Andrew J. Glover, Private

Andrew J. Glover  joined R. F. Kolb's, Company C Artillery Battery. Battalion of Hilliard's Legion in Eufaula, Alabama, April 30th. 1862 when the unit was originally formed and served with this unit until he was wounded it is not known at this time if he went back to his unit or was sent home due to his injuries.   Records next indicate that he was in the command of Reaves Bat. Light Artillery in Hillards Legion (Kolbs Battery) Record roll dated 2, Apr. 30th 1862  Records next indicate he was on Record roll March and April 1863, then July 1, 1862 at Montgomery, Al.   He was wounded in action and taken to the hospital August 10, 1864.  He is shown on a report as captured at Macon, Ga.  April 20/21, 1865 by, the 1st Brigade, ,ND Cav. Div.  Report dated Hdqrs. 1st Brigade, 2d Cav. Div Macon, Ga., April 30 1865.  He appeared on a register of patients in the Ocmulgee Hospital in Macon, Ga.
April 20 - 30  1865.  The report shows Andrew lived in Barbour County, Al.. Andrew survived the war and returned to his home where he lived for many years, he is last seen on a 1880 census report and I am still trying to find out where and when he died.   Probably Barbour County.

4th Battalion, Co. "C", Hilliard's Legion: Barbour Light Artillery, or Kolb's Battery

The Barbour Light Artillery was organized at Eufaula in April 1862 with a complement of about 325 officers and men.
It was mustered into Confederate service on 30 April and then proceeded to Montgomery where it was divided in two. With two other companies, it was organized as the artillery battalion of Hilliard's Legion.
After reaching Chattanooga, only one company was equipped as artillery; the others continued with the Legion as infantry.
The Barbour Light Artillery Company was soon detached and served throughout the rest of the war as an independent artillery company, Kolb's Battery.
It participated in the Kentucky Campaign, then was assigned to S. C.Williams' and G. S. Storrs' Battalion of Artillery, Army of Tennessee.
It fought in the various battles of the Army of Tennessee from Chickamauga to Atlanta, then saw action in Gen'l John Bell Hood's winter operations in Tennessee.
The company reported 2 k and 1 w at Chickamauga, had 102 present in December 1863, and 96 in April 1864. In January 1865, it was sent to North Carolina.
It surrendered at Augusta, GA, in April. Of the men of the company, about 45 died of disease, and about 70 were killed or wounded.

Field Officers: Lt. Col. William N. Reeves [resigned, 20 May 1863]; Major J. D. McLennan

Armament: two 6-lb Smoothbores and two 12-lb Howitzers (as of 29 March 1864)

Historical info  is from The Civil War Center a must site for all researchers   



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