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All Photos By Davine V. Campbell
All Copyrights 2006 Reserved By Photographer/Contributor


Overall View

Located East of I-75 Junction. On left in a pecan grove.

Well Kept, we met the owner and caretaker of this family cemetery.

Beginning View of Row 1- Only one grave.

Buford Cason - Born - June 18, 1902 - Died - Feb. 1, 1977.

For those of you who have looked at the Cason Bible Record in Vol. III of Watts & Nora Powell's Collections, it says that the Bible is in possession of Buford Cason.

Beginning View of Row 2 in Cason Family Cemetery

Cozie, s/o Bennett & Laura Cason

Born Aug. 30, 1886 - Died July 6, 1904.

Eddie Lee Cason

Born Oct. 27, 1888 - Oct. 28, 1918

Bertha C. Cason Apr. 20, 1894 - Oct. 4, 1985

[Note: Bertha Lee Coppedge married Eddie Lee Cason on Oct. 1, 1911 per Bible Record]

Charlie M., s/o of E. L. & T. B. Cason - Born March 17, 1915 - Died Dec. 3, 1918 [?] Marker Broken

See Family Notes Below:

Claudia Cason - Born - Apr. 25, 1896 - Died Feb. 26, 1970

Walter B. Cason - Born - Aug. 14, 1898 - Died Jan. 17, 1925.

Beginning View of Row 3

Roxey Ann Conner, wife of Joseph F. Conner, and Daughter of Nathan and Mary A. C. Christmas. - Born March 9, 1868 - Died March 12, 1887

Notes Below:

Chalked Version of Roxey Ann Conner's marker

Another version of the Roxey Ann Christmas Conner marker.

Mr. Nathan Christmas

Born Sept. 4, 1806 - Died Feb. 6, 1888

Note: He was the father of Roxey Ann Christmas Conner per Bible Record]

Another View of Nathan Christmas' marker

Mary Ann Christmas

Born Dec. 15, 1839 Died Jan. 12, 1913.

Note: Mary Ann K. Dillard married Nathan Christmas on March 15, 1865 per Christmas Bible as his 2nd wife.

Another View of Mary Ann Christmas' Marker

Bennett Cason

Born Oct. 22, 1864 Died Jan. 31, 1925

Another View of Bennett Cason' new slab on top of the original, much bigger slab.

Laura Ann C. Cason

Born Jan.20,1864 Died Jan.24,1957

Note Below

#8 Surveyor/Photographer Notes: [Note: Nathan Christmas Bible says Tinus Bertha Coppedge was born Apr. 20, 1894: Cason Bible says Eddie Lee Cason married Bertha Coppedge on Oct. 1, 1911 NOTE; Cason Bible says: Chesley Maxwell Cason died Dec. 3, 1918, the exact same date that the above Charlie M. Cason died. Same ????

#12 Surveyor/Photographer Notes:   Roxey Ann Conner and  Joseph F. Conner Married - Dec. 2, 1886

#21 Note: From the Cason Bible: Bennett Ashley Cason Born Oct.27,1864. Laura Ann Saphronie Christmas was born June 20, 1864. They were married Dec. 12, 1884

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