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Ethel M. Bacon 10-25-1947 8-27-1996  
Brenda Diane Baggott 1948 6-28-1977 Native of Aiken County. Son- Shannon Taylor & Larry Bryant; Daughter-Sherry Kimry; Parents-Melvin Baggott & Mrs. Lillian Carter Baggott; Brother-Tommy Baggott; Sisters-Barbara Blitchington & Shirley Jenning; half brother-Edgar Baggott; half sister-Shirley Ann Jones; 3 step sisters-Sarah Craig, Diane Strang & Kay Craig; stepmother-Hazel Baggott; grandmother-Mildred Carter
Lillian C. Baggott 1927 ~~
Emaline F. Bagwell 2-3-1930 ~~ w/o Willie John Bagwell
Wanda D. Bagwell 11-28-1951 11-28-1951
Willie John Bagwell 9-17-1926 ~~
Alexander Coursey Baker 11-29-1895 12-16-1975 h/o Mattie H. Bagwell
Alexander Coursey Baker, Jr. 3-25-1925 9-2-1927 Died at Wilhenford hospital, age 2. Couch & Timmerman Funeral Home.
Dena Roxanne Baker 12-11-1979 3-14-2000 d/o Leigh Ann Baker, sister, Bridget Leigh Baker
Franklin P. Baker 8-12-1890 11-24-1956 SC SGT COD 323 Infantry WWI
Jerry Baker ~~ ~~ Infant
Jessie C. Baker ~~ 5-23-1941 GA PVT 157 DEPOT BRIG
Joseph D. Baker 1909 1930
Mattie H. Baker 10-25-1896 9-13-1990 w/o Alexander C. Baker
Trubert Edwin Baker 3-13-1915 11-1-1994 US Army WWII; husband of Dorothy Jenkins Baker.
Wayne McSwain "Wire Head" Baker ~~ 8-8-08 Born in Townsville, Australia.  Had resided in the Bath area since 1968.  Two tours Vietnam Veteran.
Winnie E. Baker 1891 1951
Olin Thomas Banks 12-13-1934 11-11-1935 s/o Ottie & Gladys Banks
Dorothy E. Barfield 7-7-1919 3-10-1984 w/o James F. Barfield
James F. Barfield 2-6-1913 12-7-1952 h/o Dorothy E. Barfield
Margaret Vivian Barnett 1918 7-31-2003 w/o Morris Griswold; member of Pine Forest Baptist Church - Hatcher Funeral Home
Andrew J. Barton 1889 1968 h/o Elizabeth "Lizzie" P. Barton - Posey Funeral Home
E. Williams Barton 11-8-1908 4-12-1926 w/o John T. Barton
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Barton 1891 1977 w/o Andrew J. Barton - Posey Funeral Home
Harry Lee Barton 1-14-1918 12-14-1958 h/o Helen G. Barton
Helen G. Barton 3-21-1925 11-9-1990 w/o Harry Lee Barton
Larry M. Barton 10-1-1949 7-18-1994
Nancy Augustine Barton 12-3-1908 8-14-1969 w/o Willie O. Barton. Member of Gloverville Pentecostal Church. Native of Aiken County. Sons, Jimmie Barton and Larry Barton, Langley; daughters, Mrs. Betty McKenzie, Langley, Mrs. Annie Floyd, Belvedere & Margaret Ennis, Warrenville.
Rennis L. Williams Barton ~~ ~~ w/o John T. Barton
Willie O. Barton 8-23-1910 3-5-1970 h/o Nancy A. Barton
Doris Widener Batchelor 9-7-1948 ~~ w/o Edward "Eddie" Joseph Batchelor, Sr. Married 11-13-1965
Edward "Eddie" Joseph Batchelor, Sr. 8-13-1948 7-23-1998 h/o Doris Widener Batchelor. Married 11-13-1965; Native of Aiken County; Coach for the Valley Recreational Ass.; Member of Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church.  Son of Ollie and Thelma Kaney Cain.
Edna Kaney Bates 3-5-1924 4-8-1988 w/o Ray Levins Bates; age 64; m/o Gail Bates
Ray Levins Bates, Sr. 2-17-1923 6-15-1988 h/o Edna Kaney Bates; children: Terry,  Gail, Tommy, Gary & Ray Levins Bates, Jr.
