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These Cemetery Surveys and Compilations were made by Davine V. Campbell and Helen Hudson
All Copyrights Reserved 2006 by the above named Compilers/Surveyors


Located just off Old National Hiway on Rev. Childs property. He grew up on this property, now lives in and pastors a church in Atlanta but just happened to be here to check on things when we stopped to ask him directions. He took us directly to the cemetery, helped us find each marker, as he knew them well.


CLEWIS, Charlie, Jr.,s/o M/M J.L. Clewis 1

[died at age 11 months]

CLEWIS, Harriet L.,Inf.d/o M/M Charlie 4

[Aug. 28, 1855 - May 3, 1856]

[Age 8 Mos. & 5 days]

CLEWIS, Lewis 1800 - 1861 2

CLEWIS, Mary 1800 - 1856 3

GILMORE, Laura,w/o J.P. Gilmore

Jan. 6, 1844 - Sept. 10. 1885 5

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