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The life of Elijah Marmaduke Norfleet Denby

Elijah Marmaduke Norfleet Denby was born in 1814 in 1814. In Franklin County
North Carolina. Son of James Denby,
Elijah mothers names is not known.
Mary Williams was born in 1824.
Elijah M. N. Denby & Mary Williams were married around 1840. Mary would have
been around 16 years old. Elijah was about 26, when he married Mary Williams.
In Franklin County North Carolina.
There children:
James Henry Denby was born 1842 in Franklin County North Carolina.
John Thomas Denby was born 1844 in Franklin County North Carolina.
Elijah Norfleet Denby was born 1846 in Franklin County North Carolina.
Mary Elizabeth Denby was born 1849
During the time that Mary was born, the Denby's loaded there wagon with there
family belongs, And move in search for a
better land. The Denby's possibly arrived in Georgia just after she was born.
They have her listed as being born in North
Carolina. It is according to the time that the Denby's actually made there
Samuel Denby
Margaret Liza Denby was born in 1854 in Dooly County Ga. She was one of the
first Denby children to be born in Ga.
And in Dooly County Georgia.
George Washington Denby was born October 28, 1854, in Dooly County Ga.
Allen Green Denby was born in 1856. Dooly County, GA
Gertrude Susan was born in 1858 in Dooly County, Ga.
Ann Denby

There have been articles written about Elijah Marmaduke Norfleet Denby and
Mary Annie Williams Denby, they were
some of the first settlers who settled in Dooly County Ga. Which later became
Worth County, which in the census 1860
Worth County Ga. The Denby family were listed as living in the Isabelle, GA,
area of Worth County, Ga. Which in later
years other towns and communities were also from Dooly and Worth County Ga.

The Civil War, Worth County Rebels: Confederate Soldiers.
On March 1, 1862, along with 130 men from Worth County Ga. Left there homes
and families to become a part of the Civil
War. They were part of The Battalion 10 company A-D. Worth County Rebels were
the company B group. These men
left there families there wife's and younger sons to look after there families
while they fault in the War. Elijah was 48 years old when he left his family
behind. Mary was 36 years old. John Thomas Denby join the Civil War in later
years. He was
18 years old. The other children were from 16-3 years old at the time there
father left for war.

It was believed that in July 1862 that Elijah had died in a hospital in Macon,
Ga. Where the troupe had been sent to guard
the Rebel Soldiers. Elijah was able enough to travel with his troupe to
Virginia to move the Rebel Soldiers and to stand guard
in Virginia. Where he became ill again in March 1863, Elijah Marmaduke
Norfleet Denby died March 3, 1863, in a hospital
in Charlotte Virginia. With his discharge papers was $3.10 and a pair of
dugrees were all the effects that he had with him when he died. The $3.10 was
his last pay from Dec. 31, 1862, Elijah was buried in the Confederate Cemetery
Albermarle Cemetery in Virginia.

According to records that were recorded. There has been documantion about his
time of death. He was listed as dying in
Macon Ga. Where his family believe he died. He was transferred with his troupe
and died in Virginia. The discharge papers
came from Washington and signed by Major in Virginia.

It is proud to know your family went to war. And those who lost their lives to
war. Should be given the credit and correct information posted on their family
member, This is why I would like to let his family member and friends to know
what happen to there love ones. \

His children lived in Ga., Worth, Dooly, Crisp, Tit, Irwin Counties and in
other area of the state and some live in other
States where they raise there families. And carry his name on with them. He
may be gone but not forgotten.

Information proved by family member and the census of Franklin County North
Carolina and Dooly and Worth County Ga.

Information posted by

Linda Bulloch Denby

March 1999





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