First Colonist of Queensborough

 St. George's Paris - or Present Jefferson County

~Partial List~

David Alexander, married Margaret Davidson 4/1/1762, witness James Alexander.  Came from Rowan County, North Carolina to Georgia with wife and eight children.  Granted lot no. 18 on Queensborough 550 acres of land December 6, 1774, Grant Book M, page 771.  Land bounded on S.W. by Robert Brieson and vacant land.  N. E. by Samuel Gibson, February 1778, paid 16 pounds for riding express from col. McMurphy to the Governor to carry a message.

Rev. Thomas Beatty, married Susan Heard, born 1782, daughter of Woodson Heard.  children: Thoams B. Jr., Henry, Cynthia, Julia B. who married Linsey C. Warren.

James Beatty Sr., from North Carolina in 1769. Registered 250 acres in township, 9/6/1774, Grant Book  M, pag.81, bounded on all sides by vacant land. Banished as a rebel in 1782, went to Effingham Co. Will in Louisville, Ga. Signed October 25, 1813.  Probated June 17, 1815.  Daughter Elizabeth Little, Granddaughters, Eleanor and Mary Little, Grandsons, James, son of Robert, son of Samuel.  A Grandson in Chester District, S.C. Town lot no. 36.
Joseph Beatty, wife, six children, One servant came on Hopewell 1771.  500 acres signed for and granted by Governor.  On Lambert's Creek.  Town lot --.  Will in Louisville, Ga., signed 11/20/1796, probated 12/13/1798.  Witnesses Matthew Cowart, John Wilson, James Womack.  Mentioned: son-in-law, James Wilson, James Morton; Daughter, Jane; Sons, Samuel, William.  Executors, William Beatty, son, Benjamin Whitaker.    See More information on Joseph Beatty CLICK HERE!
Michael Beatty, wife and two children came on ship Britannia, Gov. and Council granted and signed for -----acres land.  No registered grant found.
Rev. Thomas Beatty, came on ship Hopewell.  Lot no. 16 in Queensborough, 150 acres in Township, Grant Book  I, page 88, July 3, 770.  Bounded N. by James Thompson, partly S. by David Graves or Green, and partly by vacant land, S.E. Reedy Branch and vacant land.  Land of late Thomas Beatty, confiscated, 150 acres in township sold at 5/5 paid to James Stalling.
Robert Bryson, 250 acres in township.  No grant registered.  Bounded by William Crosley on S. corner.  All other sides by vacant land.
Thomas McBride, 150 acres in township, surveyed 12/22/1770, grant 9/6/1774, Grant Book M, page 353, Plat Book C page 200; bounded N. E. by Samuel McBride and joining Samuel Gordon on Dry Creek.  Will in Jefferson County, October 11, 1799, prob. January 4, 1800, wife's name not given.  Son James; daughter Mary, other small children, Juror, Jefferson County, 1798.  Land on tax list of Jefferson County, 1802.
John Gambol and 5 children.  Grant not registered.  In minutes of council March 1772. 150 acres, Wilkes County, 1784, wife Mary Lawson, daughter of Roger Lawson, Sr.  John on payroll Burke County Militia, commanded by Col. Asa Emanuel, August 15, 1781 - February 1, 1782.  Came on ship Brittania.
Thomas Lamb, March 1768, 100 acres, St. George.  Amerced 1782, not eligible to vote until 3 years after the close of the War.
Hugh Lawson, Sr., Lot No. 11 , in town, September 14, 1785, from North Carolina, wife Mary Moore, daughter, John Moore.  Son of Roger Lawson.  Probably purchased land.  Also 100 acres former property of Robert McCormick in township, bounded N. E. by Lambert's Big Creek; South by William Hardin, West by Town Commons, North by lands of Patrick McKay.  Land was originally granted Clotsworthy Robison, at 2/4 pa.  Assistant Justice 1784, Burke County.  Resigned Executive Council for Burke County, 1782.  Commissioner of confiscated estates on Burke office, 1782.  In 1749, sold land to James and wife, Mary, of Cecil County, Md., probably obtained from Roger Lawson living in  Davidson Creek settlement, 1752-1768, no. 38 on map.  In 1768, owned 4 slaves in Carolina frontier.  Name on deed, 1744, in Rowan County, North Carolina.  Hugh Lawson, Sr. married Mary Moore, daughter of John Moore.  Hugh was a Commissioner to select site for Louisville.  Will of Roger in Louisville.