Ray Levins Bates, Jr. 11-3-1941 4-28-2001 Native of Aiken County; born in Warrenville, SC.  age 59; member of Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church. S/o Ray L. and Edna Kaney Bates; US Army Veteran; daughters, Shannon Brittingham, Augusta, Ga, Tammy Goddard, Martinez, Ga, Sellece Gottschalk, Sheboygan, Wis.; sons, Andy Bates, Appling, Ga & Derrick Bates, both of Duluth, Ga; brothers, Terry Bates and Gary Bates, both of Warrenville, SC., and Tommy Bates, Clearwater, SC.;sister, Gail Baker, Warrenville, SC. Worked as a millwright for Austin Industrial, Augusta, Ga.
Bartow T. Beard 10-5-1881 8-27-1966 h/o Elizabeth Gunter Beard & Liddie Smith Beard
Butler B. Beard, Jr. 12-16-1910 5-1-1972 SC MOMM3 USNR WWII
Charlie P. Beard ~~ 7-20-1948 Native of Barnwell County; Member of Willow Branch Baptist Church. Age: 67; h/o Laura O. Beard; sons, Leam Beard & Earnest Beard, of Woodcliff, Ga; sisters, Mrs. Addie O'banion, Warrenville, Mrs. Daisy Yaun, Clearwater and Mrs. Mamie Culvision, Johnstown; brothers, Will Beard, Warrenville & A. B. Beard, Clearwater.
Edith Pamela Beard 5-25-1917 11-10-1960
Elizabeth Gunter Beard 12-20-1888 3-6-1946 w/o Bartow Beard
Eloise Redd Beard 8-19-1910 4-10-1971 w/o William B. "Willie" Beard; d/o Alvin Calhoun "Callie" Redd & Melissa Beck Redd.
Enola Olive/Alice? Beard 4-5-1922 1-2-1930 d/o S. L. Beard
Galphin P. Beard 4-8-1880 7-1-1961
Houston Wendell Beard 5-25-1917 9-11-1943 h/o Edith Pamela Beard - E. M. 1-c USN (buried at sea, USN)
James Lucas Beard 5-31-1917 2-8-1920 s/o A. C. & E. M. Beard
Leila Walker Beard 10-19-1877 2-13-1938 w/o Warren F. Beard; d/o Nathanial Walker & Sarah Heath Walker (per death certificate); unknown grave beside her
Liddie Smith Beard 1-2-1899 5-4-1951 w/o Bartow Beard
Lillie "Mc" Beard 1-13-1890 10-11-1970 w/o Sailor Beard
Luther Beard 8-27-1855 3-1943 h/o Elizabeth Heath Beard; s/o John Beard & Cynthia Hall
Milton L. Beard 6-25-1914 1-31-1951
Montique H. Beard ~~ ~~
Sailor Beard 6-18-1888 8-24-1966 h/o Lillie "Mc" Beard
Vivian Boatwright Beard 9-9-1921 10-6-1970
Warren F. Beard 12-30-1875 3-16-1938 h/o Leila Walker Beard; per Richard Johnson Warren's death certificate has dates born 12-30-1875 and died 3-16-1938.
William "Willie" B. Beard 1-5-1897 6-18-1967 s/o Warren F. Beard & Leila Walker Beard
James Mason Bearden 9-13-1889 11-7-1940 PVT I PROV DEV Regt. WWI
Kate Bearden ~~ ~~
John Bearden ~~ 8-25-1920 s/o John Bearden of Langley
Quitman Beauford 5-10-1895 3-4-1940 SC PVT 53 Pioneer Inf. WWII
Ben Beasley 5-15-1865 10-31-1946
Nettie Renew Bell ~~ 1-6-1931 w/o Levi Bell of Augusta. Age: 58; died after several months of illness.  M/o Fred Bell; sister, Mrs. Ida Keenan; brother, J. B. Renew
John J. Bennick 4-3-1943 4-17-1943  
Charlie Joseph Benson, Sr. ~~ 4/29/1985 h/o Jackie Kay Benson; native of Aiken County, SC.
Jackie Key Benson   8-21-2012 Burnettown, Sc; age 70; w/o Charlie Joseph Benson and Cleveland Huckabee; d/o Jesse and Hattie Fox Key.
