List contains the Jefferson County, Georgia Marriages taken from the book "Early Marriages Jefferson County Georgia 1805-1885."  plus....... I have added many marriages from other resources making this 

"Marriages from all over Georgia, Plus other Counties!".

I alphabetized the names, and listed the Groom - Bride - Date Married - and listed information of notes if any. 

Marriage Announcement and Engagements may be listed as well.   There maybe some mistakes, please do point them out to me to correct. 

Thank You!  Darlene Brookins-Brooks.

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Groom  -   Bride  -   Year Married - Some details added


William W. Abbott married Elizabeth McMurrian, 1817

James O. Abbot married Sarah Sandeford, 1817

T. A. Abercrombie married M. L. Gobert, 1858

William Acridge married Anna Seals, 1818

Norrill Adams married Matilda Ross, 1830

James Adams married Elizabeth Morgan, 1827

John Q. Adams married Sophonia E. Mincey, 12-26-1867; Marriage Records of Bulloch County, Georgia

Miles Adams married Ann Mayo, 1813

William H. Adams of Kathwood, South Carolina and Brooklet married Marisally Chalker of Avera, Georgia and Vidalia, Georgia on Thurdsday, 5/30/1940 at Beach Island, South Carolina Baptist Church with Rev. J. D. Hughey, Jr.  Miss Chalker is the d/o J. G. Chalker of Avera, Georgia.  Ref: The Augusta Chronicle; Oliver, Georgia News.

A. H. Adkins married Mollie Arnold, 1879

James W. Adkins married Penny Moore, 1863

James Ainsworth married Winnifred Murphy, 1849

Elvah Akins married Elizabeth Cox, 1814

John Akins married Mary Caroline Stanford, 4-2-1837; Marriage Records of Bulloch County, Georgia

Malachi Akins married Rhoda Parrish, 9-29-1869; Marriage Records of Bulloch County, Georgia

Robert Akins married Fanny Hart, 9-8-1869; Marriage Records of Bulloch County, Georgia

Stephens Akins married Marvann Bennett, 3-30-1870; Marriage Records of Bulloch County, Georgia

William B. Akins married Frances E. Deloach, 12-7-1876; Marriage Records of Bulloch County, Georgia

James Albritton married Elizabeth Green, 1822

Robert L. Albritton married Rachel McDonold, 1824

Russell Aldred married Lizzie H. Upton, 1865

S. M. Aldred married Emily Farmer, 1880

Thomas J. Aldred married Tannie E. Coleman, 1874

W. J. Aldred married E. M. Smith, 1871

A. W. Aldrich married M. A. Hart, 1869

William Aldrich married Lucinda Holmes, 1868

David Alexander married Sarah Causey, 1809

David J. Alexander married Julia Smith, 1869

J. D. Alexander married A. V. Stephens, 1859

J. D. H. Alexander married Margaret A. Fleming, 1878

John H. Alexander married Mary Dobbins, 1826

John W. Alexander married Mary Ann Clements, 1831

John W. Alexander married Mary C. Bothwell, 1855

W. S. Alexander married E. C. Stephenson, 1874

William S. Alexander married Agnes Clements, 1842

Charles Alford married Alice Scruggs, 1879

Needham Alford married Avey Lofley, 1806

Elijah Adams married Levina Bell, 11-14-1865; Marriage Records of Bulloch County, Georgia

Elam Alexander married Ann G. Stone of Savannah, Ga., Sunday last in the Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. S. J. Cassels. Re: The Georgia Messenger 11-1-1838.

Gideon Allen married Fancey Wilcher, 1813

James J. Allen married Georgia W. Wiggins, 1878

John Allen married Sarah Allen, 1806

John Allen married S. Wilkinson, 1807

Joseph Allen married Catherine Mountain, 1824

Richard Allen married Mary Clarke, 1839

Shaderick Allen married Nancy McKigney, 1816

Thomas L. Allen married Emma V. R. Tarver, 1852

W. Alfred Allen married Lula Terrell, 1878

Warren Allen married (N)?Thancy Williams, 1847

William Allen married Harriet A. Godown, 1844

William H. Allen married Amarintha C. Sample, 1856

Young Allen married Sarah Jane Stewart, 1856

John Alston married Susan Allen, 9-23-1868; Marriage Records of Bulloch County, Georgia

Andrew M. Anderson married Wylanty Perdue, 1876

Elisha Anderson married Drusilla Caldwell, 1807

Elisha Anderson married Sarah Whigham, 1826

Hillary Anderson married Nancy Connel, 1830

Iverson Anderson married Lucinda (Lucy) A. Summerlin, no dates; Marriage Records of Bulloch County, Georgia

James Anderson married Jane S. Williams, 1864

Stephen Anderson married Lizzie Creech, 1875

William Anderson married Martha Kennedy, 1812

Uriah Anderson married Mary Eason, 1870

John Anderton married Francis Moore, 1816

William Anderton married N. G. Jackson, 1828

A. B. Andrew married S. E. Williams, 1869

Drewry Andrews married Sarah McCullock, 1836

Samuel L. Andrews married Margaret Darcy, 1817

William T. Arnold married Mary E. Pugesley, 1869

John Applewhite married Caroline Fulford, 1827

Peter Applewhite married Ann Fulford, 1826

Artenus Archer married Mary Ann Elizabeth Rogers, 1847

James Archer married Winey E. Minton, 1848

A. A. Armstrong married Miss E E. Cook, both of Washington County, Georgia marriage took place in Sparta, Georgia 10/18/1877. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Ezekiel Arrington married Salley Browden, 1817

Freeman Arrington married Rebecca Polhill, 1853

Henry Arrington married Cady Broughton, 1818

Henry Arrington married Mary Eason, 1842

Horace Arrington married Sarah Newman, 9-21-1940, Sarah is the daughter of Oliver Newman and Kate Washington Newman of Deering, Ga.  Horace is the son of Silas J. Arrington.  The wedding took place in Wrens, Ga., Rev. Lewis Officiating. (TAC)

James J. Arrington married Martha A. E. Peebles, 1846

John Arrington married Hester Griffin 1817

John Arrington married Polly Stewart, 1827

John B. Arrington married Mary A. Baggett, 1866

Living Arrington married Nancy Mariah Turvin, 1838

Riley Arrington married Adeline Carroll, 1847

Sherrod Arrington married M. A. E. Lightfoot, 1860

Silas Arrington married Sarah A. Arrington, 1865

Silas A. Arrington married Catherine Whitehead, 1880

T. A. Arrington married D. A. Arrington, 1858

Wesley Arrington married Sarah A. Parish, 1858

Wesley Arrington married Elvina Parish, 1864

William W. Arrington married Catherine Lemon, 1873

Willis Arrington, son of T. G. Arrington, Louisville married Alma Bernice Seymour, daughter of J. O. Seymour of Tignall, 9-5-1940.  Ceremony in Aiken, S.C.  Willis Arrington employed at Yearns Filling Station. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle

Willis K. Arrington married Mary E. Stewart, 1867

Thomas H. Ashley married Elizabeth Watkins, 1816

Henry Askew married Polly Sandeford, 1811

Andrew Atkins married Rachael Cornwell, 1868

David Atkins married Elizabeth Wiggins, 1831

David Atkins married Frances R. Allen, 1855

Robert A. L. Atkinson married Eliza A. Marsh, 1834

Chesley Attaway married Catharine Heley, 1833

Elijah Attaway married Sarah Clement, 1837

Samuel G. Attaway married Margaret S. Moxley, 1850

James Atwell married Frances E. Swan, 1870

Reuben Atwell married Martha E. Watson, 1836

Reuben Atwell married Eliza A. Smith, 1843

Judson Atwood married Mary Turner, 5-9-1823; Marriage Records of Bulloch County, Georgia

Joseph Avent married Barbary Harrel, 1824

Alex Avera married Emma V. Holmes, 1862

Alex Avera married Anna J. Holmes, 1869

Dawson O. P. Avera married J. S. A. Martha Wilson, 11-26-1861 - Glascock Records

John Glenn Avrett married Georgian E. Thompson, 1875


M. B. Bacon marries Eliza Burnsed, 1-18-1866; Marriage Records of Bulloch County, Georgia

John Baggs married Frances Roberts, 1815

William L. Baggs married Levicy Corbitt, 1826

Jesse Bagget married Lilla Godwin, 1812

Seaborn J. Bagget married Mary E. Young, 1865

Edmund Bailey married Mary Stephens, 1824

George Bailey married Reona Hall, 9-23-1886; Marriage Records of Bulloch County, Georgia

Henry Bailey married Nancy Douglas, 1808

James Bailey married Elizabeth Conner, 1831

James Bailey married Jane Parrish, 1865

John Bailey married Susannah Allen, 1806

Silas Bailey married Winney Musgrove, 1810

Thomas Bailey, Sr. married Mary Champion, 1809

William Bailey married Nancy Wren, 1835

Sergeant Fred I. Baker of Atlanta, Ga married Irma K. Arrington, 11-22-1946 at McCormick Baptist Church.  Miss Irma Arrington's brother James A. Arrington gave her in marriage.  Fred Baker's brother, Richard Baker of Atlanta, Ga was best man.  Irma Arrington is the daughter of the late William Sidney Arrington of McCormick.  Sgt. Baker is the son of Mrs. Peggy F. Demolet of Atlanta, Ga.  Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Arrington and Jack Arrington was a few of the guest that attended.  (TAC)

Washington Baker married Sarah Lambert, 1838

Augustus C. Baldwin married Mary M. G. Allen, 1835

James Barefield married Nancy C. Hudson, 1839

Thomas Barefield married Rachel Minton, 1814

William Barganier married Clara Pierce, 1810

John Bargainer married Milly Anne Pierce, 1845

Mr. J. B. Barnett married Laura E. Wyche, yesterday at the home of the brides cousin, D. R. Goodwin near Dadeville, Alabama.  The bride is a Columbus Girl and the groom a prominent young business man of Dadeville.  The courtship developed while Miss Wyche was on a visit to relatives in Alabama. Ref: 2/20/1918 - The Augusta Chronicle.

Sgt. Turpin W. Barret, (Florida) U.S Air Corps married Vivian Rivers, (Jefferson County, Ga) 5-15-1942.  The bride is the d/o J. Albert Rivers and Hattie Rivers.  Maternal grandparents - James Elbert McNair and Dollie Smith McNair. Paternal grandparents - James Rivers and Saphronia Mcgahee Rivers Glascock County, Ga.  She is a graduate from Stapleton High School. The groom is the son of Mrs. Annie Barrett and Otis Barrett.  Grandson of Capt. W. G. Barrett and Martha Binns Barrett of Washington, Ga. - Maternal grandparents, Dr. T. J. Willcoxon and Frances Turpin Willcoxen, of Hurtsville, Alabama.  He is a graduate of Tignall High School and also attended University of Georgia. (TAC)

Samuel Barron married Ann Taylor, 1812

Lorenzo Barrow married Malinda Welsh, 1830

William E. Barrow married Eliza Yarborough, 1831

Samuel Barter married Mary Hamilton, 1817

Thomas Barter married Jane F. Roberts, 1848

Dr. Atticus Barton, local dentist married Louise Scott, a teacher in Wrens Institute in Wrens in 1908.  After a short time, they moved to her hometown of West Point, Ga., where he continued his dentistry practice.

George R. Barton of Wrens, Ga married Eunice C. Couch of Scottsdale, Penn, 3-17-1898.

James C. Barton married Dialpha Arrington, 1866

Robert T. Barton married Mary Savannah Rivers, 1867

William A. Barton married Julia B. Gregory, 1868

Abram Bass married Rosannah Ross, 1836

Drury Bass married Abigail Taylor, 1807

Enoch T. Bass married Mary Fair Tyson, 1839

Ephraim Bass married Elizabeth Palmer, 1820

Ephraim Bass married Penny Screws, 1822

Green E. Bass married Julia Meadows, 1844

John Bass married Hetty Lich, 1829

John Bass married Christiana Hutchins, 1832

Nathan I. Baston, Lincolnton, Ga., married Lena Walton, 6-28-1969.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Walton.  The groom is the son of of Mr. and Mrs. James Addison Baston, Sr. (TAC)

Henry L. Battle married Julia M. Polhill, 1873

Henry Batts married Susan Brown, 1831

Nathan Batts married Sarah Jackson, 1808

William Batty married Susan Ann Heard, 1812

Richard K. Beal married Jane L. Fleming, 1836

Jesse R. Beall, Jr. married Jane C. Whigham, 1869

James Bearfield married Mary McGowen, 1808

Abraham Beasley married Dicey Perdue, 1818

Abraham Beasley married Rebeccah Cosey, 1822

Benjamin Beasley married Sarah E. McKigney, 1864

James E. Beasley married Ann E. Tabb, 1866

James W. Beasley married Amelia J. Averet, 1875

Thomas Beasley married Sarah F. Jones, 1868

Samuel Fay Beasley married Martha Constance (Connie) Swan, 10-2-1959.
Groom is the son of Albert Samuel Beasley  and Agnes Morgan Beasley of Avera. Grandparents are Solomon Roy Beasley and Millie Clark Beasley and John M. Morgan and Isabella Lamb Morgan .  The bride is the daughter of Alex Taylor Swan and Sara Oliphant Swan of Stellaville, Georgia. Grandparents are Andrew Lawson Swan and Sallie Wren Swan and Marcus Newton Oliphant and Martha (Mattie) Brown Oliphant. Information credited to: Connie Swan Beasley. (Connie

Henry Beaty married Margaret Thompson, 11-17-1825, by Isaac Brinson (ATWNC)

Henry Beaty married Martha Lott, 11-24-1831, by James Stapleton, JP (ATWNC)

James Beaty, born in Ireland, died in Ga married Sarah Vincent, 1-16-1828, by William Taylor, JP (ATWNC)

James Beaty married Aletha Lester, December 4, 1849, Griffin, Ga.

John Beaty married Charlotte Newton, 10-20-1825, by Robert Beaty, JP (ATWNC)

Robert (Robin) Beaty married Sarah Peel, 4-10-1817, by Daniel Connell (ATWNC)

W. Y. Z. Beaty married Mary E. Collins, October 23, 1889, Pulaski County, Ga.

William I. Beaty married Nancy Brembry, March 12, 1856, Pulaski County, Ga.

John W. Beckum, Jr. married Alice S. Arrington, 1877

William Beckum married Aggy Prater, 1810

John W. Beckham married Susan Young, 1813

William Beckton married Lydia Stephens, 1839

Ananias Beckworth married Jane Davis, 1853

Joseph Beckworth married Rebecca Norton, 1880

Eli Bedingfield married Melinda Wiggins, 1859

James A. Bedingfield married Dealpha M. Moore 1861

John S. Y. Bedingfield married Cynthia Stevens, 1873

William Bedingfield married Bethany Wiggins, 1853

Noah Beddingfield married Mary J. Overstreet, 1873

Elijah Bedsell married Elizabeth Peebles, 1818

Elijah Bedsyle married Frances Ferrel, 1811

James Beggs married Eliza Foster, 1817

Daniel Belcher married Mary Burke, 1818

Elijah C. Belcher married Georgianah A. Wells, 1832

Phillip Belcher married Mary Causey 1821

Robert Belcher married Mary Brown, 1856

Robert Belcher married Nancy E. McDaniel, 1877

Washington Belcher married Hannah Pate, 1832

Frederick D. Bell married Fannie F. Crozier, 11/28/1880, Burke County, Georgia Marriages

Green Bell married Josephine Handberry, 1876

Henry Green Bell married Abigail Jane Brinson, 2-10-1881, Burke County, Georgia Marriages

James W. Bell married Martha Cornelia Brookins, 10-20-1859, Burke County, Georgia Marriages

John S. Bell married Catherine Fokes, 1836

Joseph W. H. Bell married Sarah Allen 1/20/1859, Burke County, Georgia Marriages

Osie L. Bell married Almeade Godbee, 12/24/1895, Burke County, Georgia Marriages

Seaborn Bell married Annie Davis, 1876

James H. Bellots married Leona E. Fields, 1873

James Bennefield married Emily Gibson, 1857

John Bennefield married Elizabeth Jones, 1829

Lewis Bennet married Elizabeth A. Freeman, 1839

Thomas M. Berrien married Louisa J. H. Meriweather, 1814

Alexander Berryhill married Amelia Mathews, 1828

John Berryhill married Sarah McGrave, 1818

William Berryhill married Margaret Weeks, 1807

William Berryhill married Julia A. Pennington, 1851

H. V. Barrow married Jennie S. Cook, 1877

Adolphe Bessie married Rosa Lippman, 1866

Jesse M. Bethea married Mattie Little, 1868

John V. Bigham married Eliza A. Peel, 1839

Samuel Bigham married Winnifred Vinning, 1805

Cladiuo D. Binum married Alley Williams, 1832

Griffin Black married Alphia Bedingfield, 1866

James J. Black married Petty Durouzeaux, 1835

John Black married Tercy Ingram, 1821

Joseph W. Black married Sallie E. Bedingfield, 1865

Joshua Lee Black married Michall Wells, 1832

William Black married Judah Thompson, 1822

J. W. Blackburn married M. A. Everett, 1866

Col. Edmund Blake of this city and Mrs. Eleanor Harris of Savannah, Georgia, married in Houston County, on the 15th inst., by Rev. Mr. Speight. Re: The Georgia Messenger.11-22-1838.

William Blankenship married Irana Boyd, 12-18-1842; Forsyth County, Georgia Marriages

John Bloodworth married Susan Stapleton, 1809

George Boggs married Sarah Gordon, 1809

Floyd Thomas Bolton, married Betty Jean Royal, do Frank Royal, 8-19-1956, West Millen Baptist Church, Rev. John T. Simmons

Langston Bolton married Kisa Hudson, 1820

Joseph D. Bond married Susan A. E. Todd, 1854

Barna Bonds married Nancy Beckham, 1832

Nathaniel Bonham married Charity Sheppard, 1821

Alexander Bosten married Jane Gardiner, 1871

Charles A. W. Bostick married Clio F. Verdery, 1855

Don Ferdenand Bostick married Matilda G. Beall, 1820

Hubert H. Bostick married Frances J. Whitaker, 1834

James B. Bostick married Jane F. Donaldson, 1837

John G. Bostick married Elizabeth Atkinson, 1816

John R. Bostick married Caroline R. Beal, 1834

Little Berry Bostick married Margaret P. Hancock, 1812

Littleberry Bostick, Jr. married Martha A. Walker, 1820

Nathaniel Bostick married Sarah J. B. Brown, 1813

Tilman Givin Bostick married Sarah G. Humphries, 1807

William E. Boston married Adella E. Denny, 1874

David Bothwell married Jane Wright, 10-9-1789.  Jane Wright Bothwell married again to Rev. John Redwick, 1808. (Newberry, S.C.)

Ebenezer Bothwell married Mary Gamble, 1811

J. W. Bothwell married Catherine Fokes, 1828

James Bothwell married Nancy Boyd, 1840

John W. Bothwell married Margaret Gamble, 1813

Samuel Bothwell married Jane Mountain, 1813

Charles Bennett  Boulineau, son of Alex Boulineau of Wrens married Martha Elizabeth Arrington, daughter of Hardy Arrington of Matthews, September 26, 1961, at Wrens Church of God.  Miss Wilma Arrington, cousin of the bride was maid of honor.

Ebenezer J. Bower married Margaret McConkey, 1813

Samuel D. Bower married Jane Adams, 1860

Christopher Bowland married Ann Dawson, 1807

John Bowls married Alphaday Musgrove, 1825

Angus Boyd married Laney Webb, 1876

James Boyd married Nancy A. Kinsey, 1859

James Boyd married Polly Ann Arrington, 1866

Noah Boyd married Acenith Fulford, 1833

Robert Boyd married Ruth Peel, 1848

Robert Boyd married Jane P. Darby, 1857

Robert J. Boyd married Lenicey Jordan, 1866

Thomas Boyd married Sallie Alford, 1880

Thomas Boyd, Jr. of Lincolnton, Ga.,  married Ruth Naomi  Dickson (daughter of Thomas J. Dickson) at Baptist Church of Spread, Ga., 12-19-1906.  She was also Alumna of Bessie Tift College. (TAC)

William Boyd married Sarah Fleming, 1810

Joseph Brackenridge married Margaret J. Gibson, 1814

Robert Brackenridge married Elizabeth Gibson, 1808

John Brackette married Sarah Bishop, 1817

William H. Bradley married Leuraney Stephens, 1850

John Brady married Levina Perdue, 1822

Robert Brady married Viney Peebles, 1858

Robert Brady married Elizabeth Sheppard, 1823

M. B. Braddy married Sarah M. Moore, 1873

Benjamin Brassel married Mary Ann Price, 1808

James Brassel married Marton Burton, 1834

James Brassel married Ann Darley, 1842

James L. Brassel married Lentillia Haynes, 1840

John Brassel married Winney Pitman, 1835

John Brassel married Judy Thompson, 1852

John W. Brassel married Delaney Vienna Irby, 1864

Kindred Brassel married Petey McCoy, 1828

Larkin Brassel married Nancy Coleman, 1852

William A. Brassel married Rebecca Chalker, 1872

Nathan Braswell married Anny Walden, 1821

Nathan E. Braswell married Martha E. Williams, 1863

Robert Braswell married Lucy Minton, 1817

Derrel Brazil married Vashey Vinning, 1834

Benjamin Brewer married Alsey Shores, 1806

Harlon P. Brewer married Adelaide H. Kelley, 1865

William L. Bridges married Ana Culey, 1876

Charles N. Brinson, local depot agent,  married Annie Laurie Wren, 12-18-1907.  The ceremony was conducted by T. R. Morgan, M. G.