Roger Lawson, from North Carolina, 1770, Cecil County, Md, origin.  150 acres, St. George Parish, by Governor.  Elected Registrar of probates in Burke County, 1784.  Elder Upper Elk Church, New Castle Presbytery.  Will in Jefferson County Courthouse, Book A, S/ August 3, 1803, P. November 9, 1803.  Wife Margaret McGill; sons: Andrew Berry, John Hugh, Thompson.  Son-in-law, John Gamble.  Daughter, Mary and Hanah Spiers.  Jefferson County tax list, 1802.  House stood on top of hill above Rocky Comfort Creek now what is known as Louisville, Ga.
Henry Lewis, and wife March 1772, ship Brittania, no registered grant.  Noted in Council minutes.
Samuel Lewis, 100 acres and town lot 1771 by Council.  (March)
Thomas Lewers, Jr., Lot in town of Queensborough, no. 28, 100 acres in township, September 6, 1774, Book M., page 342, bounded on West by James Blair.  Recommended as a magistrate for Queensborough.  Commissioner Confiscated Estates, Burke County, 1782. In Waynesboro, 1783.
Thomas Little, wife and 5 children, ship Brittania, March 1772.  Wife, Elizabeth Hudson, born 1779, died January 5, 1834.  Son of John Sr., and a brother John. grant noted in minutes.  Commissioned Col. of Militia, 1784.  Assistant Justice, 1784.  Juror Jefferson  Col., 1798.  Capt. of a Co. of spies during revolution.  Jefferson County Tax List, 1802.  Daughter Lucretia M. William Ingram.
Robert Sampson, 100 acres in 1769, 86 acres in township, granted January 3, 1775, Book M, page 938, bounded on North by Samuel Gibson, John Manson, and Samuel Clements, S.E. by Black Jack Branch and land of William Little, West by John Ingram and Adam Mickleroy.
William Sampson, wife and one son. Three sons and one daughter in South Carolina are expected daily.  Lot no. 24 in Queensborough. 150 acres in township surveyed February 20, 1771, Plat Book C, page 348, Grant, April 6, 1773, Book I, page 958, Bounded East by Robert Brieson, N.W. by John Kennedy and South by Robert Dumville and Crossley, who is not in township.  William was an Irish Patriot.  After exile to Europe, obtained asylum in America.  He later moved to New York, 1807, published the book: "Memoirs of William Sampson." (From an old scrapbook cut and pasted by DAR member).
Joseph Sanders, Lot no. 17 in town of Queensborough.  400 acres in township surveyed, June 8, 1769, Book C, page 326, granted July 3, 1770, Book I, page 109, bounded South by Matthew Moore, West by Reedy Creek Branch, partly East by Robert Girvin, and James Hadin, and partly Matthew Lysle and vacant land.  The plat of survey shows tract is bounded West by Reedy Branch and Thomas Beatty, James Thompson and John Bartholomew.  All these near town of Queensborough.
John Scott, wife and 4 children from ship Brittania.  No grant registered, minutes show March 1772, but not acreage.  Near Shadrach Vining.  In lands of James Habersham on Ogeechee.  Will of James Scott signed 1810, proved February 4, 1811, page 42, Will Book A, Baldwin County, Georgia, mentions Sister Charity Spencer, Brother John Scott, Rowan County, gives deed in Rowan County to James Scott in North Carolina. Numerous grants to Scotts in Md, before 1725.  (Wills) A will of Philip Scott in Jefferson County, Georgia, October 3, 1804 - December 1, 1817, wife Mary.  School Teacher wills money she has made to her sons: James, John, Daughters, Fanny, Susan, Polly and Sally.
