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Berrien County, was created February 25, 1856 from Lowndes, Irwin, and Coffee counties.  Berrien County was named for John MacPherson Berrien, U. S. Senator from Georgia and Attorney General under Andrew Jackson.   The Seat of Berrien County Government is Nashville.

Cities and Towns are:    
Alapaha, Enigma,  Nashville, and Ray City.


Created February 25, 1856, and named for John MacPherson Berrien is born, Rocky Hill, N. J., August 23, 1781 - died January 1, 1856, Savannah., GA.

He graduated from Princeton, and studied law in Savannah before prior to being admitted to the bar in Louisville, Georgia.

As a politician, he favored states rights, though he was careful not to step
on the toes of Andrew Jackson, who was not for states rights, and had the power to help with the white settlers and the Indian residents of Georgia.

Berrien County had one of the state's earliest post roads, the Coffee Road. It was opened in 1823 to channel settlers' crops to Florida.  The county is known as the "Bell Pepper Capital of the World".

Nashville, site of the county seat, was named for  for General Francis Nash of North Carolina, a distinguished soldier of the Revolutionary War.

The Alapaha River, which flows through Berrien County, was named by Creek Indians who once lived there, means "smiling sunshine" or "laughing water".




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