Oscar L. Bethune, Sr. 10-21-1910 6-3-1989 s/o John and Leslie Wardie Bonham Bethune; h/o Hazel Key; son, Oscar, Jr.; Pentecostal Minister; born in Evans County, Georgia.
George T. Beuford ~~ ~~ Native of Beech Island, SC.
Lillian Josephine Beuford ~~ ~~ Native of Beech Island, SC.
Quitman Beuford 1-1896 3-3-1941 Quitman's Death Certificate # 008432 list his parents as George and Josephine Beuford, Beech Island, SC. List his as a textile worker, single, living in Langley, SC.  Died from or contributed from: Hydronephrosis, bilaterral. Hypertensive Heart Disease. Uremia.  He was sick from 2-4-1941 - and the Doc last seen him alive on 3-3-1941. There is also an Unknown grave beside Quitman Beuford. He had blue eyes, dark hair with a slender built.
Brenda Durden Bishop ~~ 1-30-2008 Warrenville, SC.,  wife of Preston Bishop.  Member of Gloverville Pentecostal Holiness Church.  Daughter of Tommy and Sarah Thompson Durden; sons, Chad and Eric Bishop; brothers, Richard and Anthony Durden. 
Frank Carroll Bilton 6- 28- 1931 12-15-1968 s/o Jasper Adam Bilton and Minnie Lee Kaney Bilton
George William Bilton 8-15-1866 4-19-1934 s/o Jasper Adam Bilton and Minnie Lee Kaney Bilton; h/o Maggie Smith Bilton
Jasper Adam Bilton 10-18-1895 9-19-1958 s/o George William Bilton and Maggie Smith Bilton; h/o Lela Spires Bilton and Minnie Lee Kaney Bilton
Lela M. Spires Bilton 5-3-1898 6-25-1938 w/o Jasper Adam Bilton
Maggie Smith Bilton 5-9-1876 10-18-1934 w/o George William Bilton; children: Jasper Adam Bilton and Annie Louise Bilton Kaney
Minnie Lee Bilton 3-16-1943 3-16-1943 Infant d/o Jasper Adam Bilton and Minnie Lee Kaney Bilton
Minnie Lee Kaney Bilton 12-21-1911 2-8-1991 d/o Michael Dennis Kaney and Ada Pauline Redd Kaney; w/o Jasper Adam Bilton
Paul Anthony Bilton 10-21-1946 3-28-2002 s/o Jasper Adam Bilton and Minnie Lee Kaney Bilton
Robert Vernon Bilton 5-13-1936 7-12-2000 s/o Jasper Adam Bilton and Minnie Lee Kaney Bilton
Burdell D. Blackmon 1-14-1886 5-17-1964 h/o Nora Lee Boyd Blackmon
Ernest W. Blackmon 6-17-1909 11-7-1957
Fred Blackmon ~~ 4-2-2002 Father of Don Blackmon, Swansea, SC, Stan Blackmon, Beech Island & Jimmy Blackmon, Burnettown, SC; brother of Irvin Blackmon, Clearwater & Lois Blackmon, Red Spring, NC; born in Aiken County, SC to Dowey & Susan Blackmon; retired forman for Clearwater Finishing Plant with 47 yrs.; US Army Veteran of WWI; member of Mid-Valley Baptist Church and its Mens Sunday School Class and a member of the LBC American Legion Post No. 153.  (The Augusta Chronicle)
Kathleen Williams B. Josey Blackmon 6-12-1920 3-22-2001 w/o Sam Lloyd Blackmon, Sr.
Nora Lee Boyd Blackmon 1-30-1901 1-29-1962 w/o Burdell D. Blackmon; age 72; Lived on Pelzer St. in Langley, Sc., 33 years; Native of Aiken County; daughter of Lish Boyd and Annie Holley Boyd; Member of Langley Petecostal Church; mother of Mrs. Margaret Hill, Langley, Sc., son, Joseph H. Blackmon, Graniteville, Sc., three brothers, Robert, Millic, Avery Boyd.
Ollie E. Blackmon 7-17-1934 11-10-1966
Sam Lloyd Blackmon, Jr. 10-9-1944 2-28-1995
Sam Lloyd Blackmon, Sr. 10-28-1921 4-25-1946 h/o Kathleen Williams Josey Blackmon
Flora Lee B. Blackwell 1922 1990 Posey Funeral Home
Victor Dewey Blackwell Jr. 8-29-2010 age 83; s/o Victor Dewey Blackwell, Sr. and Oma Hightower Blackwell; born in Newry, Sc.
