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Jenkins Family Cemetery Photos

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All Photos In This Group Were Made By Davine V. Campbell during 2007.
All Copyrights 2007 Remain With The Photographer/Contributor Listed Above.


Overall View from Poplar Springs Road of the recently cleaned JENKINS FAMILY CEMETERY - Dooly Co., Ga.

Overall view of Row No. 1 - far east side of Jenkins Cemetery.

Entrance Plate of the Dooling Lot in Jenkins Cemetery where there is only one marked Dooling Grave.

Little Ed Dooling, son of Robert Lee and Ruby S. Dooling - January 3, 1912 - April 19, 1913

Unmarked Adult Slab in the Dooling Lot. Probably one of the parents of Little Ed Dooling.

Overall view of the Dooling Lot - It appears that they do not expect to bury anyone else in this lot.

Infant son of C. e. & Inez Jenkins - Birth & Death Date Feb. 23, 1914

Calvin Edwards Jenkins, Jr. - Born March 20, 1908 - Died January 17, 1978

Military Marker for Calvin E. Jinks Sgt. US Army - World War II March 20, 1908 - Jan. 17, 1978

Beginning of Row 2 which is an unusually shaped lot.

Entrance plate to "a" Jenkins Lot

Maggie Jenkins - Born Nov. 7, 1895 - Died July 17, 1974

Calvin E. Jenkins - Born Feb. 3, 1869 - Died Nov. 12, 1933

Inez Patrick Jenkins - Born Jan. 25, 1876 - Died Aug. 14, 1953

John A., son of C. E. & Inez Jenkins - Born May 4, 1906 - Died Aug. 14, 1910.

Sidney Lamar Jenkins - Born Mar. 12, 1912 - Died April 14, 1967

Doris Jenkins - Feb. 23, 1914 - Jan. 20, 1975

View from Beginning of Row 3 - Jenkins Cemetery

Infant son of C. M. & Bertha Jenkins - Birth & Death Date January 18, 1923

Bertha L. Jenkins - Dec. 17, 1890 - Nov. 10, 1976

Charlton M. Jenkins - Nov. 12, 1879 - June 23, 1939

Annie Wilkes Jenkins - Apr. 15, 1879 - June 4, 1911

James L. Stewart, Jr. - Oct. 16, 1946 - June 20, 1970

Son of Hazel Jenkins Stewart.

A cleared - dug-out spot, the size & shape of an adult slab, with little flags to mark the corners, located next to James L. Stewart, Jr. ?????

Thaddeus Wise Jenkins - July 24, 1926 - July 13, 1974, son of Charlton M. & Bertha L. Jenkins.

Marker was muddy, we had a very nice rain the night before.

Overall View of the Jenkins Lot in the Jenkins Cemetery.

Beginning View of Row 4 - Jenkins Cemetery

John A. Jenkins - November 14, 1833 - July 4, 1917

Civil War, Co. C. 55th Ga. Regt. 1862 - 1865.

This is a NEW marker to replace the old one which we will show you.

Sarah E., wife of Jno. A. Jenkins - Dec. 1, 1839 - Jan. 20, 1888

[This would be the 2nd wife - her marker is broken and we held it together for the picture.]

View of John A. Jenkins' new marker and his 2nd wife, Sarah E. Jenkins' marker

Mary E. Kimsey Jenkins December 13, 1834 - June 14, 1877. Mary would be the 1st wife of John A. Jenkins.

Her old broken marker has also been replaced. We will show you the old one.

View left to right of John A. Jenkins' new marker, Sarah E. Jenkins's broken marker then Mary E. Kimsey Jenkins' new marker.

Mary E. Kimsey Jenkins' old broken marker.

John A. Jenkins' old broken & discarded to the edge of the cemetery, marker.

View of the discarded, broken markers of John A. & Mary Jenkins.

Beginning View of Row 5 - Jenkins Cemetery-Dooly Co., Ga.

Sampson Buckner Jenkins - April 19, 1872 - July 16, 1914 "Mason"

Maggie M. Patrick, wife of Sampson B. Jenkins - Nov. 25, 1872 - Feb. 19, 1960.

Infant Daughter of S. B. Jenkins - Birth & Death Date July 25, 1900

Infant son of S. B. Jenkins - Birth & Death Date Sept. 16, 1896

Bessie Jenkins Barksdale - Sept. 21, 1894 - July 24, 1969 [Muddy]

Funeral Home Marker at the head of Bessie Jenkins Barksdale.

View of Bessie Jenkins Barksdale, showing fairly new slab and the funeral home marker and mud. Appears to have been placed here very recently.

View of Row 5, it being presently, the final row in Jenkins Cemetery.

Overall view of the Jenkins Cemetery from the back fence corner.


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