David Brinson married Hannah Peebles, 1829

George W. Brinson married Jane A. Miller, 1850

Henry Turner Brinson married Margaret Phillips, 1835

Isaac Brinson married Sarah Turner, 1807

Isaac L. J. Brinson married Sarah M. Stapleton, 1854

Jeremiah Brinson married Elizabeth W. Allen, 1825

John W. Brinson married Sarah E. Wichers, 1858

Joseph Brinson married Elizabeth Peebles, 1870

Joshua Brinson married Rosa Belcher, 1869

Joshua Brinson married Sarah Poole, 1873

Moses Brinson married Cilia Tarver, 1825

W. A. Brinson married R. A. Overstreet, 1871

William A. Brinson married Vienna A. Smith, 1855

William M. Brinson married Mary R. Ellis, 1877

Wright Brinson married Mattie Lowery, 1880

Bonnie Hatchem Brookins married Myrtle Joiner, 9/24/1932, Burke County, Georgia Marriages

John H. Brookins married Anna Markes, 12/22/1892, Burke County, Georgia Marriages

John William Brookins married Jessie Mae Frazier, 5/13/1929, Burke County, Georgia Marriages

William D. Judge Brookins married Nellie May Sapp, 3/5/1904, Burke County, Georgia Marriages

Carl Brooks, Jr. of Millen, Ga married Nan Edenfield Humphrey, 3-21-1941.  The bride is the daughter of Harley Humphrey.  The wedding took place at Millen Baptist Church. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle

John Thomas Brooks married M. S. Dixon, 12-4-1904 - Glascock Marriage Records

Timothy David Brooks married Bonita Faye Williams, 6-1976, bride is the daughter of Mrs. Faye Williams, Matthews and Robert Williams of Appling, Ga.  The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Brooks, Matthews.  Source: The Augusta Chronicle and family records.

Timothy David Brooks married Mary Grace Edmunds, December 23, 2006 in Augusta, Ga.

James Broughton married Theodocha Stewart, 1827

John Broughton married Mary Ann M. Harris, 1832

Alex B. Brown married F. A. Glover, 1871

Archabel Brown married Elizabeth Watkins, 1833

B. J. Brown married M. J. Fleming, 1874

Bascomb Lucius Brown of Wrens, son of Charles Brown of Wrens, married Sarah Inez Zeigler, daughter of D. L. Zeigler of Stellaville, 6-2-1940 in Aiken, S.C.  Sarah and Mr. Brown attended Wrens High School.  Mr. Brown a professional baseball player-team at London, Ontario.  He is employed with the State Highway Department. The Augusta Chronicle

Benjamin Brown married Sarah Rosier, 1832

Benjamin A. Brown married Annie Raines, 1874

Beriah Brown married Savannah E. Palmer, 1866

Burrel L. Brown married Lizzie J. Williams, 1876

Burrell J. Brown married Jennie H. Whigham, 1869

Burwell Brown married Elizabeth Bigham, 1816

David Mitchell Brown married Winefred Tarver, 1832

Ebenezer Brown married Sarah Ann Clark, 1833

George C. Brown married Isabella E. Green, 1859

George F. Brown married Elizabeth Stapleton, 11-8-1874, Glascock County Marriage Records

George W. Brown married E. G. Hardwick, 1867

Harden Brown married Anna Jones, 1878

Hardey Brown married Matilda Hill, 1827

Henry Brown married Susie Wright, 1820

Henry W. Brown married Nancy G. Ramsey, 1812

James Brown married Elizabeth Liptrot, 1823

James Brown married Ephey Ingram, 1867

James F. Brown married Nancy Donaldson, 1851

Jessie Brown married Georgianna Roberts, 1855

John L. Brown married Aurelia Tiffany, 1853

John L. Brown married Mary J. McGlohon, 1866

Lovett Brown married Nancy Bryant, 1835

Lucius Q. C. D. Brown married Mary L. Whigham, 1844

M. B. A. Brown married Julia Fields, 1866

Martin H. Brown married Julia A. E. Bostick, 1817

Richard J. Brown married Eliza Denny, 1842

Richard S. Brown married Temperance Powell, 1822

Samuel Brown married Nancy Andrews, 1813

Samuel A. D. Brown married Fannie Sinquefield, 1871

Thomas L. Brown married Sarah J. Hayslip, 1865

Thomas L. Brown married Elizabeth Davis, 1877

Thomas P. Brown married Jane Clarke, 1830

Thomas P. Brown married Harriett Taylor, 1838

William J. Brown married Catherine Pittman, 1851

William J. Brown married Celcia V. Pritchett, 1861

Zachariah Brown married Mollie F. Adams, 1876

Zachrus L. Brown married Sarah Pritchett, 1839

John Bruton married Mildred Clarke, 1810

John Bryant married Matilda Holder, 1840

Lewis Bryant married Mollie Brown, 1873

William Bryant married Catherine Purvis, 1831

Henry G. Bryson married Belle Tarver, 1873

Moses C. Bullard married Smithy Peebles, 1833

William W. Bunton married Elizabeth Fokes, 1832

William Burch married Anne Cheatham, 1843

Charles H. Burke married Sarah Gordon, 1846

Howell D. Burke married Henrietta Jackson, 1824

Hugh L. Burke married Mary Ann Fleming, 1846

James P. Burke married Margaret B. Burke, 1869

William A. Burke married Nancy M. Whitehead, 1873

Reuben Burts married Gatsey Raiford, 1823

James Bush married Susannah Moore, 1862

Charles Butler married Mary Patterson, 1817

William Butt married Elizabeth Campbell, 1831

Wm. Buttrill married Charity Brooks, 4-12-1832, Butts County, Ga

William Buzbay married Rhosa Lowry, 1816

Isaac Brumbelow married Leddy or Letty Snead, 7-28-1842; Forsyth County, Georgia Marriages

Joel Brumbelow married Nancy Snead, 6-23-1842; Forsyth County, Georgia Marriages

Lewis Byne married Mary Jordan, 1818


Elisha Cain married Margaret E. S. Polhill, 1845

George L. Cain married Mary E. Stone, 1859

James Cain married Nancy Granberry, 1821

Thomas S. Calhoon married Martha Kimberly, 1845

Washington Calhoon married Jane Pevy, 1850

William Calhoon married Amanda M. Hudson, 1843

Wesley Calhoun married May Jones, 1866

John Cameford married Avis Allen, 1824

Watson Campbell married Talitha A. Davidson, 1838

David A. Cannon married Martha Williams, 1858

Isaac Carany married Kitsey Holmes, 1868

John Caraway married Ophelia Claxton, 1875

William A. Caraway married Elamina Scarboro, 1874

Ashley Carlton married Elizabeth C. Fort, 1816

Duncan Carmichael married Jane Wilcher, 1808

David L. Carpenter married Amanda C. Hewitt, 1858

Duan H. Carpenter married Elizabeth L. J. Hewet, 1855

Alex G. Carswell married C. Van Murphy, 1869

Alexander Carswell married Elizabeth W. Ashley, 1816

Mark A. Carswell married Jane Lowery, 1808

William J. R. Carswell married Sarah A. Wamock, 1858

John Carter married Margaret McKey, 1810

Vinson Cary married Ann Whigham, 1813

Elie M. A. Casales married Nancy Stone, 1812

Jesse Casey married Martha Screws, 1830

James McC Cason married Narcissa N. Perdue, 1857

Wyott Cason married Susannah Jones, 1807

Wyott Cason married Susannah Black, 1825

Edmund Cates married Nancy Cobb, 1807, Columbia County, Georgia

Hosea E. Cates married Susan A. F. Douglass, 1845

Thomas Cates married Heather Watson, 1843

T. F. Caulk married Lee Pannel, 1873

Allen Causey married Martha McBride, 1825

Isreal Causey married Susannah Cowart, 1817

James Causey married Lelia McCullough, 1821

Patrick H. Causey married Sarah Alexander, 1860

Wyriot H. Causey married Harriet Claxton, 1855

Littleberry Cavenah married Mary Liptrott, 1841

Homer Chalker married Doris Story, 1-3-1934, Gibson, Ga.  The groom is the son of Joe W. Chalker and the bride is the daughter of Alice Story Richards and the late Pink Story.

Francis Chalker married Lydia Chalker, 5-18-1847,Warren County, Ga.

Israel Champion married Judah Mosely, 1815

Israel Champion married Mary Salter, 1823

John Champion married Martha Willoby, 1813

John Chapman married Susan Banks, 10/28/1877, Pike City, Georgia; Ref: The Augusta Chronicle

Isaac Chance married Sarah Neely, 1824

James Chance married Jane Fleming, 1816

Jesse F. Chaney married Alice H. Arrington, 1876

Robert A. Chapeler married Sarah E. Davis, 1860

J. D. Cheanut married Alice Alexander, Louisville, Ga 12-14-1929;The Augusta Chronicle

Charles Cheatham married Elizabeth G. Wright, 1816

Eli D. F. Cheatham married Elizabeth Liptrott, 1855

James L. Cheatham married Martha M. Mathews, 1837

John F. Cheatham married Sarah E, Clark, 1871

John W. Cheatham married Naomi M. Miller, 1860

Samuel D. Cherry married Minnie Johnson, Atlanta, Georgia, 10/30/1877. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Nathan G. Christie married Elizabeth Hadden, 1832

Jonathan Churchwell married Nancy Barrow, 1807

James Clark married Louisa Williams, 1880

John Clark married Fannie Harrison, 1877

John E. Clark married Susan Harrison, 1877

Homer H. Clark married Dicey S. Calhoun, 1879

T. J. Clark married E. S. Stephens, 1878

Samuel M. Clark married Martha H. Fleming, 1875

William Clark married Mary E. Allen, 1879

William F. Clark married Fannie Graves, 1873

William F. Clark married Sarah O. Padgett, 1879

Alfred J. S. Clarke married Rachael Hayslip, 1851

Arthur S. Clarke married Frances A. S. Gordon, 1846

David Clarke married Agnes S. Townsley, 1810

Edmund Clarke married Vicey Jordan, 1837

Edward A. Clarke married Amelia Sandifer, 1850

James W. Clarke married Emily F. A. Mathews, 1845

Jesse Clarke married Elizabeth Matthews, 1850

John Clarke married Elizabeth Whigham, 1831

John W. Clarke married Jospehine Lowery, 1849

Phillips Clarke married Mary A. C. Hudson, 1841

Samuel Clarke married Johanna Townsley, 1816

Thomas Clarke married Catherine Lamp, 1809

William Clarke married Elizabeth Montgomery, 1835

William Clarke married Elizabeth Howard, 1842

William Clarke married Martha Garnus, 1847

Charles T. J. Claxton married Edy Anderson, 1861

John W. Claxton married Nancy Price, 1861

Lonzo B. Claxton married Isabella A. Allen, 1880

William Claxton married Sylpha Anderson, 1857

Zachariah Claxton married Georgia Womble, 1875

James Clements married Sarah Hadden, 1813

Samuel Clements married Jane Johnson, 1817

William J. Clements married Charlotte Coleman, 1853

William J. Clements married Cenitha E. Gregory, 1858

Noah B. Cloud married Mary M. Barton, 1835

Glynn Scott Cochran married Melissa Ann Gay, 11-12-1983.  Melissa is the granddaughter of Earl M. Templeton and Glynn is the son of Upton Cochran of Keysville, Ga. (TAC)

Isaac P. Cocke married Mary Ann Inman, 1837

John R. Cole married Eliza Attaway, 1854

Charles Coleman married Lucinda Hutchens, 1833

Daniel Coleman married Catherine Haslip, 1841

Elizha Coleman married Matilda Hall, 1839

Elliphet Coleman married Sophia M. Hargrove, 1811

G. W. Coleman married Virginia Garret, 1871

James A. Coleman married Martha Vickers, 1823

John Coleman married Mary Ford, 1811

John Coleman married Elizabeth Bedingfield, 1818

John Hampton Coleman married Jane N. Mulling, 1860

Joseph Coleman married Sarah Black, 1873

Linza Coleman married Hetty M. Green, 1835

Linza Coleman married Eliza C. Pritchard, 1852

Robert H. Coleman married Elizabeth Stevens, 1864

Robert P. Coleman married Margaret Smith, 3-1-1832

Matthew Coleman married Rachel Scarboro, 1839

W. W. Coleman married Moselle Fields, 1873

Wright R. Coleman married Clarissa Johnson, 1815

Ebenezer Collier married Nancy Horne 1821

William C. Collins married Miss Alice M. Waller, Hancock County, Georgia 10/30/1877; Ref: The Augusta Chronicle

William S. Collins married Chestia A. Haines, 1875

William Colly married Priscilla Thompson, 1816

John T. Compton married Nancy E. Scruggs, 7-28-1842; Forsyth County Georgia Marriages

William Connally married Mary Crawford, 1875

Daniel W. Connell married Elenor Young, 1832

Janiel J. Connell married Rachel Thompson, 1836

Jesse Connell, Jr. married Judah Beasley, 1838

Marshall D. Connel married Frances L. Perdue, 1872

Patrick B. Connelly married Julia Ann Horn, 1823

Jess Conniel married Mary Purvis, 1809

John Coody married Rebecca Bowen, 1854

A. J. Cook married Dialphia M. Black, 1875

Benjamin Cook married Elizabeth Kelly, 1837

Edwin Cook married Sallie E. Joiner, 1870

Frederick W. Cook married Julia V. Murphy, 1875

James Cook married Nancy Vickers, 1832

John R. Cook married Mary Ann Rheny, 1839

John T. Cook married Eliza A. Cavender, 1859

Owen Cook married Dishey Pierce, 1833

Caleb Cooksey married Phariba Trip, 1819

Joseph Cooper married Darcus Thompson, 1819

Seaborn Cooper married Ava Walden, 1842

William B. Cooper married Jane E. Walden, 1848

James Corbet married Holland McClevan, 1822

George Cornelius married Winnefred Fenn, 1813

James W. Coston married Mary L. Simon, 1868

James H. Cotter married Eliza C. McBride, 1867

Isaac Cotter married Margaret Manson, 1846

Isaac Cotter married Mary Manson, 1864

Eli Cottle married Mary Wills, 1830

Jerry Lee Couch married Shirley Ann Richardson, Gloverville, S.C. on May 27, 1967. Groom is the son of L. D. Couch of Langley, S.C. The bride is the daughter is Mr. and Mrs. Austin Richarson and the granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joe Richardson, Aiken, S.C. and Mrs. C. Henry Bland of Aiken and the late Mr. Bland. - The Augusta Chronicle

F. L. Covenah married E. A. Fields, 1877

Joseph Covenah married Martha Moore, 1866

Isaac Covington married Elizabeth Stapleton, 1826

Isaac Covington married Mrs. Rebecca Thompson, 1855

Noah Covington married Nicey N. Davis, 1822

Silas Covington married Nancy Barber, 1823

Simeon H. Covington married Martha Pope, 1852

William G. Covington married Dolly Guy, 1877

E. R. Cowart married Salle Weeks, 1866

Andrew Cowart married Martha A. Boyd, 1839

Henry Cowart married Rachel LaFever, 1808

Jesse Cowart married Lydia Fulwood, 1818

John W. Cowart married Susannah Drake, 1825

Samuel L. Cowart married Catherine Stevens, 1849

Stephen Cowart married Margaret Wood, 1809

Thomas G. Cowart married Edney Drake, 1827

Ezra G. Cox married Malinda Stephens, 1831

John Cox married Lydia Davis, 1807

John Cox married Sarah Rawls, 1811

Mark Cox married Theda Sams, 1875

William B. Cox married Moselle Calhoun, 1879

Benjamin Coxwell married Fannie Wilcher, 1830

Rhesa Crane married Elmina Martin, 1878

William J. Crane married Emma T. Chance, 1878

John Cranford married Mary Ann Martin, 1819

William Cranford married Jane Martin, 1808

Theophilus Crawford married Sarah Brown, 1853

Allen Creech married Louisa Eason, 1854

Michael Cronin married Agatha E C. Bostick, 1847

L. B. Crosby, of Spartangurg, Sc married Jo Byers, 2/12/1916; took place at the home of the brides parents, Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock; Mrs. C. O. Burrless as dame of honor; Miss Ella Lee Byers, maid of honor; Paul Crosby, brother of the groom and best man; Margaret Valley carried the ring; Miss Byers lived all her life in Sharon, Sc family regrets that her marriage will taker her to another town, Spartanburg. Ref: Columbia Sate Paper.

James M. Cross married Julia J. Polhill, 1855

John Crooks married Louisa J. Bothwell, 1837

Littleton Crop married Ann Stevens, 1839

Andrew Crople married Jane Wood, 1816

Francis Cross married Martha Monroe, 1832

Sardis E. Cross married Delaney Hayslip, 1830

Thomas Cross married Rebecca Pierce, 1827

Jeremiah Cruise married Delilah Huggins, 1827

Thomas W. Cullen married (Sarah) Elizabeth J. Brookins, 4/23/1856, Burke County, Georgia Marriages

Thomas W. Cullen married Martha Cornelia Brookins Bell, 5/10/1876, Burke County, Georgia Marriages

Wyatt A. Cullen married Comfort Merritt, 10/30/1890, Burke County, Georgia Marriages

Thomas J. Cumming married Josephine A. Key, 1871

Gray Cummings married Penelop Loftley, 1810

E. F. Curry married Fannie B. Jones, 1880

James S. Curry married Susan J. Ruff, 1880

John Curry married Mary Curry, 1813


James F. Daily married Ann C. Sharlost, 1843

James E. Daniel married Sarrah P. Holly, 1848

Joseph Daniel married Sarah J. Alexander, 1872

M. B. Daniel married L. P. Atwell, 1875

Needham Daniel married Sarah Atkins, 1870

Robert W. Daniel married Mary J. Reneau, 1852

Dr. T. S. Daniel married Anna C. Donevan, 1879

Warren Daniel married Catherine Black, 1880

Jerret Darby married Mary Wasden, 1858

John Darby married Sara Thomas, 1848

Benjamin Darcey married Martha Young, 1810

Joel Darcey married Barsheba Mathews, 1811

William Darcey married Elizabeth Mathews, 1815

James Darley married Susannah Byan, 1822

John W. Darley married Eliza Ann Hayles, 1828

Tarlton Darley married Mary A. A. Morgan, 1833

Tarlton Darley married Jane P. Lowry, 1841

Mose Darsey married Willis Murphy, 1875

Alexander H. Daughtry married Jane Grier, 1-10-1832, Butts County, Ga

William H. Dauglass married Elizabeth Carswell, 1851

Richard Davenport married Sarah Hancock, 1806

John H. Davidson married Catherine L. Hatcher, 1835

Aden P. Davis married Elvira Spann, 1844

Andrew A. Davis married Mattie Shives, 1879

Andrew J. Davis married Sarah Hudson, 1833

Andrew J. Davis married Mary Ann Cook, 1833

Andrew J. Davis married Mary E. Stewart, 1869

Arthur B. Davis married Anna Maria Schly, 1825

Daniel Davis married Peggy McKinzie, 1831

Daniel F. Davis married Eliza Brown, 1878

Elisha Davis married Sarah Powell, 1824

Elnathan Davis married Sarah Talbert, 1808

Enos A. Davis married Temperance Haridson, 1822

Henry Davis married Georgiann Fanntll, 1865

Hezekiah Davis married E. E. Ponder, 1868

Irwin Davis married Sarah A. Brassel, 1849

Isaac A. Davis married Arrency Pior, 1821

Isaac B. Davis married Harriet Farrow, 1851

James Davis married Elsey Walden, 1825

James Davis married Annah Bedingfield, 1879

John A. Davis married Marttie Jordan, 1861

Lewis Davis married Mary R. Fields, 1848

Mitchell Davis married Unity Fields, 1837

Moses Davis married Sarah Bair, 1823

Thomas Davis married Mary Jordan, 1877

William Davis married Rebecca Davis, 1821

William Davis married Nancy Newton, 1828

William L. Davis married Julia Rachels, 1879

Francis Dawkins married Louisa Blount, 1806

Henry Dawson married Mary H. Bryant, 1834

James B. Dawson married Eliza J. Causey, 1873

Kinchen Dawson married Sally Smith, 1812

William C. Dawson married Termelia C. Gough, 1853

Benjamin Deason married J. (James) McClower, 2-16-1832, Butts County, Ga

Bryant Dees married Sarah Dodd, 1819

James Dees married Nancy Purvis, 1834

John Dees married Causy Taylor, 1807

Bush Defual married Nancy Pyeland, 1810

Davis Defual married Mary Murphy, 1813

Sandus B. Defrell married Jane Pitman, 1853

Gary Dennis married Joyce Elizabeth Willing, Mary 27, 1967, Aiken, S.C., Shiloh Baptist Church, bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lenwood Willing.  The groom is the son of Mrs. J. W. Flowers, Lancaster, S.C. and the late Mr. Flowers. - The Augusta Chronicle.