James B. Blaxton 10-24-1912 2-1-1980 h/o Mildred A. Blaxton;married on 11-13-1937.
Mildred A. Blaxton 8-7-1917 ~~ w/o James B. Blaxton;married on 11-13-1937.
Annie H. Blalock 1916 12-26-1981 Posey Funeral Home; sons, Melvin Carter, Burnettown, Eugene Carter, Augusta; sister, Mary Dudley, North Augusta; brothers, Lewis W. Barton, Charleston & Albert A. Barton, Warrenville.
Laura E. Bledsie ~~ ~~
Betty Langley Blessing 1847 11-30-1929  
Burley Boatwright 5-11-1888 1-2-1953 SC Cook Sup Co 118 Inf 30 Div WWI
Cathy Marie Williams Boatwright 2-10-1964 3-23-2001 Lived most of her life in Langley, SC; attended church at the Redemption Center in Langley; w/o Michael Boatwright, Sr., Bath, SC., d/o of Leroy Williams & Mamie Dyches Williams; m/o Clyde Michael Boatwright, Jr., Langley, sister of Tommy William, Beech Island, Chris Williams, Langley, Edward Williams, Gloverville, Diane Newsome, Langley & Sandra Powell, Bath, SC.  (Hatcher Funeral Home)
Cecil E. Boatwright, Sr. 1922 1972 h/o Pearl B. Boatwright
Harvey Burl Boatwright, Sr. 7-22-1933 11-18-1991  
Michael Clyde Boatwright ~~ 7-17-1981  
Minnie Lee Carter Boatwright 5-30-1896 3-30-1981
Pearl B. Boatwright 1927 1972 w/o Cecil E. Boatwright, Jr.
C. Ted Boileau ~~ 3-4-1944 h/o Janet Cawley Boileau
Janet Cawley Boileau ~~ 6-5-1947 w/o C. Ted Boileau
Steven Ted Boileau 11-10-1975 2-13-1975
Charles Hamilton Boles 2-10-1895 7-23-1957 GA Bugler 324 Machine Gun BN
Charles Hamilton Boles, Jr. 3-8-1926 2-11-1987 US Army WWII
Colden K. Boles 8-24-1931 7-13-1980
Jessie Bonnett Boles 4-2-1907 12-25-1967
Mary Ann Patty Boles 11-12-1862 7-13-1927 w/o William D. Boles; near Mary Ann Patty Boles grave are two markers that read "Boles"
William D. Boles 8-18-1860 7-13-1927 h/o Mary Ann Patty Boles
Betty Alice Turner Boone 4-21-1950 5-12-2004 age54; Napier Funeral Home
C. Ray Jennings Boone 11-1-1942 5-17-1983
George Pars. Boone 1913 1973 Posey Funeral Home
Hazel Boone 1950 1952 Posey Funeral Home
James Burton Boone 1910 6-3-1979 h/o Blanch Burdette Boone; native of Edgefield, S.C. Posey Funeral Home
Mary A.  Boone ~~ 11-8-1963 w/o Ronnie D. Boone; married 2-4-1983
Ronnie D. Boone 11-20-1963 2-19-1983 h/o Mary A. Boone; married 2-4-1983
Lewis Lamar Boutwell 2-4-1923 8-21-1992 CPL US Army WWII
Mabus Nelson Bowen 10-21-1909 12-23-1999
Charlie Boyd 5-1-1915 5-7-1966 South Carolina S1 USNR
Cora Lee Burnette Boyd 4-24-1903 2-28-1944 w/o Isaac Boyd; died at Aiken hospital; native of Greenwood County, SC., member of the Langley Baptist Church; m/o Staff Sergeant Ernest B. Weathersbee.  d/o Mrs. Mary Burnette; four sisters, Mrs. L. B. Harrell of Branchville, SC, Mrs. Lillie Mae McElhaney of Clearwater, SC, Mrs. Marie Novenski of Bridgeport, Conn., and Mrs. Beatrice Plunkett of Langley; three brothers, D. H. Burnett and Frank Burnette, of Langley and Corporal Beny Burnette of U. S. Army.
