turk

P. N. Little                         1934-

William E. Carson

J. R. Brewer

Arthur Little                 1922

Hoyt Little                          1922-

Omar Bellamy                     1922-


Historical Notes on Hebron Presbyterian Church


Memorial Plaque

"First Grave in This Cemetery

E. McWhorter Ash

Born November 20, 1802

Infant Son of

William and J. (Jane) Fleming Ash.


Erected by the children of the late Gabriel S. and Alice Key Martin. 1967"


There are two cemeteries, the oldest contains the family  of James McCarter.  It is located near the orginal log church site established in 1796.


The first Sunday School in North Georgia was organized in 1819 at Hebron Presbyterian Church by Reverend John Harrison.  There were classes for white and black participants and many slaves were taught to read and write.  This practice continued until it was halted by the Georgia Legislature prior to the War Between the States.


Hebron Presbyterian Church is listed on the American Presbyterian/Reformed Historical Sites Registry by the Presbyterian Historical Society.  All sites considered for the Registry are historically authenticated to the satisfaction of the respectives Presbytery/Classes and of the Historical Sites Commitee of the Historical Society.  These sites are unique and related to important events, institutions, and personalities in American Presbyterian/Reformed history.






Source: Presbyterian and Reformed Church, Historical Foundation, Montreat, North Carolina


Copyright 2004 by Jacqueline King