Office Of




C. A. Meeks, Clerk


HOMER, GA. April 28 1909


Mr. W. F. Morris, Sr.

Maysville Ga. R 1


Dear Gab,


I thought when I left the office this evening that I would be back shortly; but Mr. Alexander and I had commenced to establish some lines and corners to my lot and I clearly forgot you until just before sundown.  I am very sorry but I can't help it now.


Jack Turk has been ditching my lot for a long time and I have decided to stop it.


I had the processioners here Monday and they and Luke and Mr. Alex had a great time.  Made new lines, on longer ones on shorter ones everywhere and quit.


I am sending you your note.  Good Luck to you.


Your friend,


signed C. A. Meeks


Source: Personal papers of William F. Morris


Copyright 2004 by Jacqueline King