Edward Ashley Boyd 8-27-1922 12-14-2008 h/o Lizzie Ella Smith Boyd; married 4-4-1942; s/o Henry and Florence Reville Boyd.
Evelyn Randall Boyd ~~ 8-15-2010 age 70; Graniteville, Sc; retired from Owens Corning Fiberglass; w/o Dobson H. Boyd.
Reb B. Boyd ~~ ~~
Jeanette C. Boyd ~~ ~~
Lillie Estelle Boyd 11-27-1933 three year daughter of Kernal Boyd.  Brother, George Wilburn Boyd; paternal grandparents, George Crawford; died from an illness.
Lizzie Ella Smith Boyd 12-31-1925 ~~ w/o Edward Ashley Boyd; married 4-4-1942
Ruby Lee Boyd ~~ 1-28-1990 age 74; of Cemetery Hill Rd.
Vicki Weathersbee Boyd 4-20-1955 3-10-1991
W. F. B. Boyles 4-3-1910 12-23-1926 s/o J. W. & M. L. Boyles
Elizabeth W. Bozette 1900 1956
William J. Bozette 8-15-1892 7-9-1957 Pennsylvania - PFC CO I 111 Infantry WWI PH
Katie Wilson Brabhann ~~ ~~ Not sure of her last name.
David Lonnie Brannon, Sr. 1921 8-31-1985 h/o Juanita Brannon; son-David Lonnie Brannon, Jr.; step-children: Jimmy, Jerry & Brenda Dyer and Anita Powell; brother, Fred C. Brannon.
Ruth Scott Brannon 1891 1980
Lonnie B. Braun 6-1-1888 3-6-1957 SC PVT2 BN PROV DEV BRIG WWII
Emma Rouis Brenneman 12-25-1881 11-28-1960 Posey Funeral Home
Frank B. Brewer 11-19-1898 3-3-1954 h/o of Lillie Johnson Brewer; age 55; native of Aiken.
James Edward Brewer 1-23-1918 3-?-1923
Lillie Johnson  Brewer 9-30-1901 3-27-1993 w/o Frank B. Brewer
James H. Bridges 5-12-1944 8-14-1944
Bernice Clark Briggs 1911 1954 "Mother"
Barbara Ann Brock 5-22-1940 1-14-1966
Eddie J. Brockington 3-27-1937 2-15-1990 h/o Sarah J. Brockington
Paula M. Brockington ~~ 8-3-1967
Sarah J. Brockington 7-28-1949 ~~ w/o Eddie J. Brockington
Linda Faye Broome 4-21-1951 5-8-2002 Age:51
Emmie M. Brooks 11-13-1908 4-25-1963
Bernice R. Brown ~~ ~~
Edna Brown 12-14-1920 3-5-1936 died at her residence at the age of 15.
Franklin D. Brown 12-11-1933 11-3-1997 Age:63
Infant Brown ~~ 5-7-1945 s/o Kyle T. Brown, Jr.
Joey L. Brown 6-2-1959 1-20-2001
Lizzie M. Brown 5-25-1895 1-22-1950
Lula Powell Brown 7-7-1901 3-26-1973
Michael Brandon Brown 1-1988 9-28-2007 s/o of Teresa Gail Bush Brooks and Michael Todd Brown. Sister, Jessica Andrews.  Step-father David Brooks.
Montigue Hobbs Brown 2-10-1888 12-24-1981 died at her residence in Langley.
Vernice Ranew Brown 1931 1963
Sarah Bruce 1-19-1931
Bud Bryant ~~ 4-27-1938 Age:66; h/o Maggie Eidson Bryant; Langley Methodist Church; J. G. Chafee, Langley
Dock Asbury Bryant 1904 1973
Gaynelle Duncan Bryant 5-7-1997 age 53; died at home in Augusta, Ga; native of Aiken County, Sc.
Mattie T. Bryant 12-25-1904 9-15-1963
Rosa Palmer Bryant 1900 1947
Ralph William"Bill" Buckner, Jr. ~~ 12-30-2002 h/o Carol Jeane Eidson Buckner. S/o Ralph William Buckner, Sr. & step-mother, Mary Lynn Buckner, both of Wagener, S.C. His mother, Loretta Paxton and his sister, Melissa Buckner, both of Lexington; step-children; Amanda Smith & William Napier.  Hatcher Funeral Home. A roofer with Everett Construction.