John Shelly, deceased.  Rebecca Shelly Administrator, July 14, 1804.
William Skelly, wife and one child, one servant, 100 acres, 1769 in township ganted July 3, 1770, Book I, page 111.  Bounded East by Lambert's Creek, South by Robert Girvin.  Town llot in Queensborough No. 48, 200 acres St. George in township granted July 5, 1774, Book M, page 118.  All sides vacant land.  Witness to deed from William to Thomas Alexander may 2, 1776.
James Simpson, wife and children from Ireland on Brittania.  No grant registered, petition for 200 acres on Buckhead Branch in St. George Parish.  Petition May 1771 for additional 200 acres by Govern, July, 1771.
John Wilson, father Hugh Wilson, wife and 4 children from Brittania March 1772. Wife name Elizabeth.  350 acres granted in township August 2, 1774.  Grant Book M, page 274.  bounded on N. E. by John McClelacon, N. W. by Crossley, S.W. by John McNeely.  John was a witness to the will of Joseph beatty.  From State Gazette, Benjamin Wilson, deceased, 300 acres at little Ogeechee, seized and sold through execution of John Wilson.  Surveyed as 260 acre. Ruled by jury court minutes to belong to son John, Jr.
Seb Witherup, found only in minutes.  Mentioned as from ship Brittania.
David Wood, 300 acres, township grant May 17, 1771, Book I, page 334.  bounded on corner by John Wilson, N. W. corner by James Finley.  Original grant to father, Solomon Wood, on Green Branch, joining J. Barber.  David gave in tax in Jefferson County, Ga., 1802.  Brothers of David, Isaac, Green, Red.  Solomon's cowpens sold May 1816 near Burke County line.  Solomon owned a block house for protection of settlers against the Indians.
Isaac Wood, 100 acres, in township, grant dated September 6, 1774, Book M., page 385.  David Wood's land on N. W.
Thomas Wolfington, wife and 4 children from ship Brittania.  Petition for 350 acres joining Whitehead on Brier Creek.  Grant in Council minutes, 1772.  There was a Bob Wolfington, a great hunter and scout, a remarkable frontier's man and one lifelong friend to John Raiford.  He often tracked, with others, and caught Indians after they had made a raid on the settlement, recapturing horses and cows carried off.
John Womack, 1769.  Two years here.  Petition for 100 acres on Rock Comfort joining land of Richard Womack and land surveyed for John Emne, deceased.
Richard Womack, wife, 4 children, and 7 slaves.  450 acres, 1769, 250 acres more, 1769, Rock Comfort with fork at Duharts Creek.  Richard was a juror for Jefferson County in 1797.
Robert Womack, arrived on ship Hopewell. Lot no. 50 in town of Queensborough.  150 acres 1769 granted in township, July 3, 1770, Book I, page 113, bounded East by Lambert's Creek.  From will of James Womack June 11, 1804; To son Berry on Lambert's Creek, land granted to Robert Womack, wife Jane, land joining Matthew Carswell and William Beatty that was granted to Joseph Beatty.
Peter Wynne, from Pennsylvania, 1768.  Postmaster and tavern keeper four miles from Waynesboro.  Visited by Mellish in 1806.
Henry Young, Esq. 5, 000 acres in township, 1771, signed by Governor.  No register found. Petition for 300 acres on Beaverdam, between land of David Lewis and Solomon Prethero.  150 acres granted 1768.  He was on council in Savannah. March 1753.  Surveyor General 1774.  Samuel young on Cecil County, Md., 1740 - 1750. In 1751 married Margaret, daughter of William McKnight of West Caln township in Rowan, North Carolina.  Late Henry Young, Jr., N. E. Paul Harolson; all other sides vacant land, bought by John Clements.  The Young's were friends of the Irwins.

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