Located at the intersection of Ga. Hwy. 51 and Georgia Hwy. 323  Banks County, Georgia


Organized in 1886 by Rev. Ford Gowder, who though blind, was a fervent and forceful religious leader.  George James Brooks gave the land in July 1889 on which Mount Carmel Baptist Church was built.   Miss Atlanta M. Brooks gave a plot of land for the cemetery in 1907.




Ford Gowder              1886-1899

W. L. Barrett               1899-1916

S. A. Pless                 1916-1917

G. W. Wallace             1917-1919

S. A. Pless                 1919-1929

G. W. Wallace             1921-1923

N. T. Lancaster           1923-1924

W. M. Slaton               1924-1928

C. W. Davis         1928-1928

W. F. Scales               1928-1936

S. A. Pless                 1936-1942

J. Robert Martin                1942-1944

Ed. L. Aiken         1944-1947

Chalmus H. Jordan        1947-1950

Hubert W. Samples        1950-1956

J. W. Morris                1956-1957




Mell C. Meeks                1916

M. H. Chambers           1916-1918

Mell C. Meeks                1918-1923

Carl C. Adamson            1923-1924

A. G. Westmoreland   1924-1930

Mell C. Meeks                1930-1932

Clarence E. Hope         1932-1933

Frank Morris                1933-1937

W. E. Gowder              1937-1941

Mell C. Meeks                1941-1950

W. E. Gowder              1950-1953

Luther C. Jordan               1953-1954

Oscar Chapman           1954-1955

A. G. Welborn             1955-1956

Mell C. Meeks                1956-1959

Sam Chitwood           1959-1963



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