Debra Marolyn Burckhalter ~~ 8-17-1964 Infant d/o of James Gerald Burckhalter, Warrenville, S.C. Brothers - Virgil & Marty Burckhalter; paternal grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Burckhalter; materal grandparents, Mrs. Myrtis Chavous & Oscar Randall; great-grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Murphy & Mr. and Mrs. Homer Randall. Poseys Funeral Home.
Marty James Burckhalter 12-19-1962 6-23-1969
Tammy Burckhalter 1-26-1961 1-31-1961 d/o Linda R. Burckhalter
Dale Burnett 12-26-1935 3-13-1938
Daniel M. Burnette 3-4 1868 1-4 1925 h/o Mary Ann Burnette; s/o Starling Burnette
Frank N. Burnette 10-22-1898 9-14-1945 drowned after falling in Langley Pond; he was walking across the Dam with Marvin Corly & Albert Holley when he accidentally fell in.  Veteran of WWI; s/o Mary Burnette, Lanlgey; sisters, Mrs. L. B. Harrele, Branchville, Mrs. Marie Novenski, Langley, Mrs. M. D. Plunkett, Aiken; brothers, Dan H. Burnett, Langley & Bennie H. Burnette, US Army.
Frances B. Burnette 2-22-1922
Mary Ann Burnette 1876 1953 w/o Dan N. Burnette; son, Frank N. Burnette
Calma Tinsley Burt 6-6-1976 w/o James E. Burt, Jr.; native of Aiken County.
Bobby Eugene Busbee 3-24-1935 12-24-1990
Carl Busbee ~~ 11-6-2003 Graniteville, SC.; h/o Cindy Fulmer; a welder by trade; f/o Rusty & Brian Busbee; b/o Walter Busbee.
Earl Wesley Busbee 5-21-1928 9-16-1997 h/o Lillie Ann Busbee; married 7-28-1960
Felix Lawton Busbee 9-26-1907 12-7-1989 h/o Madeline Toole Busbee
Helen Virginia Busbee 11-8-1931 11-10-1940 age 9; died at home from a brief illness; d/o Felix Busbee; third grade at Langley Grammer School.
Joann Busbee 11-15-1945 8-9-1950 "Doll"
Lillie Ann Busbee 4-22-1942 ~~ w/o Earl Wesley Busbee; married 7-28-1960
Madeline Toole Busbee 12-3-1906 10-7-1977 w/o Felix Lawton Busbee
Billy Bush 9-27-1931 2-19-1988 h/o Ellen S. Bush; married 9-8-1962
Elizabeth Bush 1926 1927  
Ellen S. Bush 9-9-1940 ~~ w/o Billy Bush; married 9-8-1962
Fannie Bush 1879 2-20-1962 Gloverville, SC., died in an Augusta infirmary after a months illness. Born in Walhalla, retired from the local textile plant.  Member of Gloverville First Baptist Church.  A number of nieces and nephews, Mrs. Isma Ledbetter, Augusta, Mrs. Irene Faulkner, North Augusta, Mrs. Annie Mae Ellis, Savannah, Ga, Mrs. Audrey Freeman, Atlanta, Lonnie Bush, Bath, SC, Wylie Bush, Rockhill, T. C. Bush, Augusta, Willie McKinney, Bath, Johnnie and Lewis McKinney, Warrenville, (Posey Funeral Home)
Fannie Wolf Bush 1901 1987 w/o Willie Bush
Lena Barfield Bush 1878 1965
Oswald Bush 1911 1917
Thomas I. Bush 1874 1922
Willie Bush 1903 8-19-1952 h/o Fannie Wolf Bush
Louise Wagner Bussey 11-25-1927 8-5-1980
Johnnie Edgar Butler 1891 7-10-1967 died in an Aiken Hospital.
Harmon Wesley Byrd 1921 1970
John R. Byrd 1874 1962 h/o Mattie W. Byrd
Mabel Byrd 9-12-1894 3-12-1977
Mattie W. Byrd 1870 1956 w/o John R. Byrd
Maudleen S. Byrd 1913 1986
Nathaniel J. Byrd 3-16-1872 1-10-1936

Death Notices abstracted from newspapers/books/family documents.

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