Dooly County


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Indian Wars


Buckskin Hussars - Dooly County

Dooly County
8th Feb 1836

Yours under date of the 13th. Jan last is rec'd and in
compliance to your odre I called my men together, after
which I made return to his Excellency, which perhaps might
have been miscarried as I have not rec'd, any answer or
futher order or information, consequently, have thought
proper to address you on the subject, and give you a list
of the officers and men under my command. We are ready as
soon as arms and the necessary equipment for war are
furnished us, to march.

I herewith send the names and numbers of officers and
privates under my command.

Graham, David Capt
McKennie, John G. 1st Lieut
Sheffield Edward O. 2nd Lieut
Youbanks (Ubanks?), Armand, Coronett

Sanders, Thomas
Outlaw, Edward
Harvard, Jordan
Roberts, Martin
Royal, John C.
Key, Thomas H.
Hightower, James
Royal, Alfred
Rowe (Roe), James
Britt, James
Calhoun, Elijah
Eubanks, Wm
Eubanks, John
Royal, Hardy
Hart, Harris B.
Taylor, Needham
Dees, James
Brown, Stephen
Brown, Richard
Powell, Charles
Brown, Redding
Roberts, Simeon
Forehand, Wm A
Harris, Jesse
Yawn, C.A.
Faircloth, Caleb
Swearingen, Jacob
Swearingen, Benjamin H.
Sheffield, Wm B
Faircloth, Ethelred Jr.
Sanders, John
Culpepper, Jno S.
Hart, Harris B
Royal, Simeon
Cobb, David
Williams, Robertt
Brown, Stephen
Bush, Wm
Floyd, Wade
Stokes, Warren
Lewis, Moses F.
Spivey, Wm C
McCullers, Wm
Crumpler, Wm G
Akridge, C. B.
Powell, Ambrose
Powell, Wm M.
Hightower, Joel
Clarke, Council
Whitesett, Thos
McMercer, John
Kemp, John








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