James E. Denny married Sallie J. Rogers, 1876

Samuel Denny married Margaret Cuming, 1807

Samuel Denny married Jane Whigham, 1814

Samuel Denny married Sarah Frances Clements, 1849

W. F. Denny married Sue A. Brown, 1869

William A. Denny married Elizabeth J. Clark, 1879

David Denton married Rachell M. Stapleton, 1857

Stephens Derouzeaux married Peity Brown, 1820

Jeptha Deubose married Sarah Salter, 1805

Michael Deurouseanze married Elizabeth Homes, 1820

Thomas Dickson married Sarah Harrigill, 1812

L. B. Diehl married Ella Brazil, 1873

Nicholas Diehl married Sarah Hayales, 1836

Robert Diehl married Sarah Thomas, 1864

Joseph Dillard married Martha Rollins, 1839

Toliver Dillard married Penny Hudson, 1836

Binam Dixon married Clarkey Pitman, 1848

Bynum Dixon married Sally Vause, 1825

Hickman Dixon married Elizabeth Jane Hadden, 1853

Nicholas Dixon married Parmelia Eliza Gray, 1852

Dr. Roger K. Dixon married Elizabeth F. Lemle, 1840

William Dixon married Charlotte Pitman, 1856

Robert Dodd married Piety Scott, 1817

John Donaldson married Nancy Beaty, 1829

Robert Donaldson married Mary Turner, 1817

Robert Donaldson married Elizabeth Hudson, 1824

Robert Donaldson married Nancy Whigham, 1824

William Donaldson married Tompkins, 1835

William Donaldson married Josephine Lampp, 1880

William J. Donaldson married Rosamia Sutton, 1853

William Donevan married Martha F. Tredwell, 1878

William Donovan married Sarah M. Green, 1857

Thad C. Doughtie of Americus, Georgia married Cora Vaughn , Macon, Georgia on 10/31/1877.  Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Samuel Douse married Eliza A. Buriene, 1823

Robert Drake married Elizabeth Coley, 1814

Semuel B. Drake married Rebecca Rawls, 1812

John F. Duke married Mary E. Attaway, 1879

Shadrack Duke married Nancy Gordon, 1849

Edward Dukes married Lizzie Steward, 1873

J. W. Dukes married Sallie N. Calhoon, 1870

Dr. D. P. Duncan married Emma M. Pannal, 1874

James Dunford married Nancy Black, 1858

James Dupress married Patsey Walkers, 1808

Stephens Durouzeaux married Elizabeth Reid, 1826

Moses Durouzeaux married Anny Fokes, 1835

Moses Duseauzeaux married Pensey Farmer, 1856

John E. Dye married Mary S. Gregory, 1868

John W. Dye married Dissin Avery, 1878

Martin Dye married Piety Pilate, 1840

Martin G. Dye married Mary Ann Haden, 1851

Martin G. Dye married Lucy Ann Haden, 1866

Nathan Dye married Margaret Darby, 1849

Nathan Dye married Elizabeth G. Vause, 1868


Edmond Eason married Elizabeth Caldwell, 1828

Seth Eason married Polly Green, 1811

Seth Eason married Erilla Burton, 1814

Seth Eason married Viney Arrington, 1828

John Earnest married Susannah Vining, 1812

James Edmonds married Hannah J. Gordon, 1819

John S. Edmondson married Emma L. Bostick, 1863

Benjamin Edward married Lydia Stewart, 1830

Benjamin Elliott married Elizabeth Sinquefield, 1820

Nathan Ellis married Sarah Beasley, 1850

Claude C. Ellison married Eola Stapleton, daughter of T. J. Stapleton, on December 19, 1896 by M.B.L. Binion, M.G.; Terrell County, Ga

Nathaniel Ennis married Theny Tapley, 1812

Benjamin J. Emanuel married Amazon J. Johnson, 1830

George Eubanks married Mary Brown, 1823

Littleberry Eubanks married Gadsey Sutton, 1823

Andrew L. Evans married Martha Lumpkin, 1850

Marcus Evans married Emeline Palmer, 1850

Phillip J. Evans married Martha A. T. Parker, 1845

Samuel C. Evans married Lula L. Carswell, 1873

Samuel C. Evans married Lizzie M. Donovan, 1879

Thurston Dale Evans of Durham, NC married Alice Lavinia Eidson of Ward, SC, 6-11-1940 at the University Methodist Church of Durham, NC;the d/o Mrs. Lola Wright Eidson and Wilbur Manley Eidson; niece of Mrs. Z. S. Sikes, Augusta, Ga; Aunt Mary Eidson, Ward, SC was maid of honor; Uncle, Rowland Eidson of Ward, SC. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

William Jones Evans married Lillie B. Carswell, 1875

McPherson B. Eve married Rillan M. Moye, 1866


Hansel R. Faglie married Elizabeth T. Allen, 1879

James L. Faglie married Sarah A. E. Williams, 1869

John Faglie married Mary Sutton, 1823

John A. Faglie married Eliza N. Pope, 1872

R. B. Faglie married Sarah W. Brassel, 1871

William F. Faglie married Lucy A. E. Williams, 1867

James Fagle married Pamelia Davidson, 1838

Clyde Faircloth married Annie Mae Rowland, 6-5-1926, Saturday night, North Augusta, SC with Rev. Floyd Surles officiating.  Rowland is the d/o Mr. and Mrs. F. F> Roland.  Ref: The Augusta Chronicle

Benjamin F. Farmer married Aseneth E. Owens, 1840

Enoch Farmer married Margaret Brown, 1809

Enoch Farmer married Celia J. Hudson, 1834

Enoch Farmer married Martha Hannah, 1856

George W. Farmer married Jane Ponder, 1844

Henry T. Farmer married Battesheba S. Matthews, 1835

Isaac F. Farmer married Bettie Stratford, 1874

Isaac V. Farmer married Amanda Watkins, 1867

Jacob Farmer married Amey Stapleton, 1813

John J. Farmer married Ruth Streetman, 1841

Levin W. Farmer married Alice A. Brinson, 1863

Lewis D. Farmer married Adeline Atwell, 1875

Lewis R. Farmer married Margaret A. Turner, 1877

Robert S. Farmer married Willie B. Arrington, 1878

Thesa J. Farmer married Elizabeth J. Mathews, 1834

William Farmer married Sarah Brown, 1817

J. M. Farrer married Lizzie Scruggs, 1876

William Farrior married Marion Cowart, 1832

Aquilla M. Farrow married Susan Berryhill, 1856

Alfred A. Farrow married Elizabeth Strain, 1858

Garvin H. Farrow married Sarah Jane Johnson, 1849

William J. H. Farrow married Catherine E. Wasden, 1861

William A. Fay married Mary F. Pennington, 1833

William H. Fay married Julia A. Rheney, 1869

Mr. W. B. Feck of Macon, Georgia married Mrs. T. G. Bennett of Fomsyth one day last week. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle dated 11/4/1877, Tuesday.

Benjamin Fennell married Frances Hall, 1867

Thomas H. Ferrell married Fannie Thomas, 1866

Charles L. Fields married Nancy Jones, 1859

Charles T. Fields married Eliza Annie Hewitt, 1847

Eason E. Fields married Anna J. Hannah, 1874

Hampton Fields married Emma Goodown, 1879

Henry G. W. Fields married Julia Ann Pritchan, 1851

Mr. J. E. Fields of Cartersville married Miss Mary Hampton of Woodford County, Kentucky, 10/25/1877. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

James W. Fields married Ellen L. Bowen, 1850

Kendrick Fields married Fannie Beasley, 1867

Miles Fields married Mary Hall, 1837

William H. Fields married Elizabeth Roundtree, 1841

William J. Fields married Martha Bell, 1861

John Figg married Mary Ballard, 1816

Jesse Finley married Mary E. Brown, 1878

William Fisher married Martha C. Raiford, 1833

Richard Fleeting married Crissea Gross, 1817

Benjamin F. Fleming married Mary A. Gross, 1856

Benjamin F. Fleming married Laura E. Salter, 1872

Chalmers J. Fleming married Julia E. Stone, 1876

Edmond Fleming married Betsy Johnson, 1875

James A. Fleming married Mary L. Marshall, 1852

James E. Fleming married Mollie E. Whigham, 1879

John Fleming married Mary L. Manson, 1850

Laird Fleming married Mary Hicks, 1844

Laird B. Fleming married Jemima Hodges, 1814

Oliver Fleming married Olive Bradford, 1829

Samuel Fleming married Elvy Powell, 1807

Samuel P. Fleming married Mary Thompson, 1860

Samuel P. Fleming married G. S. Jordan, 1872

William W. Fleming married Martha J. Manson, 1848

James Hardin Fletcher married Eoline Barbara Christie, August 27, 1899, by J. I. Roberts, Terrell County, Ga.

George Alexander Florence of Athens, Ga married Miss Willie Clyde Lloyd of Augusta, Ga, 6-2-1926 in Aiken, South Carolina.  She is the d/o Mrs. Marie Lloyd of Augusta, Ga. Mr. Florence is a young prominent business man working with his father.  The couple will reside in Greenville, SC where he will establish a new business there. Dr. Loree Florence was sister of the groom. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Marcus Flournoy married Susannah A. Connelly, 1820

Marcus A. Flournoy married Margaret J. Shelman, 1832

Walkins R. Flournoy married Amanda C. Cullens, 1834

James Floyd married Martha Cross, 1817

Calvin Fokes married Vining Williams, 1836

John Fokes married Chloe Sandefer, 1811

John L. Fokes married Mary Burton, 1833

Shaderick Fokes married Nancy Hall, 1811

Solomon Fokes married Mitchal Horn, 1821

William B. Fokes married Mary J. Miller, 1849

William J. Fokes married Jane Bryant, 1854

William L. Fokes married Catherine McConkey, 1818

Edward Foley married Nancy Green, 1812

J. L. Forbes married Mary Calhoun, 1869

Arthur C. Ford married Emily Hawkes, 1860

William F. Ford married Nancy A. E. LaFaver 1868

John Ford married Basey Boon, 1809

Samuel Ford married Charity McLauglin, 1807

Drury Forehead married Olive Nettles, 1819

James Foreman married Rachel Morgan, 1823

James Foreman married Jane Haynes, 1824

James H. Foreman married Eliza A. N. Bostick, 1834

Martin Foreman married Louisa Hatcher, 1812

Moore Foreman married Ann Morgan, 1814

William Foreman married Mary Livingston, 1814

Charles M. Forte married Matilda Riddle, 1827

Lewis E. Forth married Sophia A. Hodges, 1856

John Robert Foster married Mary McGugan, 1826

Andrew Forsyth married Martha Tarver, 1819

Alfred Fountain married Elizabeth Vining, 1823

Asa Fountain married Nancy Langston, 1823

Asbury A. Fountain married Josephine Weeks, 1866

Enos Fountain married Lydia Waters, 1816

Etheldred Fountain married Ellender Ingram, 1813

Frederick Fountain married Nancy Vining, 1829

Jonathan Fountain married Courtney Voss, 1829

Henry Fountain married Susannah McLawhorn, 1836

Ivery Fountain married Susannah McCoslon, 1830

Noah Fountain married Susannah Moss, 1808

William R. Fountain married Kezia Lanier, 1839

Simmons Fowler married Nancy Carswell, 1809

Arthur Foyle married Amanda Wilkinson, 1830

John Foyle married Sophia Weaver, 1837

William B. Francis married Elizabeth Mitchell, 1859

Jason Franklin married America Roundtree of Emanuel County, Georgia, 1-17-1867; Ref: Marriage Records of Bulloch County, Georgia

Isaac Freeman married Terisa Huff, 1841

John Freeman married Anna Brinson, 1808

Moses Freeman married Sarah A. Smith, 1845

John B. Fryer married Marion J. Cain, 1880

Bryant Fulford married Sarah Eason, 1836

Charles Fulford married Harriet Price, 1870

Counsal Fulford married Caroline Pilot, 1822

J. W. Fulford married Rowanna F. Morris, 1874

Thomas Fullwood married Lydia Webb, 1815

Thomas Fulton married Sarah Warnock, 1808

Allen Futral married Millery Watkins, 1841

Daniel J. Futral married Anna E. Peel, 1873

Joel E. Futral married Susan Lampp, 1867

John W. Futral married Mary E. McNeely, 1878

William J. Futral married Martha Hall, 1850


George Gains married Elizabeth D. young, 1846

David Galbreath married Anne Screws, 1839

George G. Galfin married Ella Calhoun, 1879

Charles M. Gamble married Elizabeth Jordan, 1832

John Gamble married Rachel Lowry, 1807

Roger Lawson Gamble married Mary Sterrett, 1816

Roger Lawson Gamble married Martha A. Gobert, 1850

S. L. Gamble married Laura Barnes, 1876

Ebenezer Ganus married Julia Prescott, 1868

Etheldred Ganus married Elizabeth Arrington, 1856

Frederick Ganus married Annie Bell Jones, 8-28-1920 at Curtis Baptist Church Pastorium.  Mr. and Mrs. Ganus will make their home in Augusta, Ga. Source: The Augusta Chronicle, 8-29-1920.

Jasper Ganus married Mary Shirley, 1873

Mitchell Ganus married Mary Jackson, 1874

Joseph Garner married Atheline Moss, 1828

Absalem Garrett married Mary A. Hutchens, 1868

Henry G. Garrett married Mary Cavenah, 1849

Robert Garvin married Elizabeth D. Eason, 1825

Robert A. Garvin married Louisa M. Lemle, 1856

Seaborn Gatland married Betsey Fountain, 1832

Abram Gay married Mary J. Perdue, 1868

Barnabas C. Gay married Elizabeth Ann McNair, 1834

Isaac Gay married Mandy Holley, 1871

Isaac Gay married Ellen E. Davis, 1878

James Gay married Sarah E. Perdue, 1870

James Gay married Emma Dukes, 1880

Joel J. Gay married Susan F. Tompkins, 1851

John A. Gay married Janey Thomas, 1809

Ricky Wayne Gay married Donna Sherry Brooks.  She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brooks and the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Terry of Wrens, and Mrs. Berta Brooks and the late Wesley Brooks.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gay of Wrens, Ga. and the grandson of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Moats, and the late Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Gay, all of Wrens. 

Thomas Gay married Ethel Brown, 2-11-1906

William Gay married Ellender Arrington, 1817

Enoch Gibson married Caroline Perkins, 1872

John Gibson married Nancy Marshall, 1844

Thomas Gibson married Nancy Durouzeaux, 1818

William H. Gill married Malinda Moore, both of Pike County, Georgia, 10/20/1877. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

James Gilmore married Lucinda Hargrove, 1822

John Gilmore married Mary Brady, 1815

William Gilmore married Sarah Irwin, 1820

William Girtman married Smitty Peebles, 1823

James Givin married Nancey Berryhill, 1825

John M. Glase married Mary A. Campbell, 1823

George W. Glenn married Hannah T. Lawson, 1811

Dennis Glisson married Elizabeth E. Brown, 1858

Benjamin Glover married Penny Wasden, 1858

Daniel Glover married Martha E. Brassell, 1867

James S. Glover of Walterborough, SC married Harriet E. Deveaux, Thursday Evening, 2/19/1857 by Rev. C. Pinckney.  Harriet is the eldest d/o J. P. Deveaux of Charleston City. Ref: Charleston Courier dated 2/15/1857.

Jesse Glover married Drusilla Bush, 1811

Jesse Glover married Martha Miller, 1854

John H. Glover married Sarah E. Brumby of Marietta, Georgia, 4/16/1861. Sarah is the 4th d/o R. T. Brumby of Marietta, Georgia. Marriage took place in St. James Church, by Rev. S. Benedict.  Ref: Charleston Courier dated 4/29/1861.

Capt. John V. Glover of Orangeburg, SC married Miss Debbie Elizabeth Elve, 7/30/1857 by Rev. Pinckney.  Debbie is the eldest d/o Albert Elve. Ref: Charleston Mercury dated 8/3/1857.

Matthew Glover married Vicey Black, 1848

(Mayor) Thomas W. Glover married Marielle E. Nesbitt, Wednesday evening, 6-21-1893, Presbyterian Church, Marietta, Georgia with Rev. Dr. D. L. Buttolph and Rev. J.  H. Patton.  Miss Nesbitt is the d/o Col. and Mrs. R. T. Nesbitt.  Best man was Capt. R. W. Boone and maid of honor was Miss May McIntosh. Ref: Marietta Journal, 6-29-1893.

James P. Gobert married Susan A. Lemle, 1855

William Godfrey married Margaret Crossley, 1811

Starling Good married Elizabeth Lock, 1810

Thomas S. Goode married Luraney Pierce, 1858

Jacob Goodown married Mary Mathews, 1824

William A. Goodown married Narcissa Way, 1865

James A. Goodowns married Emma E. Rodgers, 1868

Alexander Gordon married Elizabeth Gaskin, 1827

Elvah A. Gordon married Emily J. White, 1856

Hugh Gordon married Delilah Scott, 1810

James Gordon married Mary J. McBride, 1856

John M. Gordon married Elizabeth E. Harvey, 1856

Samuel Gordon married Martha Penrow, 1842

Thomas H. Gordon married Eveline H. F. Moore, 1828

Peter Gourdin married Constantia Harleston Moultrie, Thursday, 4/25/1861, at "The Bluffs" in St. John's Berkeley, Rev. Mr. Howe. Constantia is the d/o Dr. William Moultrie of that Parish. Ref: Charleston Courier dated 4/29/1861.

Thomas Grace married Eliza Hudspeth, 1808

William Grace married Polly Dickens, 1809

Thomas Granberry married Sarah C. Livingston, 1853

Thomas Grant married Susannah Barber, 1808

William H. Gray married Mary V. Hannah, 1861

Benjamin Green, Jr. married Elizabeth Pierce, 1819

Benjamin Green married Rachell Green, 1820

Benjamin Green married Jane Brown, 1828

Daniel R. Green married Lizzie A. Stephens, 1866

George Green married Ann E. Batts, 1880

Henry Green married Sarah Fields, 1829

Jesse D. Green married Olive Bell, 1821

John Green married Elizabeth Killingsworth, 6/28/1829, Bibb County, Georgia

John W. Green married Nancy McGar, 1840

Robert Green married Calsey Cron, 1826

Samuel Green married Elizabeth Lamb, 1831

Shepherd Green married Jane McDonald, 1818

Shepherd Green married Alice Elminor Spivey, 1823

Thomas Green married Anna McDonald, 1824

Thomas Green married Mary A. Davis, 1850

Alfred Greenway married Gilley A. Scarborough, 1845

Robert J. Greenway married Elizabeth Price, 1865

H. B. Gregory married Irena E. Hudson, 1833

Harvely B. Gregory married Hetty Ann Winn, 1848

Henry W. Gregory married Delilah Scoregers, 1848

Thomas Gregory married Lela Truluck, 1822

John Grenade married Patience Lowry, 1825

Ennis Grey married Elizabeth F. Pope, 1834

Millard Grey married Mary L. Whitaker, 1859

James H. Griffin married Julia A. Wood, 1870

William J. Griffin married Arianne C. Raiford, 1860

Morris Grimes married Elenor Brady, 1818

(Gen.) Washington Grimes of Madison County, Georgia, a widower of about 65 years married Mrs. Frances Rowe, a charming young widow of about 45 summers married last week.  Ref: The Augusta Chronicle dated 11/4/1877

William Grimes married Sarah Ann Lawson, 1853

William Grimes married Mary Durouzeux, 1822

Alfred Grimsey married Nancy Kent, 1834

Benjamin A. Grubbs married Cynthia Hayslip, 1850

Benjamin A. Grubbs married Rosa Outler, 1859

Miles Guillian married Mary Peebles, 1808

Isaiah Gunn married Frances R. Wright, 1858

Isaiah Gunn married Falba Youngblood, 1865

James Gunn married Elizabeth Irby, 1826

James Gunn married Nancy Berryhill, 1826

Jesse Gunn married Elizabeth Stapleton, 1811

John Gunn married Rebecca M. Young, 1855

John Gunn married Martha S. Lowery, 1836

John P. Gunn married Louisa L. Smith, 1874

Lewis F. Gunn married Mary Prior, 1839

S. F. Gunn married Lizzie E. Youngblood, 1871

Thomas Gunn married Elizabeth Gunn, 1823

Ennis Guy married Elizabeth F. Pope, 1834

John Guy married Sarah Thompson, 1809

Mallarey M. Guy married Mary L. Whitaker, 1859


John Hackle married Ellen J. Brown, 1866

Benjamin Hadden married Mary Thompson, 1835

Benjamin Hadden married Jane Connell, 1847

Benjamin Hadden married Francia Adams, 1855

Benjamin Hadden married Margaret Hadden, 1856

Benjamin Hadden married Margaret E. Thompson, 1871

James N. Hadden married Elizabeth Brassell, 1851

John Hadden married Nancy Williams, 1830

John Hadden married Margaret Thompson, 1843

John Hadden married Sallie Peebles, 1870

John W. Hadden married Lucy Ann Williams, 1859

Joshua Hadden married Elizabeth Thigpen, 1871

Joshua Hadden married Amanda T. Thompson, 1872

Lawson G. Hadden married Lizzie Covington, 1865

Murray Wesley hadden married Betty Sue Dollar Bailey, 9-16-1966 at the First Baptist Church.  Betty is the daughter of Mrs. D. E. Dollar and the groom is the son of C. N. Hadden.  Brother of Betty, Bobby Dollar.

Samuel Hadden married Rebecca Price, 1830

Samuel Hadden married Sarah Williams, 1841

Samuel Hadden married Harriet Connell, 1851

Samuel H. Hadden married Rebecca Thompson, 1848

Thomas Hadden married Mary Jane McGahee, 1854

Thomas Hadden married Amanda Williams, 1860

William Hadden married Anna Price, 1827

William Hadden married Elizabeth Thompson, 1845

William J. Hadden married Jane P. Williams, 1860

William P. Hadden married Merenda Williams, 1857

Joseph Halfield married Elizabeth Brown, 1860

Bery Hall married Sallie McDaniel, 1865

E. J. Hall married Eugenia Hall, 1878

Green S. Hall married Martha E. Boyd, 1858

H. J. Hall married Elizabeth Weeks, 1871

Hardy Hall married Ellen Bowen, 1861

J. B. Hall married Sallie E. Hall, 1872

Jackson Hall married Dora Moore, 1870

Jesse Hall married Nancy Hall, 1809

Joseph Hall married Melinda Hall, 1854

Mack G. Hall married Elizabeth Patter, 1880

Red Hall married Ann Wells, 1818

Red Hall married Cresey Cook, 1821

Reddin M. Hall married Mary Claxton, 1853

Thomas Hall married Louisa Brown, 1819

William Hall married Martha Fulford, 1817

William Hall married Selestia Billops, 1878

William K. Hall married Mary J. Perdue, 1859

Willis Hall married Nancy E. Reed, 1849

White Hall married Elizabeth Hutchen, 1858

Benjamin Halsey married Martha Kennedy, 1809

Allen Ham married Lizzie Hall, 1866

H. W. H. Ham married Anna E. Cook, 1873

Jesse Ham married Agnes Lawson, 1873

William Ham married Sarah Ann Wiley, 1823

William Ham married Patsey Roe, 1808

James Hammet married Rebecca Anderson, 1813

Edward Hannah married Laura McNeely, 1880

James F. Hannah married Elizabeth A. Farmer, 1859

John E. Hannah married Susan Kelly, 1876

Lucius Q. C. D. Hannah married Salina J. Underwood, 1859

(Robert) Richard Hannah married Laney M. Fields, 1833

Samuel Hannah married Louisa Morgan, 1844

Thomas Hannah married Catherine Kennedy, 1822

Thomas A. Hannah married Elizabeth Williams, 1851

William Hannah married Celia Ingram, 1822

William Hannah married Susannah Bigham, 1844

William F. Hannah married Sarah S. Samples, 1848

John Lewis Hardin married Lois Usry, March 20, 1936, The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Darvin Usry, a pupil at Gibson High School.  Mr. Hardin, a teacher at bethel School, Glascock County for several years.  He is presently engaged in farming in the Bethel vicinity where the couple will reside. Source: The Augusta Chronicle.

Fleming H. Hardman married Sarah J. Bigham, 1864

Frank Hardeman married Lilla Rhodes, 1-23-1918.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Rhodes.  They left for a honeymoon trip to Florida.  They will make their home in Louisville, Ga. (The Atlanta Constitution)

Thomas Hardeman married Annie F. Hudson, 1867

Charles Hardwick married Ann F. Johnson, 1867

William P. Hardwick married Sarah B. Cheatham, 1813

Howell Hargrove married Nancy Thompson, 1816

John Hargrove married Olive Smith, 1809

Thomas F. Harlow married Mollie L. Diehl, 1869

Joseph Harmon married Anne Mariah Felts, 3-3-1832, Butts County, Ga

Nathaniel T. Harman married Bettie Evans, 1873

Cullen Harp married Edna Harrel, 1812

Elisha Harral married Kesiah Sinclair, 1823

David Harrel married Eliza Turner, 1827

Jesse Harrel married Lucinda Murphy, 1847

Jesse Harrel married Jane Barfield, 1836

Jesse Harrel married Elizabeth Spines, 1832

Joseph Harrel married Jane E. Cates, 1863

Soloman Harrel married Nancy Turner, 1817

Elijah G. Harrell married Mary J. Gay, 1874

G. H. Harrell married Emily Sinquefield, 1868

Addison E. Harris married Julia Hines, 1832

Benjamin Harris married Jane Hudson, 1822

Hiram D. Harris married Honolua Pilgrim last week in Atlanta, Georgia. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle dated 11/4/1877.

Isaac Harris married Mary Green, 1807

John Harris married Sarah Pennington, 1822

Nathan F. Harris married Ann McConkey, 1823

Ned Harris married Mrs. Isabella Frazier on last Thursday, by Rev. H. A. Sengstacke at the home of the brides brother, J. L. Harden at Woodville.  The Savannah Tribune, 3-17-1906.

W. A. Harris married M. A. Pevy, 1872

William H. Harrison married Maggie A. Hyman, 1872

Etheldred Harrod married nancy Cook, 1814

James Harrod married Martha Minus, 1813

Nathan Harrod married Elizabeth Faircloth, 1807

Barney Hart married Elizabeth Allen, 1807

Barney Hart married Ida Tooke, 1874

Berry Harvey married Judie Hadden, 1868

Hiram P. Harvey married Susan Hannah, 1871

John B. Harvey married Mary Hogg, 1842

Thomas D. Harvey married Sarah Chastain, 1810

Thomas J. Harvey married Ann Mariah Clarke, 1834

William P. Harvey married R. A. Thompson, 1872

Christopher Haslip married Eliza J. Wiggins, 1865

John Haslip married Polly Bass, 1812

John Haslip married Catherine Scarborough, 1831

Kindal T. Haslip married Nancy Cose (Cox) 1823

Lott W. Haslip married Abbagail Hines, 1824

William Haslip married Susan Jones, 1845

William H. Haslip married Melissa Vauss, 1855

William D. Hatcher married Sarah F. Bryant, 1871

William Blakely Hawkins, Jr. (Augusta, Ga) married Mildred Ann Rohling (Birmingham Ala.) 12-28-1961 at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Birmingham.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Albert H. Rohling of Birmingham and the groom's parents are Lt. Col. & Mrs. William Blakely Hawkins, of Arlington, Va and Augusta. (TAC)

Peter Hawthorn married Elizabeth Duncan, 1808

Joseph A. Hayes married Laney L. P. Willoughby, 1874

John M. Hayles married Margaret Goulding, 1843

William Hayles married Mary Ann Bostick, 1807

Robert A. Hayles married Mary A. Stratford, 1872

William A. Hayles married Amarintha E. Rheny, 1852

William F. Hayles married Josephine C. Harrell, 1860

Wythy Hayles married Sarah Boatright, 1811

Calvin Hayslip married Lucinda Hayslip, 1852

Elijah Hayslip married Mary Tillman, 1835

Lundy Hayslip married Elizabeth Caulin, 1837

William A. Hayslip married Amelia Sykes, 1839

John J. Heard married Cynthia Battey, 1832

Nisias Henderson married Mary Sammons, 1840

Ranson Henderson married Martha E. Brassell, 1866

W. J. Henderson married Sarah Mulling, 1868

Phillip Herdgines married Mary Barber, 1814

Jacob Herod married Nancy Faircloth, 1805

Edmund Herrin married Mary Donaldson, 1807

Jesse Herring married Fanny McMahan, 1810

John Herring married Mary Foreman, 1808

Littleberry Hew married Sarah Beasley, 1840

James P. Hicks married Julia V. Hudson, 1876

Timothy Hicks married Mary Jane Hudson, 1855

Nicholas A. Higgins married Sarah Sutton, 1821

Mr. W. W. Hightower of Monroe County, Georgia married Miss Z. M. Gloss of Henry County, Georgia, 10/21/1877. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Rev. Jacob Lewis Hillis married Mamie Kelley of Vidette, Ga, 12-25-1929. Mamie is the only d/o Charles Benjamin Kelly.  Formerly of Girard, Ga.  She is descended from the Jenkins and Drake families of Ga and S.C.  Her grandfather was an active service throughout the war between the states. Her mother was Miss Susie G. Jenkins of Burke County, Ga.  Paternal side the bride is descended from the Kelley's of Jefferson County who moved from Macon to Louisville in the early days of Louisville.  Mr. Kelley, her father was a large planter. The bride attended Asbury College, Wilmore, Ky and the Georgia State College for Women, Milledgeville, Ga.  Mr. Hillis,  youngest son of Mrs. Kate A. Hillis of Girard and is a descendant of the Houston and Daniels families. He graduated at Georgia School of Technology in the Class of 1926.  He studied Theology in the class at Emory University, highest grade made in seven years.  They will live in Waycorss District. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Fenton Hilton married Clara Williams, 1872

John Hilton married Ellen Murphy, 1853

Thomas Hilton married Sarah Ann Eason, 1853

John H. Hines married Sarah Bass, 1822

Stephen Hines married Ann Sconyers, 1822

William H. Hines married Louisa J. Godowns, 1853

Joseph B. Hitchcock married Lizzie Beasley, 1875

LaFayette Hobbs married Julia Ann Thompson, 1832

William Hobbs married Sarah Peebles, 1813

William D. Hobbs married Martha A. Mathis, 1871

Abel Hodges married Charlotte Harrell, 1811

Elias Hodges married Sarah Gilliam, 1811

George C. Hodges married Sarah C. Hayslip, 1822

James Hodges married Amason Bostick, 1877

Richard Hodges married Elizabeth Jordan, 1822

Wiley Hoffman married Sarah Powell, 1834

James Hogan married Hannah Brinson, 1837

Alexander Holder married Dora A. Fennell, 1867

William Holder married Frances Stone, 1827

William S. Holder married Absala Coody, 1841

Wyley Holder married Mary Waters, 1822

Enos Holland married Susan Brown, 1820

Frederick Holland married Sarah Perkins, 1845

Elijah Hollaman married Mary Rollins, 1830

Elijah Hollaun married Levincy Jeffercy, 1851

John Holley married Mary Stephens, 1836

Charles L. Holmes married Lucinda J. Durden, 1877

Henry Holmes married Nancy J. Holmes, 1867

Orin E. Holmes married Mary Lee Parsons, 10-25-1941.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Parsons of Star, North Carolina. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Asa Holt married Mary Palmer, 1816

William Holt married Ann Cook, 1827

Daniel Hook married Catherine S. Schley, 1818

Jesse Hopkins married Julianna Williams, 1807

Pearce Horne married Tallulah Johnson, 1861

William Horton married Elizabeth Matthews, 1866

Andrew Howard married Elizabeth F. Newton, 1832

Jeremiah Howard married Huldah A. J. Beasley, 1826

William Howard married Mariah Grace, 1835

Henry Tillman Howell married Edith Pittman, 10-6-1929  Edith is d/o Tobe A. Pittman and Doretha William Pittman, born on May 31, 1914, Jefferson County, Ga and died October 12, 1991.  Burial Wrens City Cemetery.

John Howell married Rachel Ratcliff, 1806

Richard M. Howell married Saletha Baldwin, 1826

William D. Hoyt married Florence W. Stephens, 1863

Alfred S. Hudson married Judith E. Perdue, 1836

Alfred S. Hudson married Artimesia M. Perdue, 1848

Elbert Hudson married Ellender E. Perdue, 1845

Elbert Hudson married Patsey Smith, 1817

Elijah Hudson married Eliza Morgan, 1829

Elijah Hudson married Sarah Threwitts, 1821

Erwin Hudson married Elizabeth Morgan, 1819

Etheldred Hudson married Ellen Ponder, 1840

George P. Hudson married Cornelia E. Carswell, 1863

Granberry H. Hudson married Susannah Lee, 1830

Hampton J. Hudson married Mollie Gordon, 1869

Henry Hudson married Melvina Woods, 1853

Hezekiah H. Hudson married Annie E. Barrow, 1866

James C. Hudson married Martha Carswell, 1858

James J. Hudson married Wylanty P. Davis, 1846

James T. Hudson married Temperance Liptrot, 1820

John T. Hudson married Pattie J. Stone, 1871

Richard Hudson married Martha Fulwood, 1816

Richard Hudson married Peggy Beaty, 1829

Jonathan Huff married Mary Patterson, 1843

Joseph N. Huff married Sophronia A. Thompson, 1843

James Hull married Nancy Ann Phillips, 1846

S. F. Hunt married A. E. McCroan, 1877

Bryant J. Hunter married Nancy Davis, 1824

Edward Hunter married Mary Wright, 1821

Edward N. Hunter married Elizabeth Newsome, 1876

William D. Hunter married Mary A. E. Henderson, 1866

William Hurd married Sarah Hilton, 1833

Elijah Hutchens married Polly Carlisle, 1819

James Hutchens married Polly Gordy, 1812

John Hutchens married Mourning Woodard, 1821

Wiley Hutchens married Nancy Brassel, 1867


David Ingram married Margaret Fountain, 1815

Etheldred Ingram married Phoebe Ingram, 1829

Isaac Ingram married Sarah Thompson, 1841

James Ingram married Polly Tripp, 1826

Robert B. Ingram married Lucretia Ingram, 1829

Seaborn Ingram married Sarah king, 1836

Alfred Inman married Sophia Sneed, 1814

Jeremiah V. Inman married Mourning W. Fraicle, 1851

John Irby married Sarah Boykin, 1816

John Irby married Sarah Brassell, 1865

Randolph Irby married Nancy Thompson, 1823

Seaborn Irby married Eliza Belcher, 1851

Robert Irwin married Patience Wells, 1823

Robert Irwin married Priscillo Raglin, 1822

Cary T. Isley, of Spartanburg, S.C., married Louise McNeely of Augusta, Georgia, on December 24, 1944.  Mrs. Isley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. McNeely of Louisville, Ga.  She graduated from Tubman High School and attended Washington University.  Employed with the Capital Transit Company, Washington, D.C., Navy and Ships, Washington, and the Augusta Chronicle. Cary Isley is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Isley, Sr., of Spartanburg, S.C.  He attended the Spartanburg Schools, then college and became a radio technician with the Navy in Washington. - The Augusta Chronicle.

Edwin Ivy (Ivey) married Arreny Bridges, 2-23-1832, Butts County, Ga


Jacob A. Jones married Missiana McKenzie, 1872

James Jackson married Louisa Little, 1866

Joseph Jackson married Polly Cowart, 1806

Julius Jackson married Betsy Ann McKigney, 1830

Peter Jackson married Rebecca Tillman, 1871

Robert Jackson married Peggy B. Weeks, 1867

Thomas Jackson married Mary Grimes, 1880

Smith James married married Julia Adkinson, 1865

Charles J. Jenkins married Sarah S. R. R. Jones, 1832

James W. M. Jenkins married Susannah Darley, 1841

Thomas N. Jenkins married Susannah Sarah M. J. Moore, 1827

Franklin Johns married Frances Tompkins, 1873

Franklin Johns married Mary Ann Moore, 1877

Ellis Johnson married Serana Vause, 1848

Frank Johnson married Mamie A. L. Frazier, Thursday evening, 1-15-1920 at the parsonage of Bethel A. M. E. Church with Rev. H. H. Williamson.  Ref: Savannah Tribune, 1-17-1920.

George W. Johnson married Martha E. McBride, 1867

Henry P. Johnson married Martha J. Covington, 1869

Isaac W. Johnson married Ella Eason, 1868

James M. Johnson married Ammie V. Brown, 1879

Jesse Johnson married Nancy Freeman, 1829

John Johnson married Betsey Paulk, 1816

John W. Johnson married Sarah Ann Davis, 11-13-1842; Forsyth County, Georgia Marriages

Joseph Johnson married Amanda Walker, 1863

Nowell Johnson married Matilder Spann, 1879

Russel W. Johnson married Caroline H. Allen, 1839

Russell W. Johnson married Harriet J. Allen, 1845

Samuel Johnson married Sallie F. Smith, 1874

Thomas Johnson married Jane Inge, 1820

Thomas T. Johnson married Sarah Barrs, 1830

William Johnson married Mary Bailey, 1810

William Johnson married Georgiana Nicholas, 1836

Winder P. Johnson married Lenora J. Johnson, 1868

John W. Johnston married Susan A. M. Sanders, both of Talbot County, Georgia, 11-22-1838 by Rev. Charles A. Brown. Re: The Georgia Messenger.

A. J. Joiner married Julia J. Kenedy, 1878

Ashley Joiner married Mary Carswell, 1851

Elijah D. Jones married Lottie Screws, 1876

G. A. Jones married Mollie Greenway, 1877

Green H. Jones married Nancy Wiggins, 1853

Green H. Jones married Lottie Pierce, 1861

Henry Jones married Essoe Lee Wilson, 8-28-1920, Curtis Baptist Pastorium, Mr. and Mrs. Jones are both of Augusta, Georgia.  Source: The Augusta Chronicle, 8-29-1920.

Henry Brinson Jones, s/o M. Brinson Jones, married Patricia Elaine Anderson, 10-1964, Wrens, Georgia.

Jabey Jones married Mary E. Hall, 1838

Jabez Jones married Eveline Tompkins, 1843

James Jones married Lydia Rodgers, 1808

James M. Jones married Temperance Donaldson, 1832

James M. Jones married Candase Baxter, 1851

James M. Jones married Elizabeth Jones, 1869

James M. Jones married Mary A. Quinney, 1870

Jesse Jones married Susan Pierce, 1813

John Jones married Pheriba Wilder, 1811

John W. Jones married Rachel Greenway, 1867

Josiah P. Jones married Sarah Williams, 1859

Kendrick J. Jones married Frances Lamb, 1838

Levin E. Jones married Eliza J. Whigham, 1869

Miles Jones married Moriah Bird, 1861

Robert Jones married Sarah Chance, 1817

Robert Jones married Elizabeth Coleman, 1847

Seaborn Jones married Nina Moore, 1835

Sherod Jones married Mary G. Killingsworth, 12/3/1844, Warren County, Georgia

Tandy C. Jones married Malinda Chance, 1813

Thomas Jones married Martha A. Wren, 1874

William Jones married Garner Eubank, 1821

William Jones married Elizabeth Hamock, 1821

William H. Jones married Sarah B. Lamb, 1866

William H. Jones married Julia Palmer, 1876

William P. Jones married Martha O. Prescott, 1860

Abraham Jordan married Elizabeth Webb, 1819

Briton Jordan married Margaret J. Bell, 1813

Carl T. Jordan married Ruby Allen, 12-22-1928, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

Charles Jordan married Lotte Allen, 1838

Claud Jordan married Norene Scott, 9-10-1927, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

Cliff Jordan married Clara Lee Waters, 1-8-1931, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

Dan J. Jordan, Jr., married Viola Towery, 6-4-1929, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

Everett Jordan married Mildred Blasingam, 4-27-1929, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

Felix Jordan married Mattie Dempsey, 4-3-1927, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

George F. Jordan married Ann E. Jordan, 1874

George Thomas Jordan married Ruby Inez Graham, 12-3-1927, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

Henry R. Jordan married Basha D. Jordan, 1872

James Jordan married Nellie White, 12-28-1927, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

James P. Jordan married Martha E. Allen, 1860

James M. Jordan married M. Lula Jordan, 1875

John Jordan married Nancy Parsons, 1807

John Jordan married Elizabeth Samples, 1843

Joshua Jordan married Jane Brinson, 1848

Lee Jordan married Ora Findley, 12-24-1930, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

Luther Jordan married Olive Beavers, 4-28-1929, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

Plemon Morris Jordan, born 7-29-1907, married Lucile Elsberry, born 1-24-1913, on 4-9-1935, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

Rufus Jordan married Eugenia Sinquefield, 1855

Thomas Jordan married Martha Parsons, 1823

Thomas G. Jordan married Sarah Smith, 1829

William Jordan married Rhoda Gamble, 1825

William J. Jordan married Emma Hilton, 1877

Alvin Jordon married Sallie Turner, 11-19-1916, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

Carl Jordon married Thelma Ricks, 11-10-1929, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

Emory C. Jordon, Jr., age 21 years, married Rheba Ragsdale, born 3-5-1933, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

G. W. T. Jordon married Lizzie Wikle, 2-14-1921, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

J. A. Jordon, born 10-14-1908, married Norma E. Putnam, born 7-30-1911, on 5-7-1933, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

James Monroe Jordon, born 1-14-1913, married Emma Lou Ingram, born 10-1-1912, on 9-8-1934, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

McKendley Jordon married Claudia Parris, 2-6-192, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

Paul Jordon married Callie Blackwell, 11-19-1922, Cobb County, Ga., (TGGSQ -Vo.7)

James W. Josey married Nancy Salter, 1815


William J. Keeling married Eliza Green, Atlanta, Georgia, 10/28/1877.  Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Isaac B. Keller married Landa Wasden, 1856

Godfrey Kelly married Susannah Harrel, 1815

Dr. Gordon McNeil Kelly married Mary Elizabeth Eidson, 3-4-1945, Rev. A. Warren Hydrick officiating, Ward, South Carolina.  Eidson is the d/o Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rowland Eidson of Ward, Sc and Kelly is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex R. Kelly of Augusta, Ga. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

J. Thomas Kelly married Lanie Vause, 7-30-1871, Glascock County, Georgia Marriage Records

John N. Kelly married Mary A. Christine, 1836

Stephen Kelly married Martha E. Walls, 1818

James H. Kemp married Mattie E. Leaptrot, 1876

John H. Kendrick married Phoeba Williams, 1873

John P. Kendrick, Evans, Ga., married Elizabeth Griffin, on 12-26-1917, with Rev. Thomas Walker at the home of the brides. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Robert Kendrick married Mary E. Bowling, 1878

A. H. Kennedy married Agnes L. Boyd, 1876

James Kennedy married Ann Marsh, 1837

James B. Kennedy married Martha Claxton, 1874

John M. Kennedy married Susan E. Kendrick, 1866

Richard Kennedy, Bulloch County, Ga married Lydia Sapp of Burke County, Georgia 8-15-1821

Thomas Kennedy married Hester Pierce, 1826

Henry B. Kennie married Chrilla J. Harman, 1868

John Kenney married Catherine Fleeting, 1818

Lewis Kennon married Eliza W. Jackson, 1816

James J. Kersey married M. C. Fields, 1869

Rev. C. W. Key of Milledgeville, Georgia married Elizabeth Wimberly, daughter of Col. James Wimberly, 9-2-1838. Married by Rev. E. Sinclair. Re: The Georgia Messenger.

Henry Key married Elizabeth Paulett, 1813

J. W. Key married E. R. King, 1879

J. S. Keyton married M. F. Hall, 1873

Joshua S. Key married Rachel D. Eve, 1840

Thomas D. Key married Ann M. B. Fall, 1842

Fred Kicklyter married M. A. W. Alexander, 1870

A. J. Killingsworth married Elizabeth McCooks, 12/11/1844, Bibb County, Georgia

Franklin Whitefield Killingsworth married Nancy Lord, 10/17/1847, Washington County, Georgia

Mathew C. Killingsworth married Mary A. Barge, 8/21/1849, Washington County, Georgia

William Kilpatrick married Sarah A. E. Watkins, 1837

Mr. B. C. Kimbrough married Miss Ida R. Hunley, Hamilton, Georgia, 10/30/1877. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Joseph M. Kinchley married Mary E. Preston, 1851

O. F. Kindrick married Asenith Lowe, 1859

Geraldus King married Levinah Allen, 1823

James King married Nancy Taylor, 1856

John King married Theaney Drake, 1808

John King married Martha Samples, 1831

Michael King married Jane Elinor Carswell, 1824

Rufus King married Susannah McWatty, 1824

Rufus King married Sarah Way, 1826

Rufus King married Catherine Way, 1838

William King married Polly McLendon, 1827

William King married Mary J. Lowry, 1838

William R. King married Mattie D. Matthews, 1873

James K. Kinman married Mattie C. Brown, 1866

Lawrence Kitchens married Elizabeth Stapleton, 1866

Wiley Kitchens married Lidia Griffin, 7-15-1864, married by George Underwood.

W. T. Kitchens of Gibson, Georgia a young merchant married Emma Irby of Avera, Georgia at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Sunday evening by Rev. William Verdery, Augusta, Georgia.  Ref: Macon Weekly Telegraph, 1-22-1894.

Noah Kitral married Hannah Pate, 1812

Elijah Knight married Sarah Barfield, 1837

John Knight married Mary T. Bedgood, 1871

Robert Knight married Polly Mosely, 1811

Rufus Knight married Margaret McMillan, 1844

Thomas Knight married Martha Way, 1835

Wesley Knight married Sally Turner, 1812


Bryant Lamb married Mariah Bowen, 1839

J. D. G. Lamb married Martha A. Roberts, 1871

James M. Lamb married Catherine Lamb, 1860

John Lamb married Martin Gardner, 1831

John W. Lamb married Matilda Quinney, 1873

M. W. Lamb married Mary Stevens, 1874

Reuben Lamb married Sarah Daniel, 1818

Thomas Lamb married Emeline Wiggins, 1844

John V. Lamp married Martha A. Mulling, 1841

Michael Lamp married Martha Allen, 1816

Phillip F. Lamp married Josephine Thompson, 1861

Ashley W. Lampp married Margaret Bailey, 1847

John V. Lampp married Mary Ann M. Page, 1853

Michael Lampp married Frances A. King, 1847

Phillip F. Lampp married Rendy Sarah Ann D. Lanier, 1850

William A. Lampp married Sarah Darby, 1851

William Lampp married Sarah Thompson, 1854

John Land married Charity Briggs, 1814

Isaac Land married Martha Briggs, 1816

Thomas Land married Sarah Brooks, 12-16-1877 - Glascock Records

James Lane married Smitha Lane, 1822

David Lanier married Keziah McGlanghon 1825

George P. Lanier married Elizabeth McDaniel, 1868

Isham Lawrence married Sarah Arrington, 1812

Andrew B. Lawson married Jane Patterson, 1809

John A. Lazenby married Martha M. W. May, 1849

Douglas Lee Ledford, son of Kenneth N. Hatman of Freeport, married Judith Delores Kendrick, daughter of John L. Kendrick, March 23, 1968.  Wedding took place at Southside Baptist Church.  The bride is the granddaughter of Louie T. Blackston of North Augusta, S. C.  and the late Mr. & Mrs. John P. Kendrick. She graduated from George P. Butler High School and attended Georgia Southern College. A member of Theta Pi Omega Service Sorority and PBX Club of Augusta.  Employed with Citizens & Southern National Bank. The groom is the grandson of Ben Stahlheber of Freeport.  He graduated from St. John's Military Academy, Delafield, Wis., and attended Highland Community College, Freeport. A member of Phi Beta Lambda and is serving in the U. S. Army at Ft. Gordon.

David J. Lee married Elizabeth McClendon, 1861

John B. Lee married Amey Allen, 1829

L. W. Lee married Carrie S. Farmer, 1871

Benjamin Leggett married Mary Spencer, 1816

Nathan N. Lester married Sarah P. Farmer, 1828

Silas M. Lester married Martha R. Brown, 1829

William J. Lettice married Mary E. Kirkland, 1879

Aaron Lewis married S. J. Thompson, 1873

David Lewis married Sarah Tomlinson, 1816

Eli H. Lewis married Julia A. E. Young, 1845

Franklin Lewis married Agnes Lowry, 1839

Jacob Lewis married Amelia C. F. Perdue, 1839

Jesse Lewis married Nancy Cobb, 1836

Thomas Lewis married Margaret C. McKinny, 1806

W. E. Lewis married R. M. Thompson, 1-28-1883

William Lewis married Matilda Batts, 1835

W. J. Lightfoot married Frances Bryant, 1874

Henry Linch married Jane Haslip, 1817

William Linche married Nancy Drake, 1818

Forester Little married Sarah Ann Williams, 1822

James C. Little married M. V. Fleming, 1872

Robert Little married Sarah S. Gordon, 1856

William Little married Nancy Patterson, 1809

William Little married Elizabeth B. Dixon, 1878

John V. Livingston married Georgia V. Hannah, 1862

Joseph M. Livingston married Harriet A. Skinner, 1851

William Livingston married Rachel Vingin, 1814

William Livingston married Mary King, 1850

James William Lloyd married Sarah Killingsworth, 3/23/1834, Bibb County, Georgia

Jacob Lober married Lucinda Raiford, 1838

Isaac Lockhart married Ophelia Atkinson, 1875

Isaac S. Lockhart married Amazon Davis, 1869

Joseph Lockhart married Patsey Bryant, 1836

Maurice Lockhart (s/o Mrs. G. B. Lockhart) married Clyde Wilcher (d/o Julius Wilcher), 3-28-1937. The bride and groom will live with Mrs. G. B. Lockhart after the close of school. 

William Lockhart married Charlotte Chance, 1805

William H. Lockhart married Angeline Pool, 1842

John Lodge married Martha Wooten, 1822

Simeon Lodge married Elizabeth Wooten, 1825

Eli Loften married Jane Lowry, 1808

Calvin Logue married Elizabeth Vining, 1848

Charles Logue married Keziah Murphy, 1831

Elbert Logue married Frances Tarver, 1870

Henry Logue married Matilda Wren, 12-9-1884 - Glascock Marriage Records

Cayetans Lopes married Catherine Foyle, 1848

Arthur Lott married Mary Triplet, 1812

Arthur Lott married Mariah Williams, 1831

Robert Lowden married Winefred Ronaldson, 1816

Brasel Lowe married Catherine McNeely, 1819

Eiley Lowe married Palitha Thompson, 1851

George Lowe married Oliph Jordan, 1821

James Lowe married Ann Jordan, 1822

James E. Lowe married Sarah J. Scruggs, 1864

Joel Lowe married Asenith Young, 1839

Wesley Lowe married Ann Patridge, 1823

William Lowe married Nancy Walker, 1807

A. P. Lowery or Lowrey married Margaret Beaty, January 27, 1841, Stewart County, Ga

David A. Lowrey married Amelia Peel, December 11, 1839, Stewart County, Ga

William C. Lowery married Sarah Ann J. Wilson, 1840

Andrew Lowry married Angelany Loften, 1810

David P. Lowry married Selina R. Darley, 1854

David P. Lowry married Eleanor J. A. C. Netherland, 1858

George Lowry married Mary Boatright, 1814

Isaac Lowry married Martha A. Kenady, 1840

John Lowry married Elizabeth Fleeting, 1817

Robert Lowry married Patience Roberts, 1806

Thomas Lowry married Sarah Fleeting, 1817

William Lowry married Sarah A. Anderson, 1840

William J. Lowry married Mary C. Dixon, 1874

William L. Lowry married Sarah Wright, 1835

William L. Lowry married Louisa H. Fleming, 1874

Henry J. Loydd married Sarah E. Shepherd, 1848

William Lucky married Nancy LaFever, 1809

William Lucky married Nancy Lee, 1869

Joshua K. Lumpkin married Caroline M. Reeves, 1861

Mathew Lunday married Avey Bryant, 1808

Cornelius Lundy married Polly Barrow, 1821

Charles Lyons married Amanda Copeland, 1880

John Lyons married Elizabeth Wilcher, 1810

John Lyons married Lurrilda Willet, 1818

John W. Lyons married Sarah H. Barge, 1855

Jordan W. Lyons married Virginia A. Mulling, 1871

Jordan W. Lyons married Marietta Bell, 1875

William Lyons married Elizabeth Wilcher, 1837


Robert H. Malone married Clara A. Tarver, 1877

Ezekiel T. Mallory married Caroline Cheatham, 1863

Alfred T. Mann married Frances R. Beatty, 1864

David Mann married Peggy Walker, 1809

David H. Manson married Nancy A. Fleming, 1851

Hugh Manson married Margaret Fleeting, 1813

John W. Manson married Charlotte E. Casselia, 1825

R. F. Manson married Carrie U. Farmer, 1871

Richard T. Manson married Elmina Stephens, 1847

Jefferson Marsh married Sophia King, 1827

John Marsh married Elizabeth Palmer, 1817

Little Berry Marsh married Martha Wood, 1812

Joseph Marshall married Lucy Radford, 1826

Joseph Marshall, Jr., married Sarah Gibson, 1810

Lewis Marshall married Celia Tarver, 1820

Mathew Marshall married Syntha Ingram, 1820

Mathew Marshall married Mary L. Burke, 1841

William L. Marshall married Ester Gordon, 1819

David Mashburn married Rebecca M. Roundtree, 1825

James Martin married Elizabeth Harvey, 1819

James Martin married Margaret Allen, 1828

John Martin married Sarah Brassell, 1820

William Martin married Sarah Williams, 1807

Aquilla Mathews married Catherine Matthews, 1823

Charles Mathews, Jr., married Nancy R. F. C. Hudson, 1843

Daniel Mathews married Amanda Johns, 1832

John Mathews married Jane Beaty, 1819

Levin C. Mathews married Elizabeth A. Hudson, 1838

Levin C. Mathews married Martha A. Gilmore, 1857

Thomas Mathews married Unity King, 1814

Thomas Mathews married Nancy Foley, 1847

Amos Matthews married Angeline L. Young, 1867

Charles A. Matthews married Mary E. Atwell, 1878

James Matthews married Elizabeth Ross, 1812

James D. Matthews married Catherine Young, 1866

Moses Matthews married Margaret Prescott, 1874

Thomas Allen Matthews married Eugenia Bailey, Lincolnton, Ga., 12-28-1947 at Methodist Parsonage.  Bride is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. G. H. Bailey, of Austell, Ga.  Groom is the son of Mr. Thomas A. Matthews and the late Mrs. Matthews.  Mrs. Wesley Bailey, Sister in Law, Nephew of bride, Ben Bailey, Brother of groom, Wesley Bailey all attended. 

William W. Maund married Mary Ann Bullard, 1837

James May married Gatsey Hutchens, 1811

James May married Martha Thompkins, 1834

John May married Jane Wooten, 1827

Jesse Maynor married Sealy Webb, 1809

Brittian Mayo married Frances Padgett, 1813

John McBride married Marry Baily, 1807

Thomas McBride married Emily Prichard, 1843

James McCason married Narcissa N. Perdue, 1857

Jacob McCollough married Sarah Bradley, 1815

Alexander McColors married Cusey Williams, 1839

John McCoy married Elizabeth Aldred, 1858

Ivey McCrakin married Emily J. Adams, 1859

Robert McCrakin married Elizabeth Voss, 1836

James McCrudy married Nacissa N. Perdue, 1857

Coleson McCullers married Polly Kirkland, 1806

John McCullough married Ellen Brown, 1865

Abner McDaniel married Eliza Davis, 1843

Absalom McDaniel married Elizabeth Fields, 1845

Frederick McDaniel married Mary J. Wilson, 1858

Lawson B. McDaniel married Martha V. J. Woods, 1861

Noah McDaniel married Elizabeth Boyd, 1838

Reddie McDaniel married Temperance Stephens, 1837

Daniel McDonald married Mary Ridle, 1829

John McDowell married Ann Thigpen, 1825

Butler Chapel McDuffie, Atlanta, Ga married Cora Belle Rutledge, Stone Mountain, Ga 2-9-1925.

Emmett Victor McGahee married Margaret Hadden at the home of the bride on Campbell St., on 1-14-1909.

William G. McGahee married Harriet L. Young, 1858

William McGlanhan married Mary Jane Morris, 1838

Henry McGlohon married Frances McGlohon, 1842

Henry G. McGlohoun married Martha Glover, 1847

James A. McGlohoun married Eliza Andrews, 1846

James A. McGruder married Zoa L. Sneed, 1844

John McGruder married Bethany Hayslip, 1832

James McKigney married Jane Haddin, 1822

James McKigney, Jr., married Elizabeth A. Lee, 1828

Thomas McKigney married Elizabeth Pervis, 1831

John McKinne married Mary Powell, 1811

Samuel McKinsey married Mary Overstreet, 1833

George McKinzey married Martha Overstreet, 1833

W. C. McLain married Miss Louise Stone, 12-21-1915 in Louisville, Ga. Louise is the eldest daughter of W. A. Stone.  W. C. McLain is from Statesville, N. C. where they will make their home and where the groom practices law. 

Patrick McLaughlin married Lucy Stewart, 1866

Charles W. McMurrian married Elizabeth Blackmon, 1816

Gilbert F. McNair married Nancy H. McGhee, 1852

Needham L. B. McNair married Rosannah E. Rainey, 1849

Robert McNair married Mary Darsey, 1812

Andrew McNeely married Easter Gordon, 1809

Samuel Walden McNair married Helen Faye Kitchens, 9-18-1947 at Wrens Baptist Church.  Samuel Walden McNair is the son of S. C. S. McNair of Stapleton, Georgia and Helen Faye Kitchens is the daughter of Cyrus White Kitchens of Wrens, Georgia.  (TAC and Faye McNair Notes)

Daniel McNeely married Lydia Parson, 1854

Hugh McNeely married Sarah Roberts, 1844

John P. McNeely married Mary F. Vaunn, 1846

John P. McNeely married Susan Futral, 1850

Samuel McNeely married Jane Middleton, 1814

Thomas McNeely married Dialphia Garrett, 1866

Samuel McNiel married Margaret Jones, 1819

William McNiel married Martha Goodowns, 1828

Thomas McWatty married Keziah Gunn, 1849

Thomas McWatty married Laura Serena Stephens, 1845

Hardy Meadows married Rebecca Shirley, 1835

Josiah Meadows married Fannie Coal, 1850

Wily Meadows married Elizabeth Gilbert, 1830

Henry Mear married Charity Hilton, 1808

J. G. Medlock married J. Clare Roberson, 1877

Kinan Meeks married Peneter Haslip, 1818

Richard A. Meeks married Elizabeth H. Sherod, 1875

John W. Megahee married Ella A. Atkins, 1872

John J. Meldron married Mary Jane A. Peacock, 1856

Thomas Methvin married Elizabeth McKee, 1808

Edward R. Miles married Mary C. Personneau, Thursday, 4/18/1861, at Durgannon St. Pauls Parish, Rev. C. P. Gadsden. Mary is the youngest d/o Edward C. Personneau. Ref: Charleston Courier dated 4/29/1861.

Arlington Callaway Milford, Jr. of Evans, Ga. married Catherine Lyndia Ersin of Martinez, Ga. on May 27, 1967.  Bride is the daughter of Capt. (Ret.) and Mrs. Hubert J. Erson.  Groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arlington Callaway Mildford, Sr.

Churchwell Miller married Basheba E. McWatty, 1874

George Miller married Sarah J. Polhill, 1872

Gordon J. Miller married Jane M. Gamble, 1839

Gordon J. Miller married Margaret S. Cain, 1866

James Miller married Lilly J. Trimble, 1880

Jefferson Miller married Jane A. McWattey, 1820

Elijah Mills married Rutha Howard, 1808

Frederick J. Mills, s/o J. M. Mills, Appling, Georgia, married Yvonne Hughes, d/o Caption & Mrs. R. H. Hughes, on 8-19-1956, Aiken, SC, Judge E. Glenn Willis.

George W. Mills married Julia E. Whitehead, 1871

John Mills married Rebecca Thompson, 1822

Thomas Mills married Sarah Gainey, 10-19-1840, Butts County, Ga

James M. Minsey married Laura J. Franklin, 1870

David Minton married Martha Williams, 1848

Jackson M. Minton married Martha Pool, 1840

James Minton married Nancy Knight, 1808

Joshua Minton married Nancy Farrow, 1850

Moses Minton married Nancy Landon, 1820

Samuel T. Minton married Elizabeth Russel, 1859

Stephen Minton married Lucy Powell, 1808

Jesse Mius married Frances Walker, 1820

James K. P. Mixon married Sue Bryant, 1869

Hugh Montgomery married Margaret Stapleton, 1822

Abel Moore married Sarah Morris, 1827

Asa Moore married Frances S. Townsley, 1811

Bryant Moore married Rebecca Anderton, 1826

Charles Moore married Elizabeth Miller, 1844

Etheldred Moore married Winfred Smith, 1816

Henry Moore married Susan Calhoon, 1839

Henry R. Moore married Sarah Wiggins, 1841

Isaac Moore married Annie Keepler, 1877

James L. Moore married Bethena Weaver, 1836

James M. Moore married Lizzie Smith, 1876

Joel Moore married Maria Jones, 1835

John S. Moore married Eliza Chance, 1879

McClennon Moore married Phebbe A. Holder, 1838

McClennon Moore married Matilda Ballard, 1846

Thomas Moore married Mary Herrington, 1809

Thomas Moore married Elizabeth Spivey, 1815

Thomas S. Moore married Mariah E. Torrence, 1869

Wiley Moore married Nancy Pierce, 1823

William Moore marred Catherine Siverman, 1809

William Moore married Eliza Stevens, 1879

Hardy Morgan married Maranda B. Walker, 1834

John Morgan married Louicey Osteen, 1824

John Morgan married Sarah Ann Gross, 1830

John H. Morgan married Ann F. Field, 1845

John J. Morgan married Lizzie Young, 1877

Mitchell J. Morgan married Sarah A. E. Tomlinson, 1834

Samuel H. Morgan married Nancy Brackett, 1813

Stephen Morgan married Ann Alford, 1824

Stephen Morgan married Sarah Paradise, 1822

Stephen Morgan married Elizabeth Brown, 1824

Frederick Morris married Jane Harvey, 1821

Alexander Morrison married Margaret Mathews, 1808

Thomas Mosely married Elizabeth McFarland, 1813

Michael Moss married Rachael Barefield, 1817

John Mountain married Elizabeth Ann Thomas, 1812

Robert Mountain married Judy Ann Hopkins, 1822

Thomas Mountain married Mary Gross, 1817

Alexander S. Moxley married Margaret Gordon, 1860

B. J. Moxley married Amanda Gregory, 1865

Benjamin Moxley married Mary A. Dukes, 1847

Charles E. M. Moxley married Julia E. Cheatman, 1878

J. R. Moxley married Doris Drew of Waynesboro, Ga, daughter of Mr.and Mrs. J. H. Drew, February 8, 1942.-The Augusta Chronicle. The article also included a picture of Mrs. Moxley.

Matthew H. Moxley married Sarah B. Kennedy, 1875

William A. Moxley married Emily Hall, 1853

William D. Moxley married Fannie E. G. Brown, 1880

Benajah Moye married Vienna Marshall, 1847

James Moye married Martha Tompkins, 1834

S. J. Moye married Elizabeth Farmer, 1880

Alfred Mullen married Amanda Livingston, 1835

E. W. Mulling married Susan L. Darby, 1874

Elbert D. A. Mulling married Elizabeth Williams, 1843

James E. Mulling married Susan E. Mulling, 1866

Jesse L. Mulling married Matilda Bailey, 1843

Jesse T. Mulling married Mary F. Neely, 1837

William A. Mulling married Amelia B. Miller, 1848

William A. Mulling married Frances P. Miller, 1850

Thomas J. Murdock married Martha Lodge, 1836

Augustus Murphee married Elizabeth J. Jordan, 1857

David S. Murphee married Mariah Young, 1848

Henry D. Murphee married Laura J. Nasworthy, 1865

E. W. Murphy married Martha R. Cox, 1874

Elijah W. Murphy married Hattie Polhill, 1866

G. W. Murphy married Rosa B. Johnson, 1878

J. R. Murphy married Belle C. Tarver, 1877

James E. Murphy married W. C. Harrel, 1872

James W. Murphy married Martha Bailey, 1852

John Murphy married Ella Luckey, 1875

Norris Murphy married Sarah Reese, 1826

William L. Murphy married Elizabeth Cook, 1831

Larkin C. Musgrove married Nancy Pool, 1812

William C. Musgrove married Eliza Burton, 1853

William Myers married Jane McDaniel, 1865

Joshua Myrick married Rebecca Linson, 1813


Absolem Napier married Mary E. Dye, 1868

Franklin Nasworthy married Emily C. Skinner, 1848

Franklin Nasworthy married Laura L. Kelly, 1856

George Nasworthy married Polly Mountain, 1831

Hughkies Nasworthy married Mary Sconyers, 1835

William F. Nasworthy married Georgia L. Kelly, 1860

Todd Neal of Stapleton, Ga married Helen Rooks of Stapleton, Ga., formerly of Augusta, Ga, 4-22-1935, Saturday by Rev. Barfield. The only attendants were Miss Gladys Sheppard, Ben Usry, Mr. and Mrs. Garvin Usry. The bride a lovely blonde, was attired in an ensemble yellow sheve crepe with white accessories.  She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George M. Rooks of Stapleton, Ga.  Mr. Neal is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Neal of Augusta, Ga.  His interest is farming near Stapleton.  Mr. and Mrs. Neal are making their home with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Cato.

James T. Neel married Mourning Harper, 1811

Hugh Neely married Amanda M. Key, 1843

John Neely married Sarah McCoulers, 1806

Meredith Nelson married Sarah Mackleroy, 1-28-1832, Butts County, Ga

Ambrose Nelson married Maria Walker, 1824

James Netherland married Levinia Fretwell, 1821

Jesse B. Newsom married Jennie H. Varner, 1874

A. W. Newsome married S. E. Ryals, 1875

William L. Newsome married Sarah E. Allen, 1880

Moses Newton married Nancy Willey, 1824

James Nicholas married Emily E. Turner, 1833

Morris Nicholas married Caroline Turner, 1832

Morris Nicholas married Martha Landon, 1837

Lieut. Hugh Gordon Nicholson, Jr. married Angeline Bacon Dixon, of Charleston, W. V. on 10-23-1929.  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ross McDonald Dixon.

Benaiah Nix married Jane H. McKissah, 1807

James Thurman Nix of Tate married Ruth Elizabeth Murphee of Louisville, Georgia and Tate on 5/26/1940 in Jasper, Georgia.  Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Ephraim Noles married Polly Richards, 1816

Mahlon T. Norris married Elizabeth Manson, 1839

William C. Norris married Elizabeth Tompkins, 1855

Thomas Aubrey North, Jr., and Bobbye Joe Rooks, 7-15-1972.  Thomas is s/o T. A. North and the grandson of J. J. North.  Bobbye is the d/o Lloyd Rooks and the granddaughter of Cheslie Rooks of Wrens, Ga. Married at Lumpkin Road Baptist Church.

Robert Northcut married Metilda McNiel, 1808


David J. Oates married Sallie E. Gay, 1878

John Oates married Elizabeth Barrow, 1841

Joseph D. O'Banner married Elizabeth R. Lowry, 1852

Albert Clifton Odom married Kate Elvina Wenn of Elks, S.C. on 11-14-1929.  Married at Barnwell Baptist Parsonage.

Tom Wright Oglesbee married Martha Lucy Henry, 4/26/1940 in Aiken, South Carolina with Rev. T. D. Lide, pastor of First Baptist Church. Miss Henry is the d/o H. F. Henry.  Mr. Oglesbee graduated with the 1940 Class of Tubman High School with honors.  Wedding trip will be to Florida.  Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Joseph Oliphant married Mary Smith, 1823

Joseph Oliphant married Catherine Wells, 1813

Noah Oliphant married Emma Patterson, 1873

William J. Oliphant married Frances Farmer, 1858

Thomas W. Olive married Mary C. Matthews, 1848

Charles A. Oliver married Sarah Hill, 1-5-1814; filled out the application for marriage on 1-3-1814; Bulloch County, Georgia

John I. Oliver married Louisa Emily Pendleton, 12-4-1828, Butts County, Georgia

Thomas J. Orr married Susie H. Hudson, 1877

William L. Orr married Ophila S. Raburn, 1873

Cabet Osteen married Louise Forman, 1817

Farris Ostin married Ann Thompson, 1824

John M. Outlaw married Margaret M. Joiner, 1878

John Overstreet married Lucinda Lewis, 1838

P. W. Overstreet married Luella A. Spier, 1877

W. D. Overstreet married M. E. McNeely, 1870

Enoch Owens married Elizabeth Hannah, 1864

Isaac Owens married Sarah Farmer, 1824

William Owens married Ellender Goodlove, 1809


Kindred Pace married Polly Roberts, 1816

Elijah Padgett married Winney Hall, 1815

Ezekiel Padgett married Susie H. Kelly, 1879

Manley Padgett married Mollie Rhodes, 1879

Alexander Page married Anna Adams, 1874

Jacob Page married Presilla Barber, 1808

James Page married Catherine Webb, 1823

Joseph Page married Eliza Tarver, 1858

Phillip Page married Eliza Murphy, 1852

Phillip J. Page married Kate C. Lawson, 1866

William H. Page married Annie Screws, 1869

Thomas Pain married Vissie A. S. Stevens, 1869

John Pait married Cherry Whitfield, 1817

Archimides Palmer married Emma C. Dye, 1873

David L. Palmer married M. Alice Patterson, 1867

Erastus Palmer married Sarah H. Modesett, 1868

George L. Palmer married Moselle S. Johnson, 1860

James E. Palmer married Mattie E. Morris, 1875

Richard Palmer married Elizabeth Garvin, 1822

Thomas Palmer married Susannah Grimes, 1828

William Paradise married Hannah Parker, 1823

Edward V. H. Parish, Priscilla Collins, 1863

Silas Parish married Susan Brown, 1842

Silas Parish married Elizabeth Arrington, 1857

William H. Parish married Mary E. Thompson, 11-22-1877

A. W. Parker married Mary M. Evans, 1846

Benjamin Parker married Synthia Moore, 1809

Cain Parker married Apsabeth Purbis, 1809

Francis L. Parker married Elizabeth Barganier, 1851

James A. Parker married Sarah Gross, 1831

Joseph T. Parker married Caroline E. S. Tarver, 1838

Kinchen Parker married Martha Weeks, 1821

Thomas D. Parker married Sarah Evans, 1844

William Parker married Bathshaba Mathews, 1809

William Parker married Nancy Sikes, 1846

William J. Parker married Emma J. McCrean, 1875

William M. Parker married Caroline Houser, 1860

James Parks married Edny Moore, 1824

E. E. Parsons married . F. Livingston, 1874

John A. Parsons married Sarah A. Forth, 1837

Robert Parsons married Mary Screws, 1832

Samuel L. Parsons married Susannah C. Shirley, 1838

Jefferson S. Paston married Sarah Whitehead, 1868

J. F. Pate married Elizabeth E. Clark, 1871

James Pate married Sarah W. McBride, 1877

John W. Pate married Senela Haslip, 1857

N. G. Pate married F. P. Perdue, 1872

Robert W. Pate married Hannah Edmonds, 1825

Alexander Patterson married Mary Alice Trimble, 1874

John Patterson married Mary Clements, 1811

John Patterson married Mary Wood, 1815

Oliver C. Patterson married Cynthia Joiner, 1823

R. J. Patterson married Miss E. E. Spier, 1861

Samuel W. Patterson married Ester McNair, 1830

William Patterson married Ruth Clements, 1809

Andrew L. Paul married Elizabeth Ann Harris, 1829

Micajah Paulk married Patience Thomas, 1805

Samuel Paulk married Jane Ingram, 1812

Jefferson Peacock married Sarah Parker, 1841

John W. Pearce married Celia G. Parker, 1863

Ephraim Peebles married Betsey Anderson, 1829

Francis M. Peebles married Mary J. Martin, 1855

Howel Peebles married Mary Pool, 1831

John Peebles married Lydia Stanford, 1831

Thomas Peebles married Cynthia Phillips, 1856

James Gamble Peel married Elizabeth Stapleton, October 31, 1834, Stewart County, Ga

John Peel married Amelia R. McWatty, 1830

John M.W. Peel married Emily Mathews, December 22, 1836, Stewart County, Ga

John P. Peel married Mary E. McBride, 1861

Richard Lawson Peel married Sarah J. Brinson, 2-13-1850, Stewart County, Ga (ATWNC)

Robert Peel married Elizabeth Gunnels, January 3, 1839, Stewart County, Ga

William Peel married Susan Jordan, 1865

F. A. Pendry married Palestine L. Gunn, 1872

John Pendry married Mary Fleeting, 1807

Robert J. Pendry married Eliza A. Bigham, 1836

Charles Pennington married Matilda M. Baggett, 1873

James J. Pennington married Emma V. Thompson, 1875

Sion Pennington married Elizabeth Carswell, 1811

Thomas Pennington married Margaret B. Thompson, 1823

Thomas Pennington married Mary F. Oats, 1844

Thomas A. Pennington married Mary E. Prescott, 1880

Ebin B. Peoples married Jane Foster, 1868

William John Penroe married Mary L. Futral, 1857

Benjamin Perdue married Rachel Anderson, 1812

Benjamin R. Perdue married MillieAmelia Clark, 12-26-1838

H. A. Perdue married Elizabeth Newsome, 1872

James Perdue married Virginia E. Douglass, 1874

James F. Perdue married Elizabeth Stevens, 1820

James F. Perdue married Mary B. Perdue, 1831

John Perdue married Martha Beesley, 1820

Newton Perdue married Elizabeth Beasley, 1825

Edward J. Perkins married Rebecca H. Weeks, 1877

Phillip Perkins married Louisa Rogers, 1843

Simon M. Perkins married Mary T. Calhoun, 1868

Polladroe Perry married Elizabeth M. Stevens, 1846

Green (Grenn) Phillips married Fanney Williams, 1863

Hamrock Phillips married Henrietta Hutchins, 1813

John Phillips married Frances Causey, 1824

Obediah Pierce married Lurenna Stephens, 1827

Obediah Pierce married Mary Feautreal, 1870

Thomas Pierce married Rebekah Wells, 1822

W. J. Pierce married Fannie M. Kelly, 1869

William Pierce married Elizabeth Tyson, 1844

James W. Pilcher married Elizabeth Stapleton, November 29, 1876 (Data from James Stapleton Bible, son of Major George Lawson Stapleton)

Thomas Jefferson Pilcher married Amazon Agnes Brinson, 1849

James Pilot married Drucilla Glover, 1832

Harvey B. Pipkins married Dicey Hudson, 1822

Philip J. Pipkins married Elizabeth H. Ward, 1854

James Pitman married Rachel A. Sheppard, 1855 Jefferson County Marriage Records

James F. Pitman married Nancy A. S. Dixon, 12-10-1877 - Glascock Marriage Records

Robert Pitman married Mary Pyeland, 1812 Jefferson County Marriage Records

Talmadge Pittman married Eula Smith, 2-23-1919 - Glascock Marriage Records

John C. Pitts married Merinda Barrow, 1819

John T. Plunkett married Mary E. Hudson, 1869

Thomas N. Poland married Evaline V. Carson, 1861

Thomas N. Poland married Carolina M. Thompson, 1866

John J. Polhill married Sallie Atwell, 1872

Thomas N. Polhill married Josephine Hawthorn, 1839

Thomas H. Polhill married Louisa Jane Murdock, 1855

Charles H. Ponder married Eliza Creech, 1875

E. E. Ponder married Ida Lester, 1877

Ephraim Ponder married Axalina Roberts, 1851

Ephraim Ponder married Martha E. Perkins, 1875

Hezikia Ponder married Mary M. Hines, 1839

James H. Ponder married Mary Perkins, 1872

William H. Ponder married Elizabeth Rheney, 1866

William J. Ponder married Elizabeth S. Davis, 1866

William J. Ponder, Jr.  married Fannie P. Lawson, 1874

Aaron Pool married Sarah Spring, 1814

Hardy Pool married Georgia Ann Chalker, 1844

Isaac Pool married Mary Y. Connell, 1841

Isaac B. Pool married Eleanor E. Beasley, 1856

John Pool married Dililah Stephens, 1808

Jonathan H. Pool married Mary A. E. Stewart, 1845

Joseph Pool married Dicey Clark, 1808

Josiah Pool married Martha J. Wood, 1840

Michael W. Pool married Isabella Holland, 1848

Samuel Pool married Elizabeth Huggins, 1813

Samuel Pool married Susannah Mott, 1814

Sisas K. C. Pool married S. J. Baker, 1871

Benjamin Pope married Eliza Fountain, 1860

Elijah Pope married Kisiah Coley, 1820

Henry A. Pope married Miss Lucy W. Howes, Macon, Georgia, 10/30/1877.  Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Owen C. Pope married Sarah Sinquefield, 1831

Robert Pope married Susannah Vauss, 1854

William P. Pope married Elizabeth A. Ford, 1851

Canty Poston married Elizabeth Brassel, 1867

Joe H. Poston married Lilly Ann Mathis, 1872

Joseph Postum married Martha Sheppard, 1860

Augustus Powell married Elizabeth Fulford, 1871

Coleman Powell married Mary Griffin, 1815

Isaac R. Powell married Mary J. Crooke, 1859

John W. Powell married Jane Beasley, 1834

Reuben K. Powell married Sarah Sutton, 1820

Theopalus Powell married Sarah Roe, 1813

William Powell married Sarah Bigham, 1809

John A. Prescott married Catherine Sellers, 1848

John R. Prescott married Sarah A. McLead, 1858

Edmond Price married Ellender Brassell, 1811

Henry N. Price married Arrena J. Wood, 1868

Joseph Price married Lesba Row, 1814

Noah Price married Mourning Glover, 1853

Pratrick Price married Belinda Brainard, 1843

Thomas Price married Lizzie Marshall, 1866

William E. Price married Mary Ann Davis, 1809

Joseph A. Prince married Emma Mulling, 1874

James Pritchett married Mourning Turlington, 1838

McCuen A. Pritchett married Margaret Brinson, 1839

William A. Pritchett married Martha Cowart, 1837

Starling Proctor married Elizabeth Peebles, 1812

Pleasant Pryor married Sarah Bunn, 1834

William H. Pugesley married Vienna Tarver, 1866

William Purdue married Barbarry Rowland, 1810

David B. Purvis married Elizabeth Cox, 1832

Edward Purvis married Nancy Young, 1807

Jesse Purvis married Sarah Streetman, 1811

Jesse Purvis married Elizabeth Godowns, 1817

John B. Purvis married Maria A. Langham, 1861

John Weldon Purvis, Jr., married Susie Marilyn Rooks, July 1, 1950, at Mt. Moriah Tabernacle, Rev. J. Paul Barrett officiating.  John Weldon Purvis, Jr., is the son of John Weldon Purvis, Sr., and Susie Marilyn Rooks is the daughter of Aaron J. Rooks (1904-1969) and Mattie Lou Williams (1903-1987) of Stapleton, Ga.

Samuel C. Purvis married Elizabeth Hadden, 1865

William B. Purvis married Eliza J. Peel, 1834

James Pyland married Lydia Fountain, 1826

Robert Pyland married Christian Pittman, 1812

John Pyon married Polly Wright, 1821


Barnard Quinn married Elizabeth Warner, 1831

Hinson Quinney married Mabaley Marshall, 1830

Martian Quinney married Martha Lamb, 1866


Hezekiah Rabb married Elizabeth McCay or (Cook), 1823

Hudson Ragland married Priscilla Glover, 1811

John Ragsdale of Columbus, Georgia married Eliza Brooks last Sunday.  Ref: The Augusta Chronicle dated 11/4/1877.

Alexander Raiford married Eliza Battey, 1819

Baldwin Raiford married Phebe Grout, 1808

Campbell Raiford married Elizabeth Bostick, 1838

Capel Raiford married Rebekah Ann Hunt, 1841

Isaac W. Raiford married Lucenda C. Bradford, 1822

John S. Raiford married Rachel Green, 1813

Hampton Raines married Margianna Penrow, 1851

J. B. Raines married Lou McNeely, 1879

J. L. Raines married E. J. McNeely, 1872

Thomas Raines married Mary Hall, 1880

Frederic J. Rainey married Nancy Moore, 1836

James Edgar Raley, Jr. married Mary Martin Turner, 10-13-1939 at Druid Hills Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga. She is the daughter of Sam and Bertha Meadows Turner.  She was born 3-29-1919 in Atlanta and died 8-2-1968 at Georgia Baptist Hospital, Atlanta, Ga.  Mr. Raley was also born in Atlanta, Ga on 8-4-1918. This Raley is kin to Dr. C. H. Raley, former Wrens Georgia physician.

J. B. Randel married Lucie A. Griffin, 1869

George Ratchford married Lizzie A. Smith, 1861

Isaac Rawls, Jr. married Ann M. Roberson, 1815

Shadrack Rawls married Elizabeth Chance, 1807

Wesley R. Rayburn married Mary A. E. Wren, 1870

Irby Reardin married Lessie Strange, Sumpter, Sc., 2/12/1916, last Sunday, Rev. Mr. Workman.  Ref: Columbia State Paper

Rochester Red married Gatsey Hicks, 1876

John B. Reed married Sarah Spivey, 1841

John B. Reid married Ann Earnes, 1819

Johnny Reid of Louisville, Ga, married Virginia Howard, 11-25-1930, d/o Rev. and Mrs. W. J. Howard. Wedding took place at Wrens Baptist Church.

Hilory Reid married Elizabeth Vickers, 1824

B. A. Reynolds married Jinnie E. Moore, 1871

Ronald Anthony Reynolds of North Augusta, South Carolina married Cynthia Florence Andrews on 11/24/1979 at Morningside Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia.  Miss Andrews is the d/o Mr. and Mrs. Bernice Norman Andrews; the groom is the s/o Joe L. Reynolds, North Augusta, South Carolina. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Augustus H. Rheney married Julia A. Hayles, 1859

Joseph T. Rhodes married Sarah Russ, 1835

Wilson Ricks married Olive Hargrove, 1818

Dixon Ritchell married Sarah A. E. Screws, 1856

Solomon H. Rivers married Jane Terrell, 1871

Winfield M. Rivers married Mary J. Daniel, 1866

Sam W. Robbins married Susan A. Batty, 1825

F. A. Roberts married Matilda Hendrick, 1872

John W. Roberts married Nancy Salter, 1848

Lucius P. Roberts married Louisa Byne, 1867

Rhesa B. Roberts married Mary Sellers, 1851

William C. D. Roberts married Alice E. Gobert, 1874

William L. Roberts married Annie E. Spivey, 1867

Green B. Robinson married Lizzie A. Ponder, 1872

James Robinson married Axalina Thomas, 1827

(Hon.) Jesse A. Robinson, Washington County, Georgia married in Burke County, Georgia to Miss Georgia, d/o Judge Oscar Shewmake, 10/30/1877. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Jonathan Robinson married Jane Bigham, 1815

Patrick Robinson married Rebecca Smith, 1808

William A. Robinson married Sarepta McNair

Dempsey D. Roberson married Kiziah M. Stapleton, 1856

Edward Roberson married Amazon Jordan, 1862

George W. Roberson married Mary Ingram, 1876

Jim Roberson married Elinina Murphy, 1876

Jonathan Roberson married Elizabeth Marsh, 1829

Peter Roberson married Mary A. Clements, 1879

Polack Roberson married Sarah W. Penn, 1838

William A. Roberson married Dianna B. Wells, 1880

Matthew Robertson married Margaret Whitley, 1817

John Roe married Patsey Smith, 1806

Alkanah Rogers married Asenett Bowling, 1837

Augustin D. Rogers married Julia Ann E. Lewsi, 1848

Cullen Rogers married Anna Morgan, 1807

E. S. Rogers married N. L. Kendrick, 1876

George W. Rogers married Nancy Stephens, 1845

H. C. Rogers married E. W. Rogers, 1873

Henry Rogers married Nancy W. Brinson, 1826

Henry Rogers married Hariet Streetman, 1832

James Rogers married Pheriba Moore, 1817

James Rogers married Martha Streetman, 1834

Jethro Rogers married Mary Lundy, 1828

Jetrho W. Rogers married Amelia F. Poland, 1856

Jethro W. Rogers married Mary Kennedy, 1858

John Rogers married Sarah Gordon, 1809

Lemon Rogers married Elizabeth Wright, 1822

Matthew B. Rogers married Gracey Beckworth, 1879

Morgan Rogers married Ann Fountain, 1816

William J. Rogers married Laura P. Wood, 1852

Franklin Roland married Mary Murphy, 1874

Asa Rollins married Mary Woods, 1844

James J. Rollins married Fannie Thompson, 1876

John Rollins married Sarah H. Attaway

Robert Ronaldson married Frances Scott, 1819

Samuel Rollins married Melvina Skinner, 1850

William Rollins married Sarah Darley, 1848

William Rollins married Sallie Jones, 1863

Jesse Rooks married Elenor Johnston, 1823

William Rooks married Patsey Rullock, 1822

Zachariah H. Rooks married Martha McDugill, 1830

Kenneth Rooks married Doris Brooks, 9-21-1952.  Kenneth is the s/o Aaron Rooks, Stapleton, Ga.,  and Doris is the d/o Claude Brooks of Thomson, Ga.

David Rosier married Selia Watson, 1811

Thomas Ross married Nancy Walker, 1872

William A. Ross and Mary Ann Redding, daughter of Col. William C. Redding of Monroe County, Georgia, married on Thursday 10-18-1838.Re: The Georgia Messenger.

A. R. Roundtree married Alpha M. Cook, 1880

Arthur Roundtree married Argent Sulton, 1820

Arthur Roundtree married Elizabeth Wells, 1824

William Roundtree married Waitsill G. Woodman, 1822

Cecil Rourke married Alice Blanche Baxley, 7-4-1937, Grace Methodist church, North Augusta, SC.  Sister of the bride, Rebecca Baxley served as maid of honor.  The best man was the grooms brother, Henry Rourke.  Mrs. H. M. Rourke, mother of the groom.  Mrs. J. D. Baxley, mother of the bride. (TAC)

George W. Rowland married Adeline Arrington, 1851

Stephen W. Rozier married Martha J. Davis, 1849

Theophelus Rozier married Lany Weatherington, 1825

William Ruff married Elizabeth E. Clark, 1858

Abel Russell married Rebecca Green, 1817

Abel Russell married Elizabeth Young, 1858

Charles Russell married Judy Perdue, 1857

John Russell married Sylvira Grace, 1856


Charles Salter married Sarah Page, 1817

Charles W. Salter married Belle Coleman, 1873

Benjamin Sammons married Nancy Williams, 1807

David Sample married Martha Miller, 1822

John Samples married Milly Haynes, 1834

John Samples married Elafare Walden, 1840

Lucious Samples married Ellender Poston, 1871

Robert M. Samples married Martha Glover, 1856

William D. Samples married Elizabeth Bailey, 1845

William D. Samples married Milly McDaniel, 1860

Philip Sams married Georgia Shelman, 1875

John Sandeford married Sarah Green, 1814

Thomas Sandeford married Tiercey Powell, 1824

Alton Darrell Sapp, Sardis, Georgia, engaged to Annie Marie Osborne, d/o Floyd B. Lawson, 10-1995.

Batt Sapp married Laura Love Perkins, 11-16-1876, Burke County, Georgia. Batt is son of Dennis Sapp.  Laura is daughter of David Perkins.

Raymond Gene Sapp, Sr. Munnerlyn, Georgia married Ruth Baxley, s/o Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Baxley, 9-12-1952 at the Methodist Parsonage, Sardis, Ga with Rev. J. W. M. Stipe officiating; Gene is the son of William R. Sapp. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle

Rheesey Sapp married Mary A. Cannon, 1844

John Stitt Sandefur married Silvia Spivey, 1809

Coleman Sanders married Jane Mann, 1819

Joshua W. Saxon married Maria Strain, 1850

Miles Scarborough married Temperance Raiford, 1808

Richard B. Scarborough married Venada Evelyn Boone, 11-24-1965.  This was Venada's second marriage.  Her first husband was Robert Jones, Aiken, S.C. (JR-Ancestoring)

William Scarborough married Sarah Cross, 1813

George Schley married Margaret Cunningham, 1833

Phillip T. Schley married Ann E. Fleming, 1822

William Schley married Eliza S. Hargrove, 1822

Michael Schwall married Rebecca Rogers, 1858

George F. Sconiers married Jane Coleman, 18360

Isaac Sconyers married Betsey Ross, 1831

James Sconyers married Delilah Bass, 1816

John Sconyers married Thursy Sconyers, 1821

John Sconyers married Staah Hayslip, 1824

John Sconyers married Milly Coalman, 1832

William Sconyers married Mary Ann Baker, 1820

Adam T. Scott married Louisa Jane Crooks, 1845

Andrew Scott married Harriet Perdue, 1836

James Scott married Lucy Smith, 1809

John Scott married Elizabeth Perdue, 1839

Thomas Scott married Mary Hudson, 1845

Benjamin Screws married Elizabeth Vickman, 1836

Jabez Screws married Nancy Davis, 1843

James Screws married Patsey Hall, 1839

Obed Screws married Huldah Walden, 1828

Nathan Screws married Samantha Atkins, 1878

J. M. G. Scruggs married Susie A. Ponder, 1878

Joseph L. Scruggs married Emily F. Thompson, 1862

Mathew M. Scruggs married Samira Manson, 1851

Solomon Scruggs married Mary A. Moxley, 1869

Josiah Scrutchens married Sarah Greene, 1808

Thomas J. Scurlock married Mary E. Smith, 1872

Allen T. Seals married Wylanty P. Hudson, 1851

William E. Seals married Nelly A. Glover, 1861

Reuben F. Seay married Sylvia T. Brinson, 1850

Alfred Sellers married Elizabeth Anderson, 1818

Calvin Sellers married Levina Anderson, 1818

Decalvary Sellers married Rebecca Perdue, 1859

Holcomb Sellers married Selia Thomas, 1821

William Sellers married Sally Thompson, 1821

William Sellers married Mary Farmer, 1807

Augustus G. Shalman married Elizabeth A. H. B. Harvis, 1827

Thomas Shelman married Mary Johnson, 1875

Andrew J. Sheppard married Sarah E. Fleming, 1860

Benjamin Sheppard married Vicey Davis, 1826

Elijah Sheppard married Mildred Covington, 1823

Elijah Sheppard married Nicey Davis, 1826

Elijah Sheppard married Sily Sammons, 1833

Jacob Sheppard married Margaret McNeely, 1822

James Sheppard married Matilda Walden, 1830

John Sheppard married Martha Logue, 1823

John W. Sheppard married Letitia H. Walker, 1858

Ransom Sheppard married Sophronia Samples, 1873

John H. Sherrod married Elizabeth Mozley, 1851

William Sherrod married Sophia Marsh, 1833

Green Shivers married Nancy Dye, 1851

William Shurley married Frances Gilliam, 1809

Elijah A. Sikes married Winifred A. M. Douglass, 1859

J. W. Sikes married M. E. Hudson, 1872

William B. Sikes married Huldah Seegan, 1853

Caliborn C. Simmons married Mary Bowling, 1839

Marion Roberts Simmons, married Harriet Louise Greybill, 8-20-1956, First Presbyterian Church, Walterboro, South Carolina.

J. R. Sims married Willie Rivers, Tuesday, 3-17-1908, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Solmon Howard and Jane Terrell Rivers, Wrens, Ga., by Rev. W. J. Howard, local Baptist minister. Mr. Sims is formerly of Florida.

David Simpson married Falby Morris, 1814

Hardy Simpson married Sarah Pipkin, 1820

Francis Sinquefield married M. L. Brown, 1869

Jerry Singuefield married Fannie H. Lowry, 1868

Perry G. Sinquefield married Elizabeth Patterson, 1826

William Sinquefield married Winiford West, 1830

William Sinquefield married Hepsiba Ingram, 1833

Jacob Skinner married Ann Turner, 1832

Jeremiah T. Skinner married Henritta E. Verdery, 1855

John Skinner married Rebekah Peacock, 1822

Willoby Slaton married Elizabeth Low, 11-16-1807, Columbia County, Georgia

George Sloan married Jane Gordon, 1809

Allen Smith married Susannah Paulett, 1812

Consel B. Smith married Sallie E. Moore, 1877

D. Jordan Smith married Mary E. Durden, 1878

Edward Joseph Hugen Smith, s/o Edward J. Hugen Smith, Sr., married Bobby Jean Dickey, Millen, Georgia, d/o Grady Dickey, at parents home, 8-19-1956, Rev. Earl Stirewalt.

Elyie E. Smith married Margaret E. Palmer, 1869

Lieut. Eithel Guy Smith married Mary Ellen Gallagher, 12-27-1947, at Chapel of Oliver General Hospital.  Brides father, Michael Vincent Gallagher. Bride attended Mount Saint Joseph Academy and also Junior College, Augusta.  She was associated with the finance officer at Oliver General Hospital.  Lieut. Smith is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Smith of Bedford, Indiana.  (TAC)

Herbert Smith, Jr. married Sarah Dupree, 1809

J. W. Smith married Emily J. Dixon, 1872

James Smith married Harriet Hubbard, 1809

James Smith married Gracey Walker, 1814

Jeremiah Smith married Lucy Fort, 1811

John Smith married Mary Shores, 1808

John M. Smith married Eliza W. Mann, 1810

John W. Smith married Martha R. Sherrod, 1875

Leroy Smith married Laney (Sallie) Stapleton, December 12, 1889 (Data from James Stapleton Bible, son of Major George Lawson Stapleton) The Augusta Chronicle dated 4/10/1920 - Stapleton, Georgia News, Sallie Stapleton Smith died in a Macon, Georgia private sanitarium, wife of Leroy Smith; daughter of Col. James Stapleton; member of one of the most prominent and influential families in this section of the state. 

Seth K. Smith married L. A. Freeman, 1870

Silon S. Smith married Sarah E. Perkins, 1870

William Smith married Julia Whitehead, 1-5-1832, Butts County, Ga

William E. Smith married Mattie Davis, 1869

Mr. W. T. Smith married Carrie E. Hudson in Dublin, Georgia, Laurens City on 10/25/1877.  Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

(Hon.) John S. Snider, Gibson, Ga., married Cleo McNair, Spread, Ga., at the residence of the brides parents, Mrs. W. E. McNair, Spread, Ga., on January 25, 1918.  Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Josiah L. Spann married Sarah E. Attaway, 1872

J. A. Speir married Julia Fields, 1871

Joseph A. Speirs married Celia S. Watson, 1871

Albert S. Stapleton married Margaret Jones, June 11, 1899 (Data from James Stapleton Bible, son of Major George Lawson Stapleton)

Edgar Stapleton married Jessie Jones, January 1895 (Data from James Stapleton Bible, son of Major George Lawson Stapleton)

Edgar Jones Stapleton married Marie Rivers, 3-10-1918 - Glascock Records

George Lawson Stapleton, Jr. married Mary Roberson, January 26, 1815; by Jacob Marchant, M.G.; Warren County, Ga

Isaac Stapleton married Amelia Hannah, 1878

James Franklin "Bob" Stapleton married Nancy Beaty, January 28, 1847, by Ivy W. Gregory, Stewart County, Ga.

James Stapleton married Laney Howard, September, 1853 (Data from James Stapleton Bible, son of Major George Lawson Stapleton)

James Stapleton married Mahala Mathis, September 18, 1872 (Data from James Stapleton Bible, son of Major George Lawson Stapleton)

James Stapleton married Julia Boyd, January 1895 (Data from James Stapleton Bible, son of Major George Lawson Stapleton)

Jesse Walter Stapleton married Florence Hobbs, Warren County, February 3, 1881 (Data from James Stapleton Bible, son of Major George Lawson Stapleton)

Sidney Hillman Stapleton married Elizabeth D. Beaty, December 16, 1847, by Wilson Sears, J.P., Stewart County, Ga.

Charles Wynn Stephens, Sr. of Wrens, Ga married Annie Mae Barton on 9-6-1906, by Rev. N. J. Hudson, pastor of Wrens Methodist Church.

Eben Stephens married Frances E. Wiggins, 1871

Otis Stevens married Olivia Wade, Sunday, 3-19-1908, at the home of Frank Hadden, by Rev. J. D. Rabun. Miss Olivia is the daughter of Mr. A. B. Wade, a prominent farmer near Wrens, Ga. Mr. Stevens is an industrious young man.

William C. Stevens married Eveline Moore, 1877

George W. Stevenson married Minnie Wells, 1877

James Streetman married Susan Sikes, 1873

John M. Stubbs married Gertrude W. Johnson, 1878

John T. Swan married Hariet A. Burke, 1868

Thomas E. Swan married Elizabeth Berryhill, 1875

William Swan married Mary Hutchens, 1874

Samuel Sugar married Huldah Cates, 1849


Jim Talbert married Mary Inez Smith of Trenton, S.C. on 6-2-1940; Daughter of Maggie Smith.

David Tallant, Jr., married Rachael R. Scruggs, 9-11-1842; Forsyth County, Georgia Marriages

Cathbut Tarrance married Martha A. L. Calhoun, 1837

Allen Tarver married Nancy Watkins, 1852

Andrew E. Tarver married Julia A. Daniel, 1842

Etheldred Tarver married Elizabeth Stevens, 1867

Etheldred Tarver married Julia Bigham, 1875

Etheldred C. Tarver married Mary Tarver, 1853

G. A. Tarver married Mollie B. Josey, 1874

Garland Tarver married Kitsey Brown, 1834

John Tarver married Isabelle E. Tarver, 1831

John F. M. Tarver married Mary Green, 1836

Lawrence A. Tarver married Mary E. Williams, 1846

Otis S. Tarver married W. Virginia Hayles, 1874

Samuel F. Tarver married Mary S. Pierce, 1870

William Tarver married Mary E. Brown, 1863

William Tarver married Catherine Feutral, 1870

William A. Tarver married Margaret Stevens, 1869

Absolam Taylor married Martha S. Farmer, 1875

Benjamin F. Taylor married Della Trimble, 1876

Ira H. Taylor married Mary S. Connelly, 1849

Jack Taylor, Williston, SC married Dovie Virginia Rains, d/o H. G. Rains of Aiken, SC, on 3/27/1941, Graniteville, South Carolina. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

John Taylor married Sarah J. Steward, 1867

Allen J. Terrel married Amanda Adams, 1878

Joel L. Terrell married Isabella Reed, 1823

John B. Terrell married Orpha Worrel, 1818

John T. Terrell married Sallie V. Parker, 1879

Stephen A. Terrell married Hattie E. Cheatham, 1873

Stephen B. Terrell married Linzey Calhoun, 1849

Thomas D. Terrell married Sarah Livingston, 1817

Alfred Thigpen married Melissa A. B. Haslip, 1863

Benjamin Thomas married Jane Gilmore, 1818

Blassingam Thomas married Isabella Manson, 1816

Blassingame Thomas married Charlotte Brannan, 1826

Evin Thomas married Edna Mulkey, 1816

Gideon D. Thomas married Mary Thompson, 1823

Greenberry Thomas married Mary McDougold, 1837

James M. Thomas married Julia E. Lowry, 1878

John Thomas married Martha Patillo, 1803

John Thomas married Sarah Cross, 1808

John B. Thomas married Virginia A. Stewart, 1856

Robert Thomas married Maria Harrell, 1824

William Thomas married Silia Smith, 1813

William B. Thomas married Nelly Coalman, 1831

William C. Thomas married Nanie McGlohun, 1878

Daniel Thompson married Catherine Allen, 1828

David Thompson married Elizabeth A. Bridges, 1843

David J. Thompson married Samantha J. Davis, 1868

Edmond Thompson married Dianna Mathews, 1839

Francis M. Thompson married Martha E. Pool, 1866

Gideon Thompson married Rebecca McDugan, 1817

J. J. Thompson married Nancy E. Hutchens, 1872

John Thompson married Nancy Dillard, 1834

John J. Thompson married Eugenia A. Ingram, 1866

John N. Thompson married Emar Allen, 1-25-1882 (ATWNC)

Joshua Thompson married Rebecca Thomas, 1813

Obadiah Thompson married Margaret Samples, 1843

Robert A. T. Thompson married Martha P. Perdue, 10-21-1875 (ATWNC)

Robert E. J. Thompson married Rebecca J. McNair, 1875

Robert P. Thompson married Elizabeth A. Clarke, 1839

Robert P. Thompson married Martha A. Spann, 1843

Seaborn Thompson married Nancy Covington, 1850

Seaborn J. Thompson married Chrisiana Pitman, 1855

Shadrick Thompson married Ann Carswell, 1815

Solomon Thompson married Eliza Ann Jane Perdue, 1850

Solomon R. Thompson married E. A. J. Perdue, 12-4-1950

Stephen Thompson married Margaret Triplet, 1814

W. Edgar Thompson married Daisy L. Lazenby, July 1906, at the home of the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Lazenby, with the Rev. Geo W. Tumblin in Harlem, Georgia.  Ref: The Augusta Chronicle, 7-10-1906.

William Thompson, Sr. of Wrens, Georgia married Elizabeth Fergerson, 1852

William Thompson married Mourning Thomas, 1812

William Thompson married Judith Peirce, 1818

William Thompson married Delilah Fields, 1841

William Thompson married Mary W. Wells, 1846

William G. Thompson married Nancy Ann Williams, 1834

William S. Thompson married Marenda E. Wasden, 1873

Levi H. Tiffney married Malissa Nunn, 1849

Daniel Tingle married Parthena Hatcher, 1823

James L. B. Todd married Mary A. Beal, 1855

Henry B. Todd married Matilda G. Bostick, 1825

Edmund Tolbott married Susannah McCullers, 1807

Jased Tomlinson married Elizabeth F. Cawthon, 1830

William Tomlinson married Rhoda Wood, 1820

Joel Clinton Tomme married Hilda Jane Vardaman, 9-1-1831 Marion, Georgia.

James M. Tompkins married Eliza Pipkins, 1840

Partin Tompkins married Adeline Ponder, 1842

Thomas Tompkins married Rebecca W. Anderson, 1813

William Tompkins married Anne Hines, 1838

William Tompkins married Rebecca Gardner, 1850

Shadrick Tomson married Jane Sample, 1827

John F. Toole married Salley J. Brown, 1871

Victor S. Tounzley married Elizabeth Curry, 1810

Jesse Travis married Nancy Terrell, 1818

John J. Triggs married Matilda Jane Cross, 1830

James C. Trimble married Susan M. Lowry, 1845

Joseph L. Trimble married Lydia A. Lowry, 1848

Ferney Tripp married Mary Fovil, 1818

John Tripp married Fhoevebee Harrod, 1815

John Truluck married Mary Carr, 1822

Richard Tucker married Elizabeth Poole, 1851

Alexander Turner married Mary Murphy, 1841

Alexander Turner married Jane N. Marsh, 1844

Anthony Turner married Sarah A. Moore, 1830

Anthony W. Turner married Julia H. Gregory, 1833

Daniel H. Turner married Martha A. Hobby, 1851

Green M. Turner married Malvina Youngblood, 1838

Green M. Turner married Julia A. Youngblood, 1849

Green M. Turner married Nancy Youngblood, 1851

J. A. Turner married Priscilla H. Lamb, 1865

James K. Turner married Sarah Hudson, 1835

Jesse M. Turner married Mary Cox, 1840

Menon N. Turner married Halill both of Henry County, Georgia, 9-4-1838.  Married in Henry County, Georgia by the Hon. Charles L. Holmes. Hillary Vaus married Sarah Pittman, 1848

Robert H. Tutt married Mary F. Turner, 1855

John Tyson married Caroline Bright, 1839


Benjamin Upton married A. M. Walden, 1855

John Upton married Susan Underwood, 1856

Isiah (Tip) Green Usry married Mollie Chalker, no date availble.  Isiah (Tip) Green Usry, Thomson, Ga died on 1-16-1937 at his daughters home, G. L. Howard, Stapleton, Ga.


Isaac C. Vaughn married Mattie L. Whigham, 1871

John Vaughn married Sarah Moss, 1833

William H. Vaughn married Elenor Rooks, 1824

Hillary Vause married Sarah Pittman, 1848

Arthur Vause married Elizabeth Fountain, 1825

Stephen Vickers married Elizabeth Brown, 1806

Larkin Vincent married Nancy Manson, 1826

Aden Vining married Elizabeth McGlanhan, 1845

John Vining married Mary Hudson, 1810

John Vining married Esibah Price married 1829

John Vining married Elizabeth Welsh, 1830

John L. Vining married Gracey Cain, 1858

George W. Vinson and Mary Bateman, daughter of Rev. Bryan Bateman, married in Houston County, by William L. Hunt.  Re: The Georgia Messenger 10-25-1838.

John W. Voss married Nancy Wilkinson, 1831

Littleberry Voss married Ann Fulford, 1842


James Wade married Lotty Williams, 1808

Henry Waddell married Lizzie Way, 1874

Bryant H. Walden married Martha F. Futral, 1873

Edward Walden married Mary Lyons, 1811

Elizah Walden married Olive Wasden, 1829

Greene Walden married Sarah Barden, 1809

Henry Walden married Patience Calhoon, 1809

Henry Walden married Minerva McCoy, 1843

J. N. Walden married Julia J. McDaniel, 1879

John M. Walden married Elizabeth Hunt, 1845

John M. Walden married M. A. Thigpen, 1878

Mitchell Walden married Margaret Hannah, 1830

Mitchell Walden married Louisa E. McKigney, 1856

Moses Walden married Jane Hannah, 1829

Pleasant Walden married Catherine Hannah, 1838

Samuel Walden married Winney Morris, 1815

Thomas Walden of Gibson, Georgia engagement to Jeanette Lafavor, d/o Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Lafavor.  The marriage to be solemnized on 8/1/1940. Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

W. H. Walden married Gatsey Vaus, 1843

William G. Walden married Susannah Williams, 1855

William G. Wadley married Millie S. Harvey, 1870

Charles L. Walker married Sarah A. E. Paradise, 1849

David A. L. Walker married Jane Spann, 1821

George W. Walker married Julia Hall, 1848

John Walker married Laura Green, 1866

Joseph Walker married Mary Spikes, 1880

Mathew T. Walker married Lutetia Frances, 1844

Thomas Walker married Rutha Harrod, 1808

Willis Walker married Rebecca Pierce, 1829

Hopkins War married Mary Livingston, 1850

Thomas War married Mariah Rogers, 1834

William War married Mary Harrell, 1840

Augustus B. Ward married Harriet E. Wilson, 1857

Benjamin Ward married Elizabeth Bowling, 1829

John Ward married Susan A. Lee, 1848

John D. Warner married Alif S. Townsley, 1818

Elijah Warren married Elizabeth Mountain, 1815

John Warren married Polly Hannah, 1806

Robert Warren married Mildred Horn, 1810

William Warren married Lydia Strickland, McConough, Georgia, 9-2-1838. Re: The Georgia Messenger.

Bryant Wasden married Politha Thompson, 1828

Eldridge A. Wasden married Sarah E. Streetman, 1855

Eli Wasden married Sarah Pilot, 1815

Freeman Wasden married Louisa Fields, 1831

Hampton Wasden married Rosanna Walden, 1839

Phillip Wasden married Celia Johnson, 1821

Phillip M. Wasden married Keziah Dye, 1849

William Wasden married Martha E. Terrell, 1869

Allen Waters married Agelina Ingram, 1827

Arthur Watkins married Susannah Jones, 1828

Henry P. Watkins married Frances A. Sykes, 1839

Henry P. Watkins married Basheba T. Parker, 1853

Ira Watkins married Rebecca Turner, 1836

Ira E. Watkins married Sarah A. M. Feutral, 1848

J. Watkins married Mary Fields, 1872

John A. E. Watkins married Cenith Deriso, 1876

John B. Watkins married Emily F. Parker, 1858

John K. Watkins married Emma V. Weeks, 1869

M. B. Watkins married R. R. Kirkland, 1866

Miles Watkins married Milley Moore, 1832

Robert Watkins married Sarah Scott, 1832

Robert Watkins married Elizabeth Lynch, 1842

Roger Watkins married Mary Scruggs, 1880

Silas Watkins married Celia Fokes, 1840

W. G. Watkins married Nancy Rachel, 1880

William B. Watkins married Ophelia Seckinger, 1875

William H. Watkins married E. A. Roberson, 1874

Michael Watson married Pency Raiford, 1819

Orandatus Watson married Winnefred J. Cummings, 1807

Seth G. Watson married Martha Jordan, 1812

John Way married Lucretia Goodowns, 1828

John R. Way married Winifred S. Hudson, 1850

John S. Way married Fannie Watkins, 1876

William Way married Asenath Bowling, 1811

William Way married Wylantha Pior, 1823

William F. Way married Sarah E. Jordan, 1852

William W. Way married Martha Peebles, 1875

John Weaver married Mary Brannen, 1810

William Weaver married Presilla Mitchell, 1809

Elias Webb married Nancy Maynor, 1809

Benjamin Weeks married Mary Landon, 1839

Caleb G. Weeks married Luella V. Farmer, 1878

Charles Weeks married Nancy Berryhil, 1806

James M. Weeks married Sallie A. Peel, 1874

Jesse Weeks married Kapsey Slater, 1826

Isaiah C. Weeks married Emmie M. Arrington, 1880

Rufus G. Weeks married Margaret A. J. Mathews, 1848

Asa Welch married Sally Starting, 1815

James Welch married Patsey Davis, 1810

William Welch married Charlotte Brown, 1811

S. A. Wellborn married A. A. Smith, 1862

Darcus Wells married Susan Morgan, 1845

Everett Wells married Delilah Cottle, 1827

George T. Wells married Cynthia P. Morgan, 1845

George T. Wells married Eliza L. Morgan, 1849

John D. Wells married Jane M. Warner, 1832

John R. Wells married Charlotte Dickerson, 1853

Josiah Wells married Nancy Gordy, 1833

William W. Wells married Mary Tendel, 1869

William Wellsbacher married Mary Ellen St. Clair in Macon, Georgia, 10/30/1877.  Ref: The Augusta Chronicle.

Mathew K. West married Celia Knight, 1824

Riley West married Winey Hudson, 1822

George W. Wheeler married Rebecca Gilliam, 1809

John Whigham Sr. married Nancy Hedgepath, 5-22-1823

John G. Whigham married Caroline M. Carswell, 2-19-1843

John L. Whigham married Mary E. Cotter, 1868, 2-19-1968

Joseph Whigham married Elizabeth Hannah, 2-4-1819

Nathan M. Whigham married Sallie F. Denny, 1-18-1872

William Whigham married Betsey Donaldson, 10-9-1811

William Whigham married Eliza Stapleton, 1-19-1840

William A. Whigham married Mary Jane Anderson, 1-24-1850

William J. Whigham married Sarah A. Hudson, 12-24-1844

William J. Whigham married Jane Fleming, 9-16-1852

Eli D. Whitaker married Amelia J. H. McCully, 1835

Elisha White married Nancy Wood, 1815

Granvil White married Nancy Hall, 1822

James B. White married Elizabeth Fenn, 1807

Henry Whitehead married Judah Perdue, 6-17- 1813, bride is the daughter of William Perdue. 

Henry Whitehead married Susan Willouby, 1841

James Whitehead married Ruth L. Berrien, 1816

James M. Whitehead married Sarah A. Young, 1837

James M. Whitehead married Mary J. Clements, 1873

Julius C. Whitehead married Mary A. Hodges, 1860

Lee Whitehead married Bashie Miller, 1880

Thomas Whitehead married Julia Arrington, 1870

James E. Whitfield married Sarah Blackman, 1815

Bryant Whitfield married Patsey Wells, 1816

Wiley Wiatt married Edney Darden, 1849

Elias W. Wiggins married Mary Ann Pipkins, 1852

Elias Y. Wiggins married Allie Eason, 1861

George W. Wiggins married Sarah L. Stevens, 1872

Green J. Wiggins married Sarah A. Martin, 1878

Henry E. Wiggins married Frances L. Penrow, 1854

Jesse Wiggins married Elizabeth Parker, 1812

Jesse Wiggins married Rebecca Knight, 1810

Michael Wiggins married Polly Holder, 1835

Michael M. Wiggins married Tullah Moore, 1874

Robert Wiggins, Jr. married Louise Folk, of Estil, S.C., 11-1-1929 in Savannah, Ga.  The bride is a teacher of this area.  The Groom is connected with his father as a local business man at the Ford Dealers.

William Wiggins married Nancy Newton, 1811

Samuel T. L. Wilcher married Mary Ann McGrace, 1854

William Wilcher married Nancy Grace, 1808

Willis Wilder married Pheriba Clarke, 1810

Alexander Wilkins married Sarah Jane Beaty, February 16, 1842; by M. Gresham, C.C.C., Stewart County, Ga.

William W. Wilkons married Mary Jane Lindsey, 1852

Lewis Wilkovski married Mary G. Daniel, 1869

Daniel Wilkinson married Elinda Swanser, 1822

James Wilkinson married Mary Ann Purvis, 1831

Henry Willey married Mariah Hinton, 1872

Andrew J. Williams married Nancy A. E. McKigney, 1856

Douglas Fred Williams, married Nelda Teresa Williams, Stapleton, Ga. on October 20, 1984 at Stapleton Baptist Church.  Miss Williams is the daughter of Jimmy E. Williams.  She is the granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John L. Williams of Avera, Ga., and Mrs. Mattie Lou Rooks and the late Aaron J. Rooks.  Mr. Williams is the grandson of Mrs. Burgess Nichols of Lakeland, Fla., and the late Fred R. Nichols, and Mrs. Kathleen Williams of Trenton, Fla., and the late Euley G. Williams. 

George T. Williams married Lynette Bell Barton, 10-21-1908.

Isaac Williams married Alsesey Roe, 1812

J. Tim Williams, Stapleton, Ga., married Lynn Wilcher, July 28, 1990.  Mr. Williams is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy E. Williams, Stapleton, Ga.  He is the grandson of the late Mr. and Mrs. Aaron J. Rooks.  Miss Wilcher is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Wilcher. 

James Williams married Elda Hadden, 1848

James L. Williams married Martha A. E. Peebles, 1858

James M. Williams married Elitha A. E. Fountain, 1865

Jasper N. Williams married Caroline Wood, 1860

John H. Williams married Georgian V. Smith, 1860

Joshua Williams married Mary Ann Williams, 1824

Lawson Williams married Polly Brazil, 1833

Roberson W. Williams married Nancy A. Williams, 1856

Dr. C. Roy Williams, Wadley, Ga., married Alice Virginia Futral, 2-8-1933.  Miss Futral is the daughter of John W. Futral of Wadley, Ga.

Simmie Williams married Mary V. Clarke, 1865

Simson B. Williams married Ruth M. Lafaver, 1858

Stephen M. Williams married Caroline E. Pusgley, 1853

Thomas J. Williams married Martha E. Rivers, 1856

William Williams married Rebecca Anderson, 1832

William Williams married Sarah D. Hadden, 1845

William J. Williams married Rebecca Peebles, 1850

John R. Willingham married Bettie J. Farmer, 1875

Ishmael Willingham married Chanie Coleman, 1875

Gideon Willis married Elizabeth Thompson, 1815

Henry Willit married Polly Price, 1812

J. T. Willoughby married Sophenia Newsome, 1879

Moses Willoughby married Frances Matthews, 1855

Samuel Wilson married Eliza Johnson, 1845

William Wilson married Anne Brady, 1833

William Wilson married Eliza Johnson, 1845

Euphratus Wimberly married Ellen L. Lawson, 1866

J. M. Wimberly married M. R. Lawson, 1869

Leaston Wimberly married Elizabeth Davenport, 1841

Z. Wimberly married P. E. Dawson, 1867

William Wingate married Elizabeth Cooksey, 1820

John M. Wise married Lundey Price, 1840

Bellinger Wood married Gilpha Cowart, 1818

Charles Wood married Gilpha howell, 1811

Mark Red Wood married Rhoda Fort, 1813

Mathew Wood married Nancy Marshall, 1819

Elisha Woodard married Julia Ann Gilbert, 1835

James Woodard married Mary Holton, 1846

A. D. Woodle married Mary Arrington of Kirksey's.  They were married 10-31-1900 at the brides parents home, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Arrington. They left on the train to visit parents in Marlboro County.

David Woods married Sarah Rollins, 1834

Isaac Woods married Eliza Patterson, 1815

Mathew M. Woods married Sabra Berry, 1832

Matthew M. Woods married Julia A. M. J. Boyd, 1860

Richard A. Woods married Laura R. Thompson, 1855

Thomas G. Woods married Mary E. Boyd, 1858

James W. Woodward married Martha W. Wren, 1874

Augustus H. Wooten married Willie C. Stevens, 1862

John Wooten married Margaret White, 1826

Spencer Wooten married Elizabeth Hatcher, 1837

John Worthy married Mary Killingsworth, 1/7/1830, Bibb County, Georgia

James J. Wren married Martha A. Bryant, 1844

James L. Wren married Lany C. McGahee, 1871

John Wren married Martha Corbitt, 11-24-1819

John Wren married Catherine Corbett, 1865

John J. Wren married Rebekah A. Williams, 1848

Nathaniel Wren married Jane Roland, 1844

Robert P. Wren married Alice Taylor, 1872

Thomas Wren married Drucilla Barrow, 1822

William James Wren, of Wrens, Georgia married Nancy Ann Austin on 9-20-1946 at Glenn Memorial Chapel.   She is the daughter of Frank Albert Austin.  The bride elects mother is the former Sarah Pegram, daughter of James Walter Pegram of Hamlet, North Carolina.  Her paternal grandparents are Mrs.  H. P. Austin and the late Mr. Austin of Hamlet.  She is a graduate of Girls High School and attended University of Georgia.  For 18 months she has been affiliated with S.C. Johnson and Son, Inc.  Mr. Wren is the son of William James Wren, of Wrens, Georgia.  His mother is the former Corrie Mims Kelley, daughter of  O. C. Kelley of Mitchell, Georgia.  His paternal grandparents are William John Wren, the founder of Wrens, Ga.  He received his Electrical Engineering Degree from Georgia Tech where he was the vice president of the Junior Class and Treasurer of Kappa Sigma Fraternity.  He holds a commission in U. S. Navel reserve and is employed by the Carries Corporation. 

William S. Wren married Caroline Patterson, 1851

Caleb Wright married Vienna M. Connell, 1865

Caleb A. Wright married Rachel G. Lowry, 1834

Charles S. Wright married Mary Gunn, 1841

Charles S. Wright married Emeline Boyd, 1847

Daniel B. Wright married Josephine Henderson, 1879

James Wright married Nancy Pior, 1821

James A. Wright married Mary A. Thompson, 1860

Jesse Wright married Nancy Ann Baxley, 1832

Whitney Wright married Jane Robinson, 1877

William A. Wright married Urciller A. E. Young, 1865

William Wyatt married Sarah LaFever, 1846


Joseph Yarbough married Jane Bailey, 1806

James Yarbough married Sarah A. Bailey, 1842

J. W. Yarborough married M. J. Stanley, 1877

Samuel Yates married Rebecca Salter, 1812

David Young married Levicy Wren, 1870

Elijah Young married Nancy Pool, 1836

J. E. Young married Romuli C. Eubanks, 1874

Jacob Young married Elizabeth Welch, 1815

Jacob W. Young married Mary A. M. Pool, 1850

James B. Young married Nancy Powell, 1847

James M. Young married Julia Ann Greenway, 1845

James W. Young married Susannah Anderson, 1860

James W. D. Young married Harriet J. Templeton, 1874

Michael W. young married Mary J. Stewart, 1870

Noah Young married Sarah A. Powell, 1852

Thomas Young married Mary Beaty, 2-10-1825, by Robert Beaty, JP

Thomas R. Young married Mary Denton, 1876

Thomas M. Young married Martha M. Young, 1861

William A. Young married Nancy Osburn, 1823

William C. Young married Bashaba Adkinson, 1844

Augustus Youngblood married Mary Evan, 1850



BASIE LOWE                CATHERINE MEELY            1819

BENJAMIN GREEN        RACHEL GREEN                 1820


ISAAC DAVIS               ARRENVY DAVIS